Daily Elysium: Defining Empturdulous

Obviously we're a little slow posting this morning.  You see, Certis and I are quite tired from camping the local EB and fulfilling our desperate need for the new DOA Volleyball's exploration on polygonal anatomy.  At least that's the best excuse (read: lie) I can work up for you right now.  As we progress ever forward in providing a steady stream of fictional content for you, we�

Epic Births New Company

In a time when small developers are getting gobbled up by publishers at a record pace it's always nice to see an independent development house like Epic invest in some new ideas. This time, Epic has created a new company lead by Michael Capps, former lead developer of America's Army. For Michael and his crew, this is a real no-lose situation.

Call of Cthulhu Preview

I've always found Call of Cthulhu to be one of those games that may never be released despite the cool premise and some awesome game footage. When you read about features like this it's hard not to be a little bit sceptical.What you see on your screen is exactly what Jack sees – there are no icons, no ammo counters or health gauges. If you run for a long time, you get fatigued.

C&C General Sneak Peek at Fileplanet

Looks as though Fileplanet has a sneak peek at the next Command and Conquer game available for its subscribers.  The multiplayer demo looks like resource hog though, so don't expect silky smooth gameplay with these requirements:The Sneak Peek was the Multiplayer Test created in November 2002, so it not optimized and does not reflect the final retail product.

Peter Moore Lands at Microsoft

Peter Moore, who left Sega last Friday, only needed the weekend to find a new home.  According to this article from HomeLAN, Mr.

Trolls Leave Bridge, Head to Court

GIE Media, a company that runs an online pest control site (PCT Online) is aiming to deal a deathblow to the ever-present internet troll.

Is the Sky Falling on PC Gamers?

Much like the cycle of seasons, there is a certain process we go through every time a new console is released. Those who don't get it proclaim that PC gaming is doomed once "uber-console" is released while the rest of us roll our eyes and keep playing our games. This becomes more obvious when you read what I just read.

PSO Goes Pay to Play on Xbox Live

Phantasy Star Online is slated for an Xbox release and many hoped that they would offer the game without a monthly fee over Xbox Live. That will not be the case according to Xbox.com's official forums. You will still have to pay a monthly fee to play SEGA's online title on top of whatever Live ends up costing.

San Francisco Bans Segway

I like articles that make me grin at life's ironies, and on slow news days like this, I enjoy sharing them with you so that you too can partake in ironic grinning.  While I have no particular beef with the idea of the Segway, I've always failed to see the visionary chain of events that would lay the foundation for a glorified scooter to change the very shape of transportation across the

The Week Ahead

Happy Monday everyone! After a relaxing weekend of playing Mario Party 4 while under the influence and beating Elysium mercilessly at golf I'm all primed up for the coming week. It looks like we have some solid releases to look forward to, let's take a look!