Zelda: The Awesome Maker

I'm going to be out of town today but I wanted to take a moment before I hit the sack to make sure everyone is clear on something. You ready?The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is quite possibly going to end up being my favorite game over the past few years.

Tense Times for Shows on the Bubble

If you're a television executive then you're likely no stranger to Pepto Bismol and very stiff drinks.  Life is never an easy freewheeling situation, unless you happen to be someone like David E Kelley or Stephen Bochco who could probably pitch and be greenlighted for a sitcom about two wacky but well intentioned gaming journalists [sic] who start their own website, have some wacky but w

You're All Playing Zelda, Aren't You?

It's so quiet here.  Must have something to do with the fact that Zelda and the new GBA are now widely available.Don't worry, you're not missing much in the gaming news scene.  Trust me, I've looked.  I think everyone's taken the day off sick.

Daily Elysium: Hodgepodge

Some days I approach this column with a clear sense of what I want to say, how I want to say it, and a focused approach of delivering that singular thought to you.  Mostly, I just fly by the seat of my pants, start pressing buttons on my tired keyboard, and see if consonants and vowels mix to form a recognizable thought at least vaguely coherent.

Shadowbane Released, Plague O'er the Land

Shadowbane is shipping to stores preceded by a howling wind of despair. In fact, if you were to pick up a Shadowbane box I bet you could hear it quietly whisper Â"Despair, despairÂ" over and over again until you begin to wonder if life is worth living anymore.

DOA Extreme Nude Volley Ball

Fragland.net has posted some supposed shots of DOAX operating with a nude patch in place. Outside of these shots, there doesn't appear to be any proof that it's real but I doubt that's going to stop most of you from downloading the zip file containing about 40 shots.

BG: Dark Alliance 2 Announced

Ferrago sends word that the popular hack and slash game Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is getting a sequel on the PS2 and the Xbox. Considering the Christmas 2003 release date I don't expect many major changes to the series but then the formula seems to work pretty well as it is. Read on for the feature list.
First, a disclaimer. If, in any way, I seem more anti-social and venomous than usual it is a direct result of the fact that my face is on fire.

Join The Elite

Elysium and I have been enjoying Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield coop so much I figured we needed some arm patches. When the time comes to play on some real servers, we'll be representing with the coolest arm wear on the field. Will you?

Games and War

Reuters has a little article up about the glut of war games released and soon to be released during the war on Iraq. They also cover a little bit on games used to train soldiers.Will war bring more war game sales?