A World War II shooter, with a twist. Four twists, in fact. At a rate of one twist per ten inches. And now you know how the barrel on an M1 Garand is rifled.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 560

Zelda: BotW Master Trials, PUBG, Cat Goes Fishing, The Surge, Arizona Sunshine, Backward Compatibility, Achievements, Cross Play, Your Emails and More!
Generations of Doom

The Spirit of Things

"Doom is back, you guys!" Sean Sands delightfully cheers on the Conference Call. My shoulders bounce from a soft chuckle, then slump. When I play the 2016 DOOM, I have a good time. I recognize the craftsmanship that has gone into its level creation and the careful hand-balancing each of its encounters. This is not just a good game, it is an excellent game.

July 3 – July 10

There’s a light launch list this week.
A game for the unsung heroes of legend: the road crews.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 559

Friday The 13th, Steam Sales, Anarcute, The Extension of Longevity, Your Emails and More!
“Can we get GNOG, pleeeease?” Five words. Five simple words, asking for a new game. Five words that might pass with a “not now” or a “we’ll see” or a “we can’t buy every game.” In another house. In this house they’re like music. The good kind, with backup singers and a decent brass section. It makes my heart sing along when I hear it.

June 26 – July 2

I’m still poring over my options in the steam sale. My budget is limited this year, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the discount racks. There’s a lot to look at this week, but nothing that jumps out at me, so I’m going to let my son pick this week’s GOTW. He’s been eyeing Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy since before he saw it at Pax East.
The game is named Everything. The jokes write themselves! Watch: Today, I bought Everything in the PlayStation store. I have great internet. It only took twenty minutes to download Everything. It's not every day a father gets to honestly say he gave his daughter Everything. I could go on, but I have a massive task ahead of me. I have to review Everything!

Redemption Found