GWJ Conference Call Episode 533

Space Hulk: Deathwing, GWJCC's Top 10 Games 2016 Part Two and More!

January 1 – December 31

Hey there, Hi there, Ho ho ho there Gamers with Jobs! You’re probably wondering what happened to The Week Ahead.
If you weren’t reading this summary review, you could be done with the game by now.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 532

Super Hot VR, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Super Mario Run, I Expect You to Die, Hitman Christmas Mission, GWJCC's Top 10 Games 2016 Part One, Your Emails and More!
Fishing off the pier in World of Warcraft

I'm Doing It Wrong

My name is Momgamer, and I've been playing World of Warcraft. That's not an easy sentence to say. My mind always tacks on a susurrus shifting of seats and a ragged, singsong, "Welcome to MMORPG-anon." But my own qualms about going down this path again aren't what I'm here for.

December 19 – December 25

Never have I spent so much time on YouTube while playing a game.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 531

Shadow Tactics: Blades of The Shogun, Steep, Arizona Sunshine, Mad Max, Battlefront Xwing VR, Holoball, Multiplayer Invading The Single Player Space, Your Emails and More!

December 12 – December 18

This week I want to get into the seasonal spirit and enjoy playing in the best possible kind of snow: the kind I don’t have to shovel. Snowball is a 2-D pinball game that takes place in a neighborhood set up by all the local children to be the largest pinball table the world has ever seen.
This week continues Danopian December, in which I will review only games that were gifted to me by that fowl punster of fowl punsters: Danopian The Manopian. On the block for this week is Summer Sale.