Kazaa Files Pointless Countersuit

After judge Stephen V. Wilson dismissed Sherman Networks' claim that it could not be sued by the RIAA because it was not a U.S.

Praetorians Screenshots

We don't generally report screenshots but I've been meaning to cover Praetorians for a while now. The demo felt kind of a like a mix between Age of Mythology and the Total War series, which was interesting since I do pretty well at AOM and get wasted in games like Shogun: Total War. The end result was me surviving against the AI but totally flubbing my troop formations in the process.

Top Ten Selling Games of 2002

NDP has released their list of the top ten selling PC games of 2002. You'll never guess which title and it's expansions dominate!1. The Sims Vacation Expansion Pack - Maxis/Electronic Arts - $282. The Sims Unleashed Expansion Pack - Maxis/Electronic Arts - $283. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos - Blizzard/Vivendi Universal Games - $544.

GeForce FX Reviews

Open the floodgates, GeForce FX reviews have started to pop up all over the place today. Here's what HardOCP had to say about Nvidia's latest:The Bottom Line: The GeForceFX 5800 Ultra is a very hot and noisy beast that may give you a bit of an edge over the current king of the hill, the ATI 9700 Pro in some applications.

Retailers Set To Sell Downloadable Music

Interesting exercise in futility from today's New York Times.  According to this Times article, six retailers, including Best Buy and Tower Records, are ramping up a service called Echo which will allow consumers to purchase downloadable music.  While there's little specificity about format, price, or selection, it occurs to me that these retailers would have to pull off a marketing mira

The Week Ahead

Monday already? Time flies when you're watching a boring Super Bowl! It looks like this would be a good week to work on your existing game collection since there just isn't much coming out. It does make my job easier though so let's get on with it.

The Amazon.com Daily Elysium: Buy Stuff!

WeÂ've got a huge week planned for you at Gamers With Jobs. Certis is working on some impressions of Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball, and IÂ'm pretty certain heÂ's got a new site design in the works so GWJ may look different/better soon.

MOO 3 (finally) Gold!

Good news! According to Yahoo news Master of Orion 3 has gone gold. According to the press release, it should hit stores "as early as February 25th" which is a long time to wait but who cares! It's gold and it's finally coming. Read more for the press release.Thanks for the news Rat Boy!

Nintendo Makes Strides

With plans to launch a new Gamecube promotion on February 9th that will allow buyers to pick a game of their choice from a select list it would seem that Nintendo is finally waking up and smelling the competition.

DOAX is Not Porn

ItÂ's not porn but it sure felt like it when I went into EB to pick it up. I entered the store and made my usual sweep of what was on the shelves until the DOAX box stopped me in my tracks. Among the sea of futuristic covers featuring tanks, guns and sports equipment was this case displaying three busty DOA chicks in two-piece bikinis.