All right! It’s the end of the quarter, and a lot of stuff is coming out, so I went with a top 10+1 instead of my usual top 5+1.
Some games make promises they can’t keep. Some games almost keep them, but miss the mark by just a bit. Usually that’s a good thing, but considering that the promise of Overcooked was “It will destroy your relationship,” I was happy to see that it fell short. Granted, it did that by being terrible. Overcooked 2, on the other hand, promises to destroy your relationships while being a better game.

GWJ Conference Call Episode 623

Spider-Man, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Donut County, Two Point Hospital, Why Is It Hard to Make Games From Famous IPs, your emails and more!
No two ways about it: If you are a fan of space games, it’s a good week.
I was kind of hoping to hate this game, so I could call myself a Surge Suppressor. It turns out that I like the game and will now defend it from its critics. That makes me a Surge Protector, so the joke still works. I love it when that happens!

GWJ Conference Call Episode 622

Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI, Divinity Original Sin 2, PAX Wrap UP – Boyfriend Dungeon, Ashen & Villainous. Game Spaces That Remain Unexplored, your emails and more!
Nobody wants to go up against the new Tomb Raider game, eh? Cowards, the lot of you. It takes an army of small developers to do the work that big developers won’t do.
It’s like Minecraft, but with so much more …

GWJ Conference Call Episode 621

Divinity Original Sin 2 Coop, Donut County, Path of Exile: Delve, Subnautica, PAX West With Amanda, Your Emails and More!

Heroes of The Realm - Episode 20

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