The goose hen that laid the golden eggs bombs.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 642

Resident Evil 2, Wargroove, Gothic Armada II, Anthem Demo, Card Thief, SEGA Heroes, Pikuniku, Jackbox Party Pack 5 and More!
We're excited to kick off our first ever fundraising stream! On Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd we will be streaming games on Twitch from 10AM to 10PM CST to raise money for Trans Lifeline. They do incredible work supporting the Trans community and we're happy to support their work on behalf of GWJ and our own Trans members.

January 28 – February 3

I say it almost every week, but once again there’s something for everyone! Especially if you like tanks, but we’ll get to that.
At the time of this writing, I have 897 games in my Steam library, with more than that scattered across various PC game stores, and I’m not even touching on the games in my console libraries. The volume of my leisure choices is by turns breathtaking and nauseating. So why can’t I stop playing this little match three game?

GWJ Conference Call Episode 641

This week Shawn, Julian, Allen, Amanda and Lara chat about all the cool boardgames they played at winter rabbitcon!

GWJ Community Games of The Year 2018!

First off, I’d like to publicly apologize, because I was wrong. No, Anthem is not the GOTY for 2018, but in my defense, it hasn’t been released yet. Regardless, the year has been an interesting one. Where 2017 was the year of the Switch, with Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey taking the first two slots, 2018 is a return to a more “traditional” top ten.

January 21 – January 27

It’s a good week for gaming, with something for any player regardless of what intensity they’re looking for.
The Employee is a tentacled being from the nightmare dimension. We are an EEOC compliant corporation, and it was the most qualified for the job, as evidenced by the fact that its father is the CEO of the company.

Make Your Bold Predictions For 2019!

Some people have said they want to pretend 2018 didn't happen. Maybe it's because their 2018 Bold Predictions were ... wrong. Well, the latest podcast with our predictions is now live and we spent about as much time picking apart old predictions as we did making new ones. It hurts so good!