As an aging gamer, I'm amassing an ever-expanding list of new and worrying limitations. The reflexes, the eyesight, and the ability to sit cross-legged in front of a television for three hours while maintaining the use of both feet are just a few things that abandon us in our long, slow march to the grave.

June 29 – July 5

There is a certain sort of person who, despite being a nerd, kinda watches @Midnight mainly for the jokes about Chris Hardwick's tenure at MTV. Let's, for the sake of example, refer to a member of this type of person as "Erik." Now this "Erik" probably also has a fondness for non-hit computer games of the 1990s.
Sponsored By: Me Time Played: 51 minutes. Main stage review Dejobaan games took a look at the first person shooter genre and decided that the thing that people really liked about it was the boss fight. From that simple idea spawned Drunken Robot Photography, a game that's all boss fights, all the time. But it's fun anyway!
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Batman: Arkham Knight

June 22 – June 28

In another time and another place, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition might have been my pick of the week. It's been seven years (!) since I last played it, and I wasn't quite so fluent in the genre "language" of Japanese action games back then.
After an absurdly long beta period in which I sometimes worked on the site, but mainly looked at it longingly while I pulled into work responsibilities, I’m incredibly excited to finally be launching our Drupal 7-based upgrade to the site. This wouldn't have been possible without Fredrik_S's design direction and Certis's guidance (and patience...

E3 Perspectives

Our hard-working writers don't all receive the Golden Ticket to appear on the Conference Call, let alone press passes to E3, but perhaps that provides them with a more down-to-earth perspective on all the hype – unless, perhaps, hype is more effective at ground level and vast distances away from the expo.
We've arrived at the ah-screw-it-let's-just-launch point of web design. Tonight we'll be migrating over to the new GWJ site design which means there will be a bit of downtime during the day as we make backups and again when we switch over. Will it be smooth? Maybe. Will there be a thousand things we decide to change after the fact? Probably.
Sponsored By: The child in me that still loves playing in sand boxes Time played: 69 minutes Small project Hey! Look at that. A literal sandbox game! Big Dig Review
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