Soren Johnson made a real-time strategy game that is four parts base-building and resource-gathering and zero parts unit-management. He is my new favorite person.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 509

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The Unmarked

The Unmarked – Chapter 10

Welcome to The Unmarked, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Rob Daviau as he takes Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich, Karla Andrich, Cory Banks and Julian Murdoch into the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas. It's time for the scooby gang to investigate a haunted mansion!

July 11 – July 17

With that raptor game I picked last week getting pushed out to this week, and probably next week and the week after, if I’m any good at recognizing patterns, I could take the lazy way out and just pick that one again. This week, though, I’m going to take things in a different direction. I like whimsy, and childlike things. Not childish; childlike. There is a difference.
Out in the depths of space, there is a space station. It’s run by an engineer who got promoted after the previous commander was killed by aliens. Beset by pirates, alien invaders and the fact that he’s never played a 4X game before (and isn’t even sure if this game counts), the engineer builds a ship. The adventure begins … .

GWJ Conference Call Episode 508

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July 4 – July 10

Happy Independence Day to those of you in the United States, and a convivial July fourth to the rest of you!
You are sorely tempting me to abuse Steam’s refund feature. You know that, right?

GWJ Conference Call Episode 507

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Azura from Fire Emblem Fates

Endless Honeymoon

"Even if the world should tear us apart," my 3DS tells me, "you'll always be dear to my heart." "I feel uncomfortable," I tell my 3DS.