I think the most notable thing this week is that the WiiU has six brand new games. Well, five, since Binding Of Isaac is hardly new. Even so, seeing a game like Binding Of Isaac on a Nintendo platform is one of those "Huwhaaaa?" moments that have me reaching for the Scooby Snacks. I shouldn't be surprised, though.
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Godzilla: The Game

July 13 – July 19

It's kind of weird posting The Week Ahead, discussing games of the future when an icon like Satoru Iwata has just passed. Not the greatest opportunity for a eulogy, yet to ignore his passing would just seem oblivious or rude. But Satoru Iwata believed that games should be fun for everyone, and this week's offerings have something to appeal to just about anyone.
The following is the scrapped first draft of Aperture Science's Kickstsarter campaign for the all-new virtual testing initiative.
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If you like 2D-fighting games, then this is your week. If you like European driving games like F1 or a game about cars playing "soccer," then this is also your week.
Sponsored By: Danopian Time Studied: 45 minutes White-Breasted Nuthatch Review Have you ever considered the names that birds get? Ornithologists have strange minds, so a dating sim starring pigeons should surprise nobody.