Earth and Beyond Pushes Forward

Earth and Beyond is set to launch a new quest feature for the space-based MMORPG. Rather than simply go to an NPC and ask for a quest, the player will now occasionally recieve "push missions" where they will be flying around, minding their own business when a NPC contatcs them with a mission.

Mech Warrior Movie in the Works

It looks like the producer of Independence Day and Eight Legged Freaks is planning to produce a Mech Warrior movie with creative input by Jordan Weisman, the creator of Mech Warrior. I believe upon seeing a Mech Warrior game in action Steven Spielberg was heard to say "Someone should make a movie out of this" or something similar.

Daily Elysium: Age of RTS

The front page of every gaming website is a flurry of activity these days, is it not?  With the constant chatter of gaming companies barring their doors and huddling under the static hum of carcinogenic illumination, working tirelessly under the slave-driving publisher's cat-o-nine-tails, desperately preparing a workable level of Perennially Delayed Game #453, for E3, it's a wonderful ti

Uplink: Hacker Elite Review

Apparently you can judge a game by its title occasionally. While Divine Divinity was an exception to this rule, it appears that Uplink: Hacker Elite is not. This review over at Gamersclick should pretty much extinguish any urge you had to pick this one up.

– The Collectors Edition

Welcome to the Coffee Grinds Super Deluxe Collectors Edition. Not only does it come with the original article but inside you will also find a limited edition coffee mug, Certis-Be-Sexy figurine and a never before released Elysium whooping doll! Are collectorÂ's editions worth the money when a game launches? No, but they can be if you wait a few months!

Motor City Online Shut Down

It's a sad day for all of us my friends, Motor City Online will be officially shut down August 29th, 2003 according to an email I just received from EA.

Legacy of Ykesha Available for Download

For those of you still unable to tear yourselves away from the land of Norrath, you probably are already aware of this little tidbit, but Everquest has made its most recent expansion The Legacy of Ykesha available for purchase and download online.  For only $21.99 you too can skip the middle man and funnel greater profits to Sony Online!  Alright, perhaps that's a bit cynical, after all I

MOO 3 Survival Guide

So despite some negative reviews (the latest from Games Domain, 2.5/5) you insist on running out tomorrow and snapping up Master of Orion 3 post haste. Since we obviously can't dissuade you we'd might as well help you along. The Orion Sector's forums contain a post made by a beta tester which offers a tutorial for starting your first game.

Freelacer Demo Available

Those of you who have a natural aversion to Fileplanet or any site that makes you wait can now grab the 150 meg Freelancer demo straight from Microsoft.

Sway Speaks - War is Hell

Last night I went to bed planning to post a vitriolic rant about the frustrations I went through trying to install and play Battlefield 1942 last night. I was close to putting the thing up on ebay less than three hours after breaking the seal on the box. The forums at Planet Battlefield weren't very encouraging either.