DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball Site Launched

The official Dead or Alive: Extreme Volleyball site has launched with some new wallpapers and other goodies related to the upcoming Xbox title. Finally, teenage gamers have a game that will make them want to touch themselves more than touching their controllers. Not that they really need the encouragement..

SEGA of America President Steps Down

C-net reports that SEGA of America's President Peter Moore has stepped down from his post after four years. The position will be immediatly filled by Tetsu Kayama, SEGA's former chief operating officier. This comes after an announcement in November that SEGA's profits would be significantly lower than originally forcasted for this fiscal year. Read on..

Ultimate Game Rooms

Do you ever get harassed for owning too many games? Does your wife try to sneak your boxes of old titles out to the curb every week? If so, point her to The Ultimate Game Rooms section of Digital Press which has some of the most insane "game rooms" you've ever seen.

GeForce FX Late, Still Fixing Make-Up

Despite earlier indications to the contrary, it looks like Nvidia's next graphics card won't be hitting shelves until late February at the earliest.

Creating Gamers With Jobs: Pt. 2

When last we left our intrepid heroes, they had concocted the hair brained scheme of starting a new "gaming culture" site.  But, unbeknownst to them, such a task was a far more difficult proposition than they might have imagined, and the slightest bump in the road brought much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Proceeding with all the subtle finesse of a WWE operatic ballet, our unlikely we

D'oh! I mean ... woohoo

Not sure if this is good or bad, depends on your level of faith I suppose, but the Simpsons have been picked up by Fox through 2005.  In case you're counting, that will push the venerable animated series through 16, yes sixteen, seasons making the Simpsons the longest running situation comedy (if one can call it that) in history.  Similarly Fox's King of the Hill has been renewed for one

It Starts

With Star Wars: Episode II having made its way through theaters, and onto DVD filling George Lucas' olympic sized money pool to near overflowing, the attention must finally turn to the end.  Fox News has an interview with art-house director Lucas about his plans for Episode III and beyond.  Aptly titled George Lucas 'All Set For Failue', within Lucas discusses how he will remain fai

Gothic II Review

We get a lot of traffic here from Evil Avatar, so several of you may have already caught this.  But in case you missed it, Spunior has posted an excellent review of Gothic II.  A comprehensive look over a game that's had terrific European success and is just making its way across the 'Big Pond'.  Gothic II offers a abundance of side quests, though, as mentioned about, you'd nee

Daily Elysium: Week's End

Good morning,ItÂ's Friday, and, short of having planned invasive surgery for the weekend, that can only be a good thing. Another work week nears its end, and the weekend looms with its promises of untold bliss, though I may just end up washing the car, organizing various unused batteries or perhaps polishing stones.

When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Movie!

You ever get the feeling that the video game industry tries too hard to be like the movies? Sometimes it works but more often than not, it comes off as lame and painfully forced. Let's take a look at a couple trailers for some upcoming PS2 games.