Rise of Nations Interview

Firingsquad has an interview up with Brian Reynolds about his upcoming RTS, Rise of Nations.

Nintendo Introduces Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Nintendo has just informed me (and anyone else who gets their e-mail announcements) that I should probably start paying attention to Golden Sun: The Lost Age because of its impending release. It's set to launch on April 14 for your GBA and, of course, GBA:SP. You can check out the Official Golden Sun website at http://www.goldensun-games.com/ for more details and some pretty screenies.

Firefly to DVD?

AICN reports that the now defunct Firefly will most likely be released on DVD with the last couple un-aired episodes included. Not only that, it will probably have the episodes *gasp* in the right order!No release date yet, but Fox Home Entertainment will be releasing. It sports the entire season, including the unaired eps, in 16:9 glory and, most likely, in the "correct" order.

The Phone Booth

If news gets any slower today I think things might start un-happening soon. I saw The Phone Booth last night starring a heavily eye browed Collin Farrel and it was an entertaining hour and twenty minute film.

Free Age of Mythology Campaign Download!

Ensemble Studios has released a free Age of Mythology campaign to coinside with the re-design of the ESO (Ensemble Studios Online) website. The free 10 meg add-on contains four missions following Brokk and Eitri, two dwarven brothers featured in the original Age of Mythology Fall of the Trident campaign. The new missions also involve all new voice acting from the original cast.
My biggest fear when buying the GBA SP was that I would show it to a lot of people but I would never actually play it. Perhaps my doubts stemmed from the fact that Elysium has owned a GBA for months and despite having the best games for the system he says he barely played it. He had a ton of reasons not to buy it when I said I was thinking about getting an SP.

The Week Ahead

The releases make a comeback this week with some sneaking, some racing and a little bit of pirating going on. Why, there's even a couple PSOne games worth mentioning in today's line-up.I'll try to be brief, Hoochie and I stayed up way too late watching Zorro and eating food from hell last night and now I feel dirty.
Noticed over at Voodoo Extreme that Activision, presumably a publisher who would occasionally like to put games on store shelves, has agreed to publish upcoming games for Valve Software.  Valve, which is apparently still considered a developer, brings to this deal Half-Life and the multitude of ways you can publish and republish the same game to a saturated market.  Presumably, we should anxiously

Museum of Disturbing Oddities

I vaguely remember deciding that it was okay for me to play video games in my early twenties, since I'd probably give it up once I got a full time job. I figured 25 would probably be the age my console would go dark and I'd start to use Excel on my computer. Well things have certainly turned out different. My habits have definitely changed.

Jedi Academy Site Launched

The official Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy site has been launched with some new screen shots and a little bit of info about the game. Rather than a true third title in a trilogy it looks more like Jedi Knight 2.5.Hit the official site here for the features and details. I love the idea of creating a character, joining the Jedi Academy and going through all the training. It should be a blast.