Sometimes I Feel Like I'm a Pawn in a Game

I've jumped on the Rise of Nations bandwagon this week and am learning valuable RTS skills such as pouting and pretending I'm having network difficulties. As I instruct my citizens to run this way and that, building temples and chopping down trees, I can't help but think I'm letting them down.


Once upon a time there was a breed of men which we might term Real Men™.  These Real Men™ went to great lengths to ensure that they participated only in the socially sanctioned activities of men, wore male appropriate metaphorical pants, and were possessed of a certain cold, reserved manner.  These men knew their place in the world, the value of a dollar, and would never have used words

Confessions of a GameFAQer

I had a bit of an unintentional intervention this weekend. In fact, it came from my good friend Comcast, whose incompetence, laziness and generally poor customer service left me without internet access all weekend. Besides spending the fourth almost blowing myself up, I went through my Gamefly games, my Netflix movies and even watched a little TV.

Do You Come Here Often?

I started to play Zelda: The Wind Waker the other day. Or rather, I started to play it again. I hadn't touched the game in months. Getting back in to it was a little awkward. Firstly, I'd forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. Secondly, I'd forgotten how to do it. I knew I had to ask a boat for assistance. It could give me a hint about my next task.

A Blade of Stormwind

Certis made me a deal.  I could play on his WoW account, as long as I made it worth his while.  Now, normally this would involve nakedness and possibly chocolate, but this time he wanted me to write something for all you poor saps who continually feed his, read the site.  Thus, Quest Log was born. Quest Log is my fictional interpretation of the various quests and adventures that

July 5th to 11th

ThereÂ's nothing coming out this week thatÂ's much worth talking about IÂ'm afraid. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for the Gamecube and Way of the Samurai 2 for the PS2. I seem to recall that the original Way of the Samurai was very short and the replay value relied solely on playing through again and making different plot choices.

What A Difference A Week Makes

So, last week was a great week to start this new column of ours.  You guys were waxing oodles of clever, thoughtful, gaming commentary on the bountiful topics laid at your feet.  I guess all that news and debate left you guys, and the industry, a little spent.  Last week I was literally beating away your witticisms with a stick; this week, not so much.  I feel like a man trying to use

Good Day and Well Met, Rex

Sway is out gallvanting in some place that doesn't have any internet or "inty" as he would normally put it. I've got the comic here and I'm looking at it but.. damn, I don't know what he's shooting for today. I think I'm just going to assume he's making fun of Elysium and leave it at that. Have a furry Friday!

Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots

I'll Save You Some Suspense: It's Fantastic! Big Huge GamesÂ' Rise of Nations was arguably the best PC game to hit the shelves last year, and one of the best real-time strategy titles ever released. Its gameplay is incredibly complex, but so elegant as to remain more than manageable, more than playable, but also fun.
After the 'drought' in the late 90s we've seen a surge of pirates-themed titles in the past 2 years thanks to games such as Port Royale I&II, Tortuga, Sea Dogs, Pirates of the Carribean and, well, Puzzle Pirates. And more are to come due to projects like Pirates of the Burning Sea and the Pirates! remake being in the pipeline.