When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Movie!

You ever get the feeling that the video game industry tries too hard to be like the movies? Sometimes it works but more often than not, it comes off as lame and painfully forced. Let's take a look at a couple trailers for some upcoming PS2 games.

Steam-ing the New Counter-Strike

For those of you who still can't get enough counter-terrorist action, here is some new information hot from the presses over at BluesNews.  the beta realease of Valve's Stream 2.0 will be available at 6:00 EST, this afternoon.  With Steam 2.0 you will have access to the newest versions of Counter-Strike as well as Team Fortress Classic.  Steam Beta 2.0 begins today at 3 pm Pacific.

Sexy: Total War

The official Rome: Total War site has launched with plenty of arousing screenshots and info to peruse. I just want to pledge my undying love for the Total War series despite the fact that I may be the worst player in existence. I seem to be in love with the idea of gigantic battles rather than actually being able to execute them.

Eve Online Trailer

Griffon pointed us to a great Eve Online trailer currently being hosted on the official site. Much like Griffon said, the graphics look great and the game may well accomplish what many were hoping Earth and Beyond would be.Check it out here and read on for more info.

Xbox bits

A few items I noticed over at GamespyDaily this morning regarding Microsoft's console.  A bit of good news, and bit of bad, I suppose.  First, it appears that Phantasy Star Online will be making an Xbox debut in North America and Europe by the end of March.  A pretty saavy move for a system that may very well find a core audience through its strong multiplayer online component.  A few popular

New AMD Chip in April

Caught this newsbit over at Shacks.  For fans of AMD, and unnecessarily fast processing speeds, there's a new toy only a few months out.   AMD's K8 is said to be nearly ready for prime-time, and is expected to hit the hardware scene at around the same time Intel releases its 'Springdale' chip.  Also known as 'Clawhammer' and 'Athlon64' the chip is expected t

Play it Again, Hollywood

An interesting article up at Salon.com this morning that discusses the inordinate number of sequels and/or prequels to be released for the 2003, movie season.  While I already knew about the two new Matrix movies, The Return of the King, Terminator 3, and X2 (X-Men 2), I wasn't aware there were so many other big budget sequels.  For some reason I loved Desperado - achingly cool movie - and wa

Daily Elysium : The Numbers Game

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty exciting and surprising day for us here at Gamers With Jobs (or GWJ as they're saying on the street). Settling in for our launch day, Certis and I got right down to the business of posting stories and articles that were largely intended only to amuse one another.

A Fresh Start

I must admit, I've been pleasantly surprised with the outpouring of support we've received during our little site launch. Already we have a great bunch of brilliant people registered in the forums and even more giving the page a once over.

Nasty, Tricksy Hobbitses

So, can we pretty much assume you've all seen The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers by now?  Of course, many of you probably found it an affront to Tolkien's vision, and their treatment of Faramir abominable, while the rest of you loved it, and recognized it as conforming well to the constraints of its artform without sacrificing the story.  I'm sure there's a pretty good debat