Battlefield 1942 1.3 Patch On The Way

DICE's outstanding World War Two first person epic, Battlefield 1942, was due for a little more love, and it looks like it's going to get it.  Along with the rapidly approaching Road to Rome expansion, DICE has revealed an impending upgrade to version 1.3, which, along with a variety of other fixes and enhancements, finally implements a stronger vote-kick system and client performance op

The Getaway Ships

The long hyped Playstation 2 game The Getaway should be showing up on retailer shelves in the next day or two.  A game doomed to be compared with Grand Theft Auto 3, The Getaway puts the player into the driver's seat of criminal underground London, though the comparison between the two ends at any discussion of open-ended gameplay.  Famed for its long development time, over-budget production,

Ring To DVD (Not That Ring)

Fans of last year's thriller The Ring will be pleased to discover that it's making its way to DVD in slightly over a month. Fans of the original Japanese film will be even happier to discover that the film is finally making its way across the Pacific and hitting the US on the same day.

C&C Generals Gold

Good news for Command and Conquer fans late last night.  The latest version of the long running series, Generals, is reported by Bluesnews to have gone Gold.  The news comes from a Gamespot Preview of Generals which was granted a sneak peek at General's single player campaign "the day after Generals hit its final candidate milestone." 

Impressions: Panzer Dragoon Orta

Released just last week, Panzer Dragoon Orta was widely anticipated by both fans of the previous games as well as those aching for a quality Xbox shooter, and largely it meets the expectations of both.  Panzer Dragoon Orta is, really, an outstanding game with only a very few caveats to preface its recommendation.

New Console Announced, Fails to be Taken Seriously

Infinium Labs Corporation announced today that they will fail horribly like every other console that wasn't released by a company with more money than god. Oh wait, sorry, that's not what they said. They said it would out-perform the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox and that it would be released next November. Go ahead, click on "Read more" for all the hilarious details.

Wireless Keyboard Wackiness

The Register reports that wireless HP keyboards are a large security risk thanks to an over-reaching signal strength. Users in Norway report picking up their neighbour's typing on their own screen when both use HP's wireless keyboards. In responce to this HP has removed the security guarantee from their product.

NDP Numbers for December

Normally we wouldn't post sales numbers but I think NDP's December findings are important enough to share with the rest of you. December is, after all, the big sales period for video games. Read on for the numbers.

Daily Elysium: Defining Empturdulous

Obviously we're a little slow posting this morning.  You see, Certis and I are quite tired from camping the local EB and fulfilling our desperate need for the new DOA Volleyball's exploration on polygonal anatomy.  At least that's the best excuse (read: lie) I can work up for you right now.  As we progress ever forward in providing a steady stream of fictional content for you, we�

Epic Births New Company

In a time when small developers are getting gobbled up by publishers at a record pace it's always nice to see an independent development house like Epic invest in some new ideas. This time, Epic has created a new company lead by Michael Capps, former lead developer of America's Army. For Michael and his crew, this is a real no-lose situation.