How Bad Was It?

Direct from the 'Was Anybody Waiting for This?' department comes news that id software and Activision have cancelled the expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory.


Elysium and I are pretty swamped in our respective fields this week so I apologize for the slow front page. We do plan to bring a new person on shortly who is easily more brilliant than I am and possibly as wordy as Elysium so I'm sure you will all love him/her/it.

Microsoft Announces Platinum Hits

Microsoft has finally gotten on board the cheap old game bandwagon and announced that they will be offering hit games for less. The criteria to be considered a Â"Platinum HitÂ" are that you must sell 350,000 - 500,000 copies and be released for at least nine months.

Academy Nominations Announced

For those of you who can't get enough of the movies or popularity contests, today is a good day, as the nominees for the 75th Academy Awards are announced.  Chicago leads the pack with thirteen nominations, followed by Gangs of New York and The Hours.  There are very few surprises among the field of films, and one can pretty much expect a similar spectacle to the soulless Golden Globes.Read o

Rise of Nations Beta Contest

On Friday Microsoft will be hosting a little contest for 1000 lucky winners to have a crack at the Rise of Nations beta. Normally we wouldn't post press releases but I know what beta whores some of you are. Read on for the info.

Alfred Molina to Play Doc Ock?

Before we get to the Doc Ock news, I'd like to say that Shanghai Knights is a pretty fun little movie if you aren't expecting too much. Some really nice Jackie Chan stylings in there.Anyways, who is Alfred Molina and why is he in the running to play Doc Ock in the next Spider-Man movie? Because he would be perfect, that's why! Read on..

Richard Garriott Interview

Gamespy has posted an interview with Richard Garriot talking about his break with EA, his development of Lineage II and how he came to NC Soft in the first place. Hey look, they he even talks about Ultima 9!So, Ultima 9, throughout its development, was the bastard child of Electronic Arts and suffered from that lack of support. But we persevered anyway, and I think it came out pretty well.

The Week Ahead

Break out the party hats kids, it's Monday! This week we have quite a few PS2 games on the way while only a few Xbox and GC titles limp out the gate. C&C Generals and yet another Ultima Online expansion is all we have coming out for the PC.Read on for the full list!

Sega Sports Drops Nintendo

Just caught this item over at voodoo extreme.  Looks like Sega won't be producing their outstanding series of sports titles for the Gamecube any longer, though they will continue to produce other games including future Sonic titles for the Nintendo System.  Read on for specifics.

George Lucas Hates You!

In what I can only term a classic Lucas decision, Harry at AICN is reporting that at a recent public Q&A it was revealed that the original, unenhanced Star Wars trilogy will _never_ be released on DVD.  Though there's no clarification as to exactly what we will see on DVD for the original trilogy, I'd wager we will be treated only to the Jabbarific Special Edition.  Naturally, th