There are no easy choices this week. The industry didn't make it easy. I was hoping, for example, that there would only be two releases for the PS4. That way I could have said, "This week I'm picking the game that was released on PS4." And everyone could ask, "Which game on PS4?" And I could reply, "Oh, Ether One." Yes, I did work hard for that joke.
Sponsored By: Aristophan Labor bill: 99 minutes, but we don't bill you for estimates. Estimate Customer reports no knowledge of how cars work at all.
Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, Dungeons 2, Ironcast, Bloodborne, Selling Mods on Steam, Your Emails and More! This week Allen, Shawn, Julian and David Heron talk about Steam selling mods because that's still totally relevant!
Hey, kids! I just found this profile sitting on my desk. Turns out this guy's been on payroll for years, though I can't find him in the org. chart anywhere. Anyone know who he reports to? Maybe I'll bring this up with HR. This could be one of those "Milton" issues. Anyway, here's ukick. Introduction
Kerbal Quintet

April 27 – May 3

Gazing into my magical 8-ball reveals that there is no treasure to be found within this week's releases, not for me at least. Yet I feel compelled to put forward Omega Quintet as my "pick" of the week before Wordsmythe has the opportunity to throw me once more beneath the bus with some damning commentary about me and panty shots.
Another one of the cool benefits of not locking prizes behind big individual donations is giving everyone a shot at a fancy custom forum icon done by the amazing Elysia. We have the usual tiers based on years donated of course, but you may notice some community members have unique, one of a kind icons. Want one of those? Of course you do!
As part of our 2014 Donation Drive we reached the goal of having special community guests on the podcast. This will be a draw so everyone gets a chance! All you have to do to enter is post in the comments below and we'll collect all the names and draw them out of a hat on one of our planned live shows. What do you need to be on the Conference Call?
Sponsored By: Mr. Rojan Time Played: 41 Minutes Short Review Remember back when every game had a ninja in it? I do, and so do the people who made this game. It's $3 and, for a competent Shinobi clone like this, you can't go wrong.
I first saw the original Star Wars the week after I turned four years old. My dad took me, and I have only the vaguest, most foggy recollection of this event.