Gamer Study Says You're Hard-Core

I've always found it frustrating to surf the web on April 1. Because the web is already a rumor mill filled with misinformation and hearsay, April Fools jokes only seem to pour gasoline on the fire. The Web, already struggling for respect as a legitimate form of reliable information, basically embarrasses itself every first of April.

Peter Jackson to Re-Make King Kong

Sci Fi Wire reports that Peter Jackson will be filming a new King Kong remake to be released in 2005. Weta will be doing the effects and it will be filmed in New Zealand. Peter himself will write the script with Fran Walsh and co-writer Philippa Boyens, the very folks who did the LOTR screenplay.

Jedi Knight III Interview Translation

One of my many and varied sources has sent me a translated version of the Jedi Knight III interview posted in Gamestar's magazine. It's not too long but now that we know this thing is for real we might as well have a look! Read on for the interview.

Vietcong Impressions

One of the greatest things about games is that no matter how closely you follow the news something is always going to slip under your radar and knock your socks off. As I sit and write this sans socks IÂ'm thinking IÂ'd rather be playing Vietcong, the most pleasant surprise to hit my computer since Battlefield 1942.

Jedi Knight III Revealed

There has been plenty of speculation over whether Jedi Knight III is real and coming this Fall or not. Perhaps more important is the suggestion that the game will focus much more on the lightsaber battle aspect of the previous title. Is it real? Who knows!
We started this website with a pretty firm premise, that being we would only post those stories, articles, or tidbits of newsie goodness that we found interesting.

The Week Ahead

The March rush is now officially over, long live the dry season before E3! Now that Zelda is in full circulation there doesn't seem to be any big releases on the way for a little while. This week certainly reflects that with only two games of note being shipped out to retailers. Stupid financial quarters ending..

New Raven Shield Map

A member of the Raven Shield development team has created and released a new Raven Shield multiplayer map for download over at Gamer's Hell. Weighing in at 5 megs, the map is called "Close Quarters" so we can expect small amounts of personal space and lots of grenades I'm sure.


With every new incarnation of the Zelda franchise, it appears that Link (or whatever you have named him) increases his carrying capacity. I'm only into the first dungeon of The Wind Waker and I've already found a Spoils Bag and a Messenger Bag and, presumably, some sort of case to put all my maps in. Mind you these are inventory items that hold other inventory items.

What Are You Reading? Yeah, You!

Either gaming news has withered lately or I've become apathetic as warm spring weather has started to hit Baltimore. (Just to let you know, the uncapitalized "spring" is brought to you by rule #1 on this site I just Googled. I only checked the one source.