Another MMORPG on the Horizon, Pardner

I've been having a tough time deciding whether to post this or not. I'm always skeptical about the way we seem to hype ourselves into a lather about upcoming games. It's even worse when we don't even know when the game might be released. So take this interview at GameSpyDaily about a possible upcoming old west (of the USA) MMORPG at face value.
WhatÂ's the difference between a Soapbox and a Daily Elysium, you might ask, though I wouldnÂ't necessarily recommend it. A Daily Elysium is usually grounded in some kind of real and present issue; it addresses a hot (or at least tepid) topic and wanders quickly through a series of brief points to a possibly logical conclusion.

Sway Speaks - The Price of New Games

The MSRP of most new releases seems to be $49.99 (US). LetÂ's just call it fifty bucks. XBox, PS2, Gamecube, or PC, this seems to be the price where publishers can move the most product at the highest price. WeÂ've seen a couple exceptions on both sides of this line with games like Serious Sam and Neverwinter Nights.

Asheron's Call 2 Mounts Incoming

Microsoft has released word that Asheron's Call 2 will be getting player mounts as part of the February monthly update. How to actually attain one of these beasties will be revealed as part of the epic story arc that is also launching this month.Read on for the press release and the first screenshot of the mounts!

Summoner Cubed

Most of my play time has been spent on Voilition's Summoner: A Goddess Reborn on the Gamecube. This is a port if the PS2 version (Summoner 2) and it shows with some murky textures and low-poly creatures. Not to say it looks terrible or anything, just really average. What Summoner 2 lacks in graphics it more than makes up for in game play.

Mortyr 2 Revealed

Assuming this isn't some kind of sick joke, Mirage Interactive has revealed that they are heavy into developing Mortyr 2 and looking for a publisher.

PS2 Limited Edition Flavors

How much would you pay for a Super Red Limited Edition Playstation 2? Wait! Don't answer yet! What if it came with a free Super Red Limited Edition stand? Would you pay $314.99? Sony seems to think you might. You can pick up a PS2 in one of 5 new limited edition colors from the Playstation website. I haven't seen these in the stores yet.

Zelda Pre-Order Starts For Real

Last week Nintendo announced that 250,000 of you nutty gamers already pre-ordered the upcoming Zelda: The WindWaker. Unexpected? Perhaps not. But this week marks the official start of the Zelda pre-order program.

MMORPG Launch Alert: A Tale in the Desert

For those of you who like to give each new MMOG a try, February 15 saw the launch of A Tale in the Desert. This unique game drops you into ancient Egypt where you must work towards achieving perfection in the seven disciplines of man. If you think one of these disciplines surely must be whacking overgrown ants or rats, you might want to check out the FAQ.

EB's Return Policy Down the Drain

Reports from EB managers across North America indicate that Electronic Boutique will no longer be accepting returns on games beginning on March 1st. They will allow you to return defective items for a copy of the same game but that's about it. Something like this screams reactionary after their poor stock performance but it looks like the only real reason to shop at EB is slipping away.