Lucas Arts Consolidates to Produce Mass Mediocrity

Rather than spread the mediocrity around in small piles, George Lucas now plans to consolidate his companies and form a giant crap machine that will produce all of its horriblness in one location.

John Carmack .Plan Update

When John Carmack speaks the world pretends to understand by rubbing its chin and nodding sagely. As near as I can tell, his latest .plan update talks about Nvidia's newest FX card compared to ATI's latest when running Doom III. Read on for some fascinating stuff.

EA Makes Money, The Sims Online Fizzles

What many thought would be a rousing success has turned out to be a relative disappointment for EA according to Cnet. During a phone conference today, EA confirmed that The Sims Online has only collected 80,000 registered users since its release in December.

Demo Day

We've had a boat load of demos come out today! Rather than make up a seperate post for each one I figured we had might as well toss them all up in one post. Read on!

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Today we have a review of the Xbox's latest release, DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I can't say it really felt "Xtreme" enough to justify the title but let's face it, developers will take any opportunity to use that golden word to drive sales. Is the game any good? Should you buy it? Read on!Warning! Sexy Images Inside!

EB Game Sales

Electronic Boutique is offering some nice deals on games across all platforms. This might be a great opportunity to round out your collection a bit.GamecubeXboxPS2PCHunter the Reckoning on the Gamcube for $9.99, Deus Ex: The Conspiracy for PS2 $13.99. Some nice prices in there!

Daily Elysium: Developing Demo(lition)

People seem to get their short hairs all twisted in a knot when their favorite game developers donÂ't follow what they see as standard practice, and Legend Entertainment is taking a few hits out there for their decision not to release a demo for Unreal 2.  Granted, a game demo can give consumers a better measuring stick by which to weigh their purchasing decisions, but IÂ'm not quite s

Enclave Demo and Quick Impressions

Remember Enclave on the Xbox? It was met with some average reviews across the board but we can always hope that Starbreeze managed to improve the game for the PC release. Then again, why hope?

Dr. Henry Jenkins Interview: Pt. 1

In 1999 the United States Senate held a series of hearings in the aftermath of the shootings at Columbine, at issue youth violence, the media, and not the least of which, video games.  Having published two widely read books on mass communication, Textual Poachers and From Barbie to Mortal Kombat, Dr.

Unreal 2 Demo Denied

The official Unreal 2 forums contains news that there will be no demo forthcoming on the recently gone gold title. The reasons given are that everyone is much too busy doing other stuff that's like, really important.