GWJ Conference Call Episode 610

Prey: Mooncrash, Jurassic World Evolution, Hollow Knight, Some E3 Stuff, Game Mechanics, Your Emails and More!

June 18 – June 24

Didn’t Minecraft already come out on the Switch? I could have sworn I barely failed to double-dip on that when the system launched. Maybe I’m thinking of some other voxel-based survival-builder game. Goodness knows there’ve been enough of them.
Utopia literally means “not a place.” I’m just enough of an etymology nerd to want to make the joke that Startopia means “not a space” but too much of one to let myself do it. (A better title would have been Diastopia, but only about three people in the world would have known what that meant.)

GWJ Conference Call Episode 609

Vampyr, State of Decay 2, Detroit: Become Human, Conflict Engines in Storytelling, Your Emails and More!

June 11 – June 17

With E3 coming out, most of the major developers are punting this week, and I don’t blame them. Anybody who would write something that could have a significant impact on mass purchasing decisions isn’t talking about games that are coming out this week. I suppose my pick is something of a punt as well. I first played Flashback – AKA "Total Recall: The Game" – on my Atari Jaguar.
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and don’t judge a game by the fact that it says “powered by GameMaker Studio” on the splash screen.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 608

Vampyr, Raft, State of Decay 2, Onrush, E3 Hopes and Dreams, Your Emails and More!
Today Shawn takes you through Vampyr and what you can expect as you delve into 1918 London and navigate your new Dr. Vampire life.

June 4 – June 10

I wasn’t planning to choose Vampyr this week. Then I looked up what it was. In short, it’s that Vampire: The Masquerade sequel we’ve all been wanting, but that isn’t why I’m picking it.
This year at PAX East I had the pleasure of speaking with a Mike Mood, one of the minds behind Bendy and the Ink Machine, which fans of FGTeeV will recognize as a charming little indie game that, well, maybe I’ll let him describe it: