King's Dark Tower To End

According to's newswire, Stephen King is preparing to complete his magnum opus Dark Tower series with a final three volumes.  The fifth book in the series, Wolves of the Calla, will be available this Nov. 4th published by Donald M.

New F-Zero Movie and Arcade Details

Daimon Hellstorm sent along a link to this Japanese website that contains a video of mixed F-Zero arcade and Gamecube footage. This one is different from what you may have seen on the Zelda pre-order disk so be sure to check it out.Read on for some more info about the arcade version.

Daily Elysium: Challenge Everything

It occurred to me the other night that my PC games have been telling me to "challenge everything" a lot lately. I'm not sure if they're privy to some dystopian future that I am not, or if they just like pushing me around, but it seems every time I double click a desktop icon, I'm given that weighty directive. It seems like a lot to do, and I'm a busy guy.

Press A to Continue

I'd like to introduce you to a new weekly feature here at GWJ. Fridays are very special to many of us. They are the harbinger of a brief respite from our toils and, perhaps, an opportunity to sink into our gaming chairs and achieve inner tranquility. So I figured since you're probably already in a good mood, this would be the ideal day to bring you a new comic.

EverQuest Wants You Back

I opened my e-mail this morning to find an invitation from Sony to return to EverQuest. Evidently as an effort to renew interest in the game, they are offering a chance to play EQ for free between February 20 and March 21. This seems to me to be a great way to bring all the players who have left back into the fold before the release of EQ2.

The Hulk Script Review

AICN has posted a look at the finished Incredible Hulk movie script. I wouldn't call it a review exactly but the bottom line is that The Hulk may be something worth looking forward to if it's executed properly.

But What's the Occult Content Level?

We do pretty good reviews around here but there are always some questions left un-answered. What is the occult/supernatural level of content in the game? How much sexual or illeagle content is there? Is a game like Quake III wholesome enough? All of these questions and no answers in sight! Until now that is.

I Know What I'm Doing When I Get Home

The arrival of a mysterious white package filled with a VGA adapter for my Xbox and a package of oddly flavored Lays chips could not have come on a more opportune occasion as new content has finally arrived for Microsoft's MechAssault.  The content includes two new mechs, two new multiplayer maps, and additional items to expand online play over Xbox Live.  MechAssault, though a bit simplistic

One Must Fall Interview at HomeLan Fed

Check out this interview at HomeLan Fed about the upcoming Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots game, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. Personally, I have a tough time envisioning anything more exciting than a good ol' robot fight. TriSynergy is supposed to bring this to me (and you, I guess) sometime this year.

Excellent Deus Ex Interview has posted an excellent interview with Harvey Smith and Chris Carollo about DX: Invisible War (Deus Ex 2) which is coming to the PC and Xbox. Harvey and Chris always give fantastic interviews so it's well worth checking out.IGNPC: How conscious are you guys of the correlation between the content of your game and the current global situation?