LOTR: The Two Towers Extended Cut

Much like the Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers will see an extended release on DVD in November. According to Peter Jackson there will be an additional 43 minutes cut into the extended version.

Everquest RTS Teaser

Quite a while ago an Everquest RTS title was rumored to be in development. It looks like that is indeed the case according to the teaser on the official Everquest site. I don't know about you but when I was playing EQ I always thought that it would make a great generic fantasy RTS game!

IGN Gobbles up VE3D

Eric sends word that the Gaming Age forums contain a press release stating that IGN has gobbled up long running gaming news site Voodoo Extreme.

Come on Baby Finish What You Started

Please note Elysia's delightful Tax Man Stan logo at the top there, he's doing taxes just like real people!When I was a kid growing up in my household meant you were exposed to many unfinished projects. My dad seemed to thrive on starting things and leaving them more or less done before suddenly leaping onto something new.

X-Men 2 Movie Review

AICN's Moriarty has posted a glowing and spoiler free review of May 2nd's upcoming blockbuster X-Men 2. Based on this review and the apprently amazing trailer for the Matrix: Reloaded May looks to be an excellent month for movies!I loved the first X-MEN when I saw it, and I feel the same way about this one.

And The Wind Cries ... Gordon?

If I were, say, Activision, and Valve Software showed up on my doorstep and asked if I'd like to publish their games, my first question would probably be, "Why?  Do you have any?"  Oh, I know there's Counter-Strike Condition Zero, and the retail release of the Day of Defeat mod, and these will almost certainly produce wheelbarrow loads of cash for those involved, but it's

The Week Ahead

It looks like the game of the week may be X2: Wolverine's Revenge which is shipping to all platforms (including the GBA) this week. Other titles of note include the long awaited classic shooter Ikaruga for the Gamecube and Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters Melee for the Xbox.

Game Reviewer Ethics

I was originally just going to pass this news on to Elysium and Certis, but, hey, we're all family here. If my uncle can FWD me jokes, then the least I can do is post articles that tangentially (you love it Luda) apply to gaming news.

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!

Guns akimbo.  Dodging bullets.  Pugilistic acrobatics.  And all to a funky techno beat.  The Wachowski brothers have returned to collect any money you might have saved since the release of The Matrix in 1999.  That is to say, The Matrix: Reloaded Final Theatrical trailer is now online at the Official Site for your drooling pleasure.  If you have a particular penchant for black leather, billowing f

Household Chores

I don't finish games. I often don't even come close. Game publishers probably lose millions on people like me because often the demo provides just enough content to keep me satisfied. Such was the case with Freedom Force, and Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and, most recently, Vietcong. I'm sure it would be the same if I got around to downloading the Praetorians demo.