What I'll Be Playing in 2007

Set drool factor to deluge, because Blizzard has released a three minute AVI of World of Warcraft in-game footage.  While some, and you know who you are, might be quick to dismiss WoW as more of the same, I hold out tremendous hope for this title.  The art direction is outstanding, and the developers have a proven track record of providing quality, and more importantly, fun games.  Replete with sw

FYI - Video Games and Real Life are Different

This Reuters article by Claudia Parsons takes a slightly different approach to the whole "life imitates video games" phenomenon. Reporting from the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, she speaks to several crew members who are well aware of the line between video games and reality.

Another MoO Review For YoO

Continuing the current series of mixed reviews for Master of Orion 3 is VGer's well written review at Stratos Group. The reviewer touches on some of the common themes I've seen in most of the MoO3 reviews. Apparently your first game will make you weep and long for the days of Space Invader simplicity.

Echelon: Wind Warriors

I'm always on the lookout for games that may not recieve too much press and Echelon: Wind Warriors would probabaly fit the bill. The Junkyard has a preview of the upcoming combat flight sim which includes shiny pictures and some words.The copy that I received was still in its beta phase so there were a few bugs and glitches here and there.

PN03 Shots

Project Number 3 (P.N.03) is coming to the Gamecube some time this spring and releasing in Japan at the end of March. One of the much heralded "Capcom 5" P.N.03 looks to be a futuristic 3rd person shooter that kicks all kinds of ass. The Gaming Age forums have some new shots of the game in action so be sure to check them out! Thanks Hellstorm.

The Week Ahead

Never let it be said that we here at Gamers With Jobs don't know how to party down Mardi Gras style. According to the calculators scattered about the web, Mardi Gras is tomorrow so I declare it to be Mardi Gras week. Get down Stan, get down you crazy mofo!Read on for this week's game and DVD releases.
IÂ'm trying to recall when last I phoned a customer support number with a genuine problem, and then, through the assistance received, rectified that problem to a satisfactory conclusion. IÂ'm not coming up with much. DonÂ't get me wrong, IÂ'm rarely short of problems, but for the most part IÂ'm a pretty resourceful guy and can, by and large, take care of myself.

Nintendo Deciding What's Next

I just noticed this Reuters article at Yahoo! that gives a pretty good overview of Nintendo's current situation. It sounds as if they at least recognize the problem and are interested in doing something to remedy it.

Gamers With Jobs System Specs

If you've ever wondered what kind of systems we have here at Gamers With Jobs this is the place to be! Read more to see the specs!

A Ragtag Fugitive Fleet

"Ten thousand light years from nowhere, our planet shot to pieces, people starving, and I'm gonna get us in trouble?"The very idea of a Starbuck not played by Dirk Bennedict seems oddly disquieting to me, but a Commander Adama not played stoicly by Lorne Greene - not that he's up for much of anything these days - makes me cross my arms defensively over my chest, furrow my brow,