Live From the Golden Nugget

Hey guys, sorry I'm late. The vixens at the Glitter Gultch kept me up way past my bedtime, and I forgot I'm in a different time zone. I'm sitting here on my bed at the Golden Nugget in fabulous downtown Las Vegas. I'm trying to use the in-room Internet via the tiny useless keyboard and the TV.

Death to Star Wars - A Love Story

WhatÂ's in a name? There are, of course, letters arranged into established phonetic patterns to produce phonemes which we recognize as corresponding to familiar sounds. If weÂ're very lucky then no one has decided to become clever and add apostrophes. Would a rose by any other name smell significantly less sweet?

Donations Over on Sunday!

We want to thank everyone who donated for supporting the site and making us very wealthy men. We're quitting and moving to Mexico, so long suckers! Ok, we're not doing any of those things but we are very grateful for the support.

Catching Up

With the usual post-Christmas drought of games upon us I've been trying to catch up with a few titles that got lost in the shuffle. First up was Sphinx, a quirky little platform game that tries really, really hard to be Zelda with a few twists.

A Wednesday in Coburg

This morning a news report at MCV Germany revealed that the police is investigating a case of illegal use of software and had raided the offices of Farcry developer Crytek in Coburg, Germany as well as the private apartment of one of the company's founders after having received hints from a former employee. Apparently a number of unspecified objects was confiscated by the authorities.

What's the Big Idea?

It happened for me like it happened for so many before me. Wet, sticky, and more than a little frightened under a moonless night in the front seat of Â"… wait, wrong article. Let me start again.It happened for me like it happened for so many before me. Wet, sticky, and more than a little frightened under a moonless night in front of my computer.

Fun Explained

I see that Certis is still in the American Football mood after Super Bowl XXXVIII was won by a single breast. Or so I was told. Let us talk about games for a second though: over at Slashdot Games I spotted this Skotos article. Dave Rickey elaborates on the importance of elements of 'realism' in games.

Terry Tate is Back!

If you've been with the site since the early days you know that we hold a special place in our hearts for Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. I'm pleased to report that a new Terry Tate video is online and he does indeed bring the pain.

A Brief Distraction - Donations

ItÂ's this simple: if youÂ'd like to help out GWJ with a monetary donation, this week is your chance. Everything else IÂ'm about to talk about compliments that, but itÂ's just the specifics and clarifications around that fundamental statement.

February 2nd - 8th

Good day. It is once again a slow week for games with only a select few worth mentioning. Our pick this time around is a little something from the realm of the old school. With over one hundred ships to choose from, R-Type Final looks to be one of the more difficult side-scrollers to hit the shelves lately.