You don’t have to be crazy to play Call of Cthulu, but it helps.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 632

Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76, Minit, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus, Shawn's Secret Questions, Your Emails and More!
Actung! Mini Heroes

TL;DP Guest Article: Acthung! Cthulhu Tactics

Time Spent Punching Nazis in the Tentacles: About 5 hours. H.P. Lovecraft Review: That is not dead, which can eternal lie. Yet with enough fire power, even death may die.

November 19 – November 25

Action! Adventure! Trees in underpants! A giraffe in a backpack with a helicopter for a tongue! WHEEEEE!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 631

Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76 Pre-Launch, Tetris Effect, HellSign, Party Hard 2, The Little Touches That Mean So Much, Your Emails and More!

November 12 – November 18

This is another public service announcement for videogame developers: If you are going to make a game, give it a title that can be searched on any search engine (Google, Bing, Pornhub – you know, the usuals).
A space game that manages to make the galaxy feel big without making it feel empty. Also, planetary exploration is a hoot!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 630

Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76 Beta, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Diablo 3, Chasm, GWJ Donation Drive Launched!, Checking in on Game Subscription Services, Your Emails and More!

GWJ Donation Drive 2018 Launched!

It’s time for the annual Gamers With Jobs donation drive! This is the one month of the year where we ask for your support in keeping GWJ ad-free, running smoothly and creating cool new things!