New AMD Chip in April

Caught this newsbit over at Shacks.  For fans of AMD, and unnecessarily fast processing speeds, there's a new toy only a few months out.   AMD's K8 is said to be nearly ready for prime-time, and is expected to hit the hardware scene at around the same time Intel releases its 'Springdale' chip.  Also known as 'Clawhammer' and 'Athlon64' the chip is expected t

Play it Again, Hollywood

An interesting article up at this morning that discusses the inordinate number of sequels and/or prequels to be released for the 2003, movie season.  While I already knew about the two new Matrix movies, The Return of the King, Terminator 3, and X2 (X-Men 2), I wasn't aware there were so many other big budget sequels.  For some reason I loved Desperado - achingly cool movie - and wa

Daily Elysium : The Numbers Game

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty exciting and surprising day for us here at Gamers With Jobs (or GWJ as they're saying on the street). Settling in for our launch day, Certis and I got right down to the business of posting stories and articles that were largely intended only to amuse one another.

A Fresh Start

I must admit, I've been pleasantly surprised with the outpouring of support we've received during our little site launch. Already we have a great bunch of brilliant people registered in the forums and even more giving the page a once over.

Nasty, Tricksy Hobbitses

So, can we pretty much assume you've all seen The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers by now?  Of course, many of you probably found it an affront to Tolkien's vision, and their treatment of Faramir abominable, while the rest of you loved it, and recognized it as conforming well to the constraints of its artform without sacrificing the story.  I'm sure there's a pretty good debat

EQ Upgrade, Download Only

Caught this news item over at Gamespot.  Apparently, the next big expansion for online juggernaut Everquest, The Legacy of Ykesha, will be available only through download, and not on retailer shelves.  Including a new playable race, the Frogloks, and a series of zones designed for the mid to high level player, it is not clear as of now when Ykesha is expected to go live, but for the rabid fan, you

Harry Potter Gets a Date

According to CNN, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix will be released on June 21st, 2003 worldwide.

Soul Calibur 2 Special Fighters

Namco has announced that each console version of Soul Calibur 2 will have a different special character. The PS2 will get the Tekken fighter Heihachi, the Xbox will get Spawn and the Gamecube will get Link. Pretty nice little addition to an already fantastic looking fighter. Read more for the images..

Creating Gamers With Jobs: Pt. 1

A lot of people have been asking me how Certis and I put together our new site. Ok, by a lot of people I mean my mom. All right, she didn't even ask, but let's move past all that shall we? The fact is that creating and organizing even a basic website is more of an endeavor than I might have ever expected.

A Few Things of Note for New Users

First off, I'd like to join Elysium in welcoming you to the site! There are a few things you should know about the page and what's coming from a technical point of view. *Ahem*1) For now, you must register on both the main page and the forums separately if you wish to comment in both.