Movie Watch: Old School

I had the opportunity to catch a preview release of the latest in a long line of college comedies, Old School. Coming out this Friday, Old School is about a guy (Luke Wilson) who has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend after walking in on a little swinger party she was having while she thought he was away.

Games, Does a Body Good

BBC News has posted an article about games and all the good they do the people who insist on playing them.

Happy Valentine's

I know you probably relished in the honeyed schadenfreude of watching The Sims Online not sell. It appeared as though the franchise with the biggest advantage was unable to capitalize on it. I thought I'd take a moment to remind you how lucky you are that it didn't replace sliced bread.It could have made things awkward.

Rise of Nations Beta Sign Up

Remember that Rise of Nations beta sign up we mentioned earlier in the week? It's live now, you can go sign up for it here.Good luck!

Thousand Land Trailer

Thousand Land enters heavy "What the hell?" terroitory when you watch From Software's trailer for it. Download the 12 meg file here and see if you can get a handle on this upcoming Xbox Japanse release, it's nuts.

Morrowind: Bloodmoon Expansion Announced

The official Morrowind site has word that a new expansion pack is in the making. Bloodmoon will take place on the frozen island of Solstheim where the empire is in the midst of setting up a mining colony. Among the many new features will be the option to fight Werewolves or to become one yourself.I'm not sure an expansion pack can put the fun back into Morrowind for me.

Impressions: Command and Conquer Generals

It seems like weÂ've seen a lot of companies revisit their premier franchises in the past few months of PC gaming. From Sim City 4, to Warcraft 3, to Unreal 2, to Master of Orion 3, those whoÂ've followed PC gaming for years are seeing some familiar names on the shelves, and with that theyÂ're also seeing a varied range of quality.

Budgeting for Gaming

When I first became a gamer with a job, lo those many years ago, it marked a new phase of my life. No longer did I have to wait for one of those two special days, my birthday and Christmas, to request a new game. I had the privelege, no, the right, to walk into Babbages or EB, plunk down my own money, and walk out with a game. Suddenly, the gates were thrown open to me.

Daily Elysium: State of the Site (Month 1)

Hard as it may be to believe, GWJ has survived an entire month online. Some might ask, now that we've achieved unparalleled success, shouldn't we retire to the storied comforts of a south Florida retirement home, and putter about in golf carts through a gated community brimming with elderly game journalists that slip regularly into nostalgic reverie over bygone halcyon days of gaming?

EB and Gamestop Grow as Stocks Slow

Try and say that headline ten times fast. According to Yahoo both Electronic Boutique and Gamestop have seen stocks fall up to 60% despite strong sales in the video game industry. It would seem that the big retail chains like Wal-Mart may pose a threat to the specialty shops.. as usual.