Black Hawk Down Demo & Impressions

I've always had a soft spot for the Delta Force series ever since my first online sniper fight. Folks liked to complain about the voxels but I always found they gave you a chance to actually hide instead of squatting in a bush and pretending the enemy can't see you like most games. There's a new Black Hawk Down demo out now and it clocks in at 132 megs.

Book Watch - Crossroads of Twilight

Since book 7 Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series has slowly mired itself deeper and deeper into a rut. Too many characters and sub-plots have ground the story down to a halting lurch where it seems to take 12 chapters to cover an event that should only take one.
Still slow on the news front, so I figured we could all take a moment out of our day to point and laugh at people who simply don't have a firm grasp on reality.  Rick Berman, executive producer of the most recent poorly written Star Trek movie, talked with SciFi Wire about the disappointing numbers for Nemesis' theatrical release.  Surprising as it may seem, particularly for those of you
Slow news morning so far, and IÂ'm just managing to ramp back up to speed following a singularly bizarre weekend. But, while weÂ've got a momentÂ's peace around here, IÂ'd like to take a moment to talk about a game that, until this past weekend, hadnÂ't been seared against my retinas for quite some time: Unreal Tournament 2003.

BF 1942 Version 1.3 Patch

This is normally something Elysium would cover but I think he's dead. Or he has a cold or something, I wasn't really paying attention. Anywho, the new Battlefield 1942 1.3 patch is out and you can grab the dedicated server patch here (69 megs) and the client side patch here. It weighs in at 47 megs and has oodles of changes, read on to see the list.

Two Peripherals Enter, One Peripheral Leaves

The question of the year seems to be "Why doesn't Freelancer support my $400 super flight stick pro with real pilot goggles?" Digital Anvil's Jorg Neumann attempts to explain their decision to support mouse-only gameplay in his latest developer diary over at Gamespy.

Games as Art

Gamespy has posted an article that begs the age-old question, will games become art or are they already? Fargo compares the current games industry to the early days of movies when people were more interested and excited by the technology than the actual content. That's changed?I often look at the gaming industry today and I'm reminded of the movie industry about a century ago.

The Week Ahead

So begins another week of vile torture and torment. So it begins as it ever was and as it ever will be. So it...yeah. Read more for what's coming down the pipe this week.

Xbox Hemorrhaging Money

A Yahoo news post reports that Microsoft's financial woes over the Xbox have doubled.  Increasingly determined to maintain their stranglehold on second place in the console war (if I may further abuse a tired and cliche gaming metaphor) Microsoft appears to be heading in the wrong fiscal direction.  The price for beating Nintendo, a regularly profitable corporation, has jumped from a $180 mil

UT Bonus Pack Available

Checking over at Fileplanet I noticed they've got the Unreal Tournament 2003 bonus pack available for download.  The Bonus Pack from Digital Extremes includes 6 all-new maps: 3 deathmatch, 2 CTF and 1 Bombing Run.