Freelacer Demo Available

Those of you who have a natural aversion to Fileplanet or any site that makes you wait can now grab the 150 meg Freelancer demo straight from Microsoft.

Sway Speaks - War is Hell

Last night I went to bed planning to post a vitriolic rant about the frustrations I went through trying to install and play Battlefield 1942 last night. I was close to putting the thing up on ebay less than three hours after breaking the seal on the box. The forums at Planet Battlefield weren't very encouraging either.

DVDs - Buying vs. Renting

Driving into work this morning, I heard a story on NPR's Morning Edition about DVD rentals. Apparently, people are deciding to buy rather than rent their movies. This is a marked change from the times when video cassettes roamed the Earth. The reporter cited the durability and the smaller size of DVDs making storage convenient. These almost seem to be the least compelling arguments.

MOO 3 Reviews

To provide a counter-point to the gushing Moo 3 reviews we have a couple less than perfect looks at the hotly anticipated title. Both Tom Chick (at QT3) and Avault have chimed in with their thoughts and it looks like this may not be the game many were hoping for.Read on for details.

The Week Ahead

With the release of MOO3 and some other big titles this week it's plainly obvious that we are about to hit the second biggest month for releases, March. On the PS2 we have the long awaited Xenosaga while the Xbox clocks in with Kung-Fu Chaos. What about the GC you ask? Baseball my friends, you get baseball.Read on for the game and DVD releases this week!

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Beta Closed

This is one of those news items that is pretty much entirely covered in the headline. Anything I write here will be redundant. But, for those of you who read the site from bottom to top, I'll give you the news here so you don't even have to bother with the headline.

Buffy's Last Season

King's Dark Tower To End

According to's newswire, Stephen King is preparing to complete his magnum opus Dark Tower series with a final three volumes.  The fifth book in the series, Wolves of the Calla, will be available this Nov. 4th published by Donald M.

New F-Zero Movie and Arcade Details

Daimon Hellstorm sent along a link to this Japanese website that contains a video of mixed F-Zero arcade and Gamecube footage. This one is different from what you may have seen on the Zelda pre-order disk so be sure to check it out.Read on for some more info about the arcade version.

Daily Elysium: Challenge Everything

It occurred to me the other night that my PC games have been telling me to "challenge everything" a lot lately. I'm not sure if they're privy to some dystopian future that I am not, or if they just like pushing me around, but it seems every time I double click a desktop icon, I'm given that weighty directive. It seems like a lot to do, and I'm a busy guy.