World of Pirates Interview

Spunior over at ye olde has posted a Q&A with the developers working on Worlds of Pirates, a MMOG being developed in Germany.Q: It has been mentioned that WoP will feature more than just 'Pirates'-aspects. How will the city building&management work? What can 'city owners' do in WoP?

GBA SP Review

PC Magazine has a short review of the soon-to-be-released (this Saturday) GBA SP. Looks like we have a winner, they gave it a final score of 4/5 umm... circles. At full charge and with the light on they found the new GBA to last 9 - 10 hours of play time.

Final Fantasy X-2 Impressions has delivered some impressions of Square's latest cash grab, Final Fantasy X-2 which has recently been released in Japan. So far, not so good.The much-vaunted "Yuna Raider" jumping/climbing system is implemented poorly since often there is zero indication that a ledge is jumpable or climbable.


If you look way over there to your left you should see a nifty little poll weÂ've put up. This is your chance to give us your opinion without having to resort to sentences, periods, commas or even words! With two simple clicks you can feed ElysiumÂ's un-holy desire for numbers that go up and give Sway and I valuable data we can possibly ignore if it means more work.

Bloom County Online

Starting today My Comics Page is reprinting every Bloom County comic strip online from the very beginning to the very end of the series. They will be posting six daily comics a day with the color Sunday comic going on every other day. That's a week of comics every two days!

The Week Ahead

Happy St.Patrick's day everyone! If Stan doesn't look like he's all ready for the event make sure you refresh the page a few times. We're getting right into the busy last couple weeks of March releases with some Batman, Raven Shield and even a little Frogger to spice up your life.

Ikaruga Review

Here's a little GameCube love from your friendly neighborhood fanboy. I'm a fan of all consoles, but since I only have the one, I'm pretty much guaranteed to have news for the Cube catch my eye more often. So with that disclaimer I wanted to point you to Planet GameCube's review of Ikaruga, which should hit North American shelves next month.

Dragon Empires Q&A

GameZone Online has a pretty interesting Q&A with Codemasters' Peter Tyson about the upcoming MMORPG Dragon Empires. He gives some great insight into the complexity they are striving for. The economics and combat of the game sound as though they can be micro managed much more than the usual point-and-slay or point-and-sew we've seen in other games.
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Eidos and EA Shun Xbox Live

I hope everyone is doing well today! I'm afraid this is the only post you'll see from me since I'm heading out of town for a couple days and I do believe Elysium will be gone until next Wednesday. Anyways, we already knew that EA gave the thumbs down to Xbox Live but who knew Eidos would avoid it too?