GWJ Conference Call Episode 603

BATTLETECH, God of War, Magi Quest, Tower of Time, Frostpunk, Nintendo Labo, Special Guest Justin McElroy, Your Emails and More!

April 30 – May 06

I was very excited to see that the Brothers Chaps were making new videos recently, so you can imagine the trajectory my mood took between seeing HomestarVR in this week’s list and clicking the link to the Steam page.
In the list of Things Everybody Should Know, I have a number of gaps. I don’t know how to drive a stick shift, for example. I used to feel ashamed of that, until I realized that the overlap between people-who-will-shame-me-for-using-an-automatic-transmission and people-who-have-opinions-I-care-about is an empty set. Another thing I never learned to do was play poker.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 602

BATTLETECH, God of War, Ninja in Vegas, Kingsway, PAX East and Rezzed Reports, Your Emails and More!

Heroes of The Realm - Episode 14

Welcome to Heroes of The Realm, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Karla Andrich as she takes Cory Banks, Amanda Knowlton, Ariel Jaffee and Michael Zenke from the real world and back into The Realm.

April 23 – April 29

It’s a good week to be a Switch owner, because we’re finally getting the only kart racing game that matters. That’s right, Hello Kitty Kruisers drops this week.


Today Shawn Andrich takes Sean Sands though a day in the life of a MechWarrior mercenary. This video has no spoilers for the main story of the game.
Extinction is a game that poses the question “Hey, what if Shadow of the Colossus was directed by James Cameron instead of M. Night Shyamalan? And we mean Terminator 2 James Cameron, not Titanic James Cameron.”

GWJ Conference Call Episode 601

Far Cry 5, Dead Cells, Slay The Spire, Dishonored 2 Revisited, Lots of Your Emails and More!

April 16 – April 22

Raise your hand if you think Sony missed a huge marketing opportunity with not one, but two games by releasing in April instead of June.