They told me that I could be anything in video games, so I decided to be a slice of bread. Yes. Really. They made a game that's even more ludicrous than Goat Simulator.
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Rocket League Let's Play

GWJ Plays Rocket League

We're approaching the dog days of summer, and you know what that means: Lots of people complaining that there are no games coming out! Those people, and I say this with a heart full of understanding and respect, aren't looking hard enough.
Remember when I reviewed FTL? Go back and read that. You won't miss much.
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KQ3 magic map

Locked-Door Puzzle

As a filmmaker, I am tremendously decisive with my craft. It does not take me long to figure out what I want to achieve with a script, and to develop strong opinions about the best ways to make those goals into realities. When I show up on set as an actor, I come in armed with ideas for a scene, eager to work. None of this would have been possible without Roberta Williams.
I think the most notable thing this week is that the WiiU has six brand new games. Well, five, since Binding Of Isaac is hardly new. Even so, seeing a game like Binding Of Isaac on a Nintendo platform is one of those "Huwhaaaa?" moments that have me reaching for the Scooby Snacks. I shouldn't be surprised, though.
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