Starwars Galaxies Beta Update

Despite my jaded attitude towards the MMORPG market lately I've been keeping a close eye on Starwars Galaxies. Mostly because unlike many, I happen to love Verant as a company and I believe they have the best shot at creating some truly unique experiences.

Brute Force Goes Live, Sort Of

Brute Force was delayed a while back to add some more spit and polish to the game. I was always disappointed that coop would only be available split-screen so imagine my delight when I read a press release that stated that Brute Force would be Xbox Live enabled!Now take that delight, ball it up and flush it down the toilet.

A Little Website Plea

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. Making websites is hard! I know, you look at this obviously professional and well crafted site and think "But Certis, is an amazing example of design and pure artistic brilliance! How could you say it's hard when you make it look so easy?"I have a point (and a plea) here, bear with me and read on.

Norwegian Parliament Member Playing on the Job

Yahoo reports that a member of the Norwegian Conservative party decided to fire up a game on his pocket PC while parliament was in session.

No 8th Season for Buffy

It almost pains me to follow my Dr.

Dr. Henry Jenkins Interview: Pt. 2

Today we're happy to present part two of our conversation with gaming advocate and the head of MIT's graduate program in Comparative Media Studies, Dr. Henry Jenkins.  Today. Dr.

Knights of the Old Republic Delayed

Howl to the moon my friends, Bioware's upcoming Xbox/PC RPG Knights of the Old Republic has been delayed. The Xbox version should be out May instead of February and the PC version won't be out until this fall.

Lucas Arts Consolidates to Produce Mass Mediocrity

Rather than spread the mediocrity around in small piles, George Lucas now plans to consolidate his companies and form a giant crap machine that will produce all of its horriblness in one location.

John Carmack .Plan Update

When John Carmack speaks the world pretends to understand by rubbing its chin and nodding sagely. As near as I can tell, his latest .plan update talks about Nvidia's newest FX card compared to ATI's latest when running Doom III. Read on for some fascinating stuff.

EA Makes Money, The Sims Online Fizzles

What many thought would be a rousing success has turned out to be a relative disappointment for EA according to Cnet. During a phone conference today, EA confirmed that The Sims Online has only collected 80,000 registered users since its release in December.