Creating Gamers With Jobs: Pt. 1

A lot of people have been asking me how Certis and I put together our new site. Ok, by a lot of people I mean my mom. All right, she didn't even ask, but let's move past all that shall we? The fact is that creating and organizing even a basic website is more of an endeavor than I might have ever expected.

A Few Things of Note for New Users

First off, I'd like to join Elysium in welcoming you to the site! There are a few things you should know about the page and what's coming from a technical point of view. *Ahem*1) For now, you must register on both the main page and the forums separately if you wish to comment in both.

Firefly Dead

Ok, let me get this out of the way first.  Firefly was the best new show of 2002's season on Fox or any other channel.  It may have been the best piece of televised genre fiction in a decade.  Though, it appears not many viewers agreed with me on that point, and certainly even fewer television executives. is reporting that several television networks have turned down Joss Whedon�

Welcome To Gamers With Jobs

Wednesday marks what Certis and I think of as our official launch day.  Which is not to say we necessarily expect the flood gates to be hoisted and visitors to rush through in a titanic deluge of avid readership.  It is to say that today marks the day where we expect to make significant strides toward making this a necessary stop on the adult gamer's web cycle.  Have a look over the article d

Asheron's Call 2: Patch Day

If you're anything like me, then you've been at the very least watching the development of Turbine's latest MMORPG, Asheron's Call 2.  A strong game that seems to be developing nicely, today marks the second major update for the world of Dereth, and the second 'episode' of its evolving storyline.  Click here to see what new changes today's patch brings, or better

Square/Enix Merger Likely

Gamespy Daily is reporting that Enix has 'sweetened' its end of a deal to merge with Square Corp., developer of the popular Final Fantasy series.  Square's top shareholder, Masafumi Miyamoto, wanted a better share exchange price before moving forward with the merger, and todays development indicates Enix's willingness to negotiate their position and see this deal move smoothly.

Unreal 2, Gold!

Without the sometimes overkill of breathless anticipation surrounding the release of Unreal Tournament, Legend Entertainment has quietly readied Unreal II: The Awakening for release.  Today Infogrames announced that Unreal II has gone gold, and should hit shelves during the first week of February.

Lejendary (no, really) Adventures

Is there anything more appealing than a game with a purposely miss-spelled title? Lejendary Adventures is an upcoming MMORPG that claims originality but will probably focus on "mixing Everquest up a bit" like the rest of them. It's pretty though, you gotta give them that.

Try To Act Surprised is reporting that the next issue of Computer Gaming World will reveal a planned expansion to Blizzard's Warcraft 3.  Considering Blizzard's outstanding track record and continued support of released games, the question was never if they would work on an expansion, but what they would name it.  Thus, we can reveal that it will likely be called Warcraft III: The Frozen Thro

Valve Milks Cow, Plans Dead Horse Kick

Valve Software is ramping up for the latest Counter-Strike update, version 1.6, which should be available this Thursday, January 16.  As problematic CS: Condition Zero fumbles from one developer to the next, the original Half-Life mod continues to sustain Valve's delusion that they are a viable development house.