Daily Elysium: Everquest Confessional

The sun sets fiercely over the parched dust of the Field of Bone, and from over a nearby hill something evil screams and dies. Lysion rustles his scaled tail, sniffs the air, and kicks absently at a scorpion that scampers past his bare foot.

Playstation 3 in 2003?

Well, you've probably already seen this rumor on a dozen sites by now, but I'd feel irresponsible if I didn't post it here. According to this Bloomberg story, Sony may introduce Playstation 3 this year, effectively getting a two year jump on the competition. This strategy certainly worked for them this last round. It makes sense that it would again. What does this mean for us?

Amped 2 Announced

Microsoft has sent word that Amped 2 will be released this winter for everybody's favorite black and green monster. Along with this comes news that like many games, it will have Xbox Live support but only for stat tracking, replay sharing and downloading new content.

Halo 2 Slips

And lo, the Microsoft did speak, and unto the Gamernites He did say, you have worshipped the Golden Plumber, and it hath displeased me.  And the Gamernites wailed and gnashed their teeth, but the Microsoft looked upon them with displeasure, and their suffering was increased.  Then He did say, 'for thy transgressions I shan't deliver unto you Halo 2 in this year'.  The Gamernites did

Max Payne Kung-fu Mod 3.0

I've been following the development of the Max Payne Kung-Fu mod for quite some time now. Like many projects similar to this one, I was expecting it to fade away before reaching any kind of final release but version 3.0 has proven me wrong.

Metroid Prime Game of the Year Again

According to this Reuters article at Yahoo!, Metroid Prime was voted "Game of the Year" last night at the Game Developers Conference going on in San Jose. I guess what makes this notable is that these are awarded by more of a "jury of your peers" than most of the other awards we've seen.

Think Before You Speak

It's Friday and that means another page from the sketchbook. Occasionally we are lucky enough to attract a companion. Maybe it's our collection of Bioware T-shirts. Maybe it's the towering stack of the old gigantic game boxes in our den. Maybe it's our encyclopedic knowledge of Buffy and 24. We usually try not to worry too much about it.

Shadowbane Gold

We can't this one slide by without some kind of post can we? Ubi Soft sends word that the long long long awaited Shadowbane has gone gold and should be launching March 25th. My time in the beta was spent lagging around and CLICKING ON THE GROUND to move my avatar so as you can imagine, I wasn't very impressed.
While Sega has clearly spurned the Gamecube on the sports front, just perhaps at the pressure of money burdened partner Microsoft, Electronic Arts remains comitted to supporting Nintendo.  EA has announced that the Gamecube will get the full EA Sports treatment that will see the two companies collaborate on 20 or more titles!  Read on for some specifics.
Today begins the annual Game Developers Conference, and with it the sublime Vernal days of gaming conferences which, every year, are fraught with conflict, competition, and, um, conferencing.  We here at GWJ were all set to send someone to cover the conference directly, but it came quickly to our attention that we probably wouldn't get through the front door, which is fine because we're