Hey, Armikrog is launching this week. Or is it? Hey, it was a long weekend. I saw a Demiurge bonded in matrimony. Meanwhile, the two games I was most interested in were picked by the cohort below. So I'm going to re-pick the game with pretty clay art and a wibbly-wobbley, timey-wimey release date.
Sneaky Review This game is a metaphor for my life as a person with some executive function deficiencies: I have no idea what's going on, but I'm determined to enjoy it as much as possible. Stealthy Review Would you like to hear one of my dirty secrets? Well you're going to anyway: I'm bad at stealth games. Extremely bad. Almost pathologically bad.
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I am still frantically trying to get through Metal Gear Solid 5 by playing it an hour a day, and I feel kind of like Snoopy in that series of Peanuts comics when he resolved to read War And Peace at a pace of one word per day.
Time Played: heck if I know Sponsored By: The Missus Color Wheel Review Wouldn't it be just like me to go buy the one WiiU game that all the other WiiU owners in the WiiU thread told me to skip? Wouldn't it be even more like me to like it best of all the WiiU games I've played so far?
Forza 6

Forza 6 Impressions

Forza 6 makes an amazing impression, but does it actually hold up ten or fifteen hours in when compared with the rest of the venerable series? Maybe not.
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Hey, a Forza game! Time to awaken the Game King with some sort of setup question like, "Is this game any good?" or, "What makes the Forza series different from other racing games, like Skylanders: Superchargers?
Hmm. I'm someplace I don't recognize after events I don't remember, trying to get somewhere I don't quite understand. Better combine this chicken space chicken with a pulley space pulley, just in case!