Valve Milks Cow, Plans Dead Horse Kick

Valve Software is ramping up for the latest Counter-Strike update, version 1.6, which should be available this Thursday, January 16.  As problematic CS: Condition Zero fumbles from one developer to the next, the original Half-Life mod continues to sustain Valve's delusion that they are a viable development house.

The Week Ahead

Every Monday at Gamers With Jobs we plan to post the notable (to us anyways) releases for the week ahead. This will include games, movies and maybe some other stuff once in a while. Let's get on with it shall we?

Ninjai: The Little Ninja

To see one of the coolest flash movies ever made, head over to and watch little Ninjai kick some ass. The story drags in some parts but the overall artistry on display is amazing.

JoWood Stays Afloat

Software publisher JoWood has been through some rough times these past few months. JoWood shares dropped 80% in mid-November after an announcement that financial forecasts would be significantly lower than expected. One month later JoWood admitted to loses of 43 million US over the previous nine months, which resulted in 140 lay offs (half of their work force) one week before Christmas.

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