GWJ Conference Call Episode 616

holedown, No Man's Sky Next, Horizon Zero Dawn, Pool Panic, Second Chances, Your Emails and More!
This last Steam Summer Sale has carved another dead-budget notch on it's belt: I ended up giving in and purchasing Final Fantasy XV for the PC. I had been looking at all the content added for the Royal edition, and at that price point it was too much easier to just buy the thing.

July 30 – August 5

If there was a week that was going to get me interested in VR, it would be this one. Two Ghostbusters “experiences"? If it weren’t for the bugginess, prohibitive cost and extreme nausea, you could sign me right up right now! Fortunately, the rest of the PC release list woke from its temporary lull and came up with some worthwhile titles. Let me hit you with my now-customary top five.

Gamers With Lives - Allen Cook

Gamers With Lives - Allen Cook
It’s a little bit Calvin and Hobbes, a little bit Liō, and a lot of fun.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 615

Milkmaid of The Milky Way, World of Final Fantasy, Hollow Knight, Battleheart 2, Rowdy Wrestling, MTG Arena, Your Emails and More!

July 23 – July 29

You might notice a fifty percent reduction in the number of PC titles coming out this week. I’m torn. On the one hand, vetting the list was a lot faster this week, but on the other the reduction seems to have come mostly from the ranks of the games that are interesting to me. Maybe next week we’ll be back on pace. Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch is bringing the noise this week!
Games sure have changed a lot in ten years. It would appear that I, on the other hand, have not. That puts me in good company, because Red Faction hasn’t changed much either.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 614

Table Tanked Launch, Live From Summer Rabbitcon, Board Games and More!

July 16 – July 22

Every week, compiling the list you see below is like a birthday party. Some weeks it’s one of those off-year birthdays when your relatives don’t know what to get you because you’ve already hit double-digits but aren’t yet in the teens, so you get a nice shirt that doesn’t fit, in a color you hate.