Freelancer Gold

Digital Anvil's six year masterpiece has finally gone gold according to Lancers Reactor. No ship date or anything yet but EB has it listed for March 6th. Here is the little note from Digital Anvil:Freelancer was released to manufacturer today @ 4:00pm CST. One day ahead of schedule.
If you talk about impending Massively Multiplayer Games, then inevitably youÂ've got to talk about one of the Big 2: Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft.
Never one to shy away from tooting their own horn, Mythic Entertainment today announced that the Dark Age of Camelot expansion pack, Shrouded Isles, landed at number 15 of the top selling games of December putting it well ahead of games like Asheron's Call 2, and the much ballyhooed The Sims Online.  The press release, which I noticed over at Gamespy Daily, goes on to give some of the raw num

Television's Warm Glowing Warming Glow.

Call it filler material on a slow news day when I don't have some half-cocked, poorly thought out opinion to spout if you must.  Actually, that's pretty accurate.  Anyway, I noticed this link over at Slashdot.  It seems Entertainment Weekly has taken the time to celebrate the twenty-five best episodes, and single worst episode, of everyone's favorite show, The Simpsons.  Interesting

Unreal *Yawn*

Unreal 2’s release shows us almost to the letter what the average formula game is all about. We have the standard run and gun game play, improved graphics, a few small innovations pulled from other titles and of course seven mysterious artifacts which combined make the ultimate weapon. There must be a game cook book out there we don’t know about.
In my book you can put Kenn Hoekstra up there with Mark Rein (mentioned in another article) as one of the good guys of PC gaming.  As Project Administrator over at Raven Software, Kenn's worked on titles from Heretic 2 to Elite Forces to Soldier of Fortune 2, and he takes a few minutes to answer some questions over at Gamespy about how to get into the biz.Read on for a taste.

Unreal Vulnerable to DoS Attack

An interesting story up on Bluesnews today.  It appears that there is a potential risk in all Unreal games leaving users open to Denial of Service, DDoS, and Bounce attacks online.  Compounding the issue, the problem is not isolated to new releases, but to all Unreal games from the original Unreal to the recent Unreal 2.Read on for some specifics.

Starwars Galaxies Interface and Feature Cuts

You know a MMORPG is getting closer to release when promised features begin to flutter away like leaves in the Fall. Following that analogy I suppose the bare winter trees would be the end-product. Whoops, my cynicism is showing again.Read on for the details. Big thanks to Griffon walker for the news!

The Animatrix Part 1

Part One of The Animatrix is now live! It provides some more backstory about The Matrix through some anime-ish presentation which looks pretty damn slick. Head on over here to check it out.

Daredevil Review

AICN's Moriarty has posted a review of Daredevil, the latest superhero flick to hit the big screen. The first part of the review is spoiler free so it's safe to peek.Writer/director Mark Steven Johnson deserves much fanboy love and mainstream crossover success for what he’s accomplished here.