Make Your Bold Predictions For 2019!

Some people have said they want to pretend 2018 didn't happen. Maybe it's because their 2018 Bold Predictions were ... wrong. Well, the latest podcast with our predictions is now live and we spent about as much time picking apart old predictions as we did making new ones. It hurts so good!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 640

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January 14 – January 20

As usual, there’s something for everyone this week. I know you’re busy coming up with reasons why you’re not following your New Year’s resolutions, so let’s get right down to the list:
People who fondly remember one of the Final Fantasy games having an opera in it should check out Yi and the Thousand Moons, which not only has an opera in it, but literally is an opera.

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The Year Ahead: 2019

Well, another year is before us, and I doubt even a tenth of the games coming out this year are announced and listed anywhere, but we do our best here at Gamers With Jobs, and down below you will find a list of everything announced and confirmed, as of January 5th 2019, to be coming out in 2019.
When a developer sets up a sequel like in the first Darksiders, it would be nice if they delivered on that potential. Yup. Sure would be nice.

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The Year Behind: 2018

Well, another year behind us. Usually I pull together a list of funny news items, but this year that just didn’t feel appropriate. Instead, I thought it would be a good opportunity for those of us here at GWJ to talk about some of the high points of our individual years. Because at the end of the day, we don’t live our lives on the internet.
First, a dishonorable mention: Fallout 76. This is the first video game I have returned in 15 years. From the moment I heard someone’s un-mutable mic during the character creation screen to the moment I achieved what the game told me was an important goal, I never felt immersed in the world of Fallout. I gave it two hours of my time and then asked Bethesda for a refund.