The Week Ahead August 23rd - 29th

After spending some time with the Rome: Total War demo I almost want to name it game of the week but I suppose that would be cheating. Instead the honor goes to Viewtiful Joe for the PS2, now with more Dante!

Back in the Saddle

The reports of this featureÂ's demise have been mildly overstated.  IÂ'd like to say that Weekly Wrapup is back by popular demand, but that would be dodging the fact that I just didnÂ't put it up the past couple of weeks.  IÂ'm tempted to blame you all for talking about nothing but Doom III – and my genuine concern that another article about Doom III would bring the

Can't I Just Have a Nice Long Game of Pokemon?

So you might as well go look at the comic first, otherwise it'll just seem more like an illustration for this paragraph. I love my GBA. I love that it fits in my shirt pocket. I love that I can play RPGs, and racing games, and puzzle games in the car (usually when I'm not driving), or at the train station, or, as I did at E3, while waiting in line to see a preview of another game.

The Political Machine

Sanjuro wrote a great Political Machine review in the forums and I'd hate for you front pagers to miss out on it. A timely election strategy game for only $19.99 should give any gamer pause but you might be missing out on some fun if you pass this by! Enjoy the full review. Sanjuro, your silk GWJ loin cloth is on the way!

Admissions of the Manly Man

"Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought." We men are a manly, intimidating bunch. We're tough, no-nonsense types, relatively shallow and usually rather fashion-less.

August 16th - 22nd

This week's release list is so limp I've decided to call it Elysium Week. Hot Shots Golf FORE, Alida (Myst rip-off) and Astro Boy just to name a few of the exciting titles waiting for you in stores. There is one game worth noting so I will do just that, notes away!

'Officially Licenced Product'

January 2005. The offices of publisher Vivendi Universal. In a back room on an unimportant floor, three marketing executives are gathered around a table. They're tasked with emulating the Q4 2004 success of Fight Club: a beat "˜em up that, despite having little to do with the film and leaving critics underwhelmed, was a commercial success.
I don't know how you guys have done it. How long has it been since the first rumors of Half-Life 2? Remember the discussion around those enigmatic crowbar advertisements? It seems to have struck our forum in April 2003. It is now August 2004. We've watched the source code get leaked (the announcement of which melted our site). We have seen footage from two E3s.

Bizarro Gaming - Part 1

Â"What the hell was that?Â" I scream that about 30 times for every mediocre console game I play. I don't mind hard games, or losing at games, or even old fashioned Â"getting my ass handed to meÂ" sessions once in a while. I'm not Punchy Controllerson over there, my beard isn't nearly to the Â"plaid flannel shirtÂ" stage.

How Much is Too Much?

Bit of a special edition Coffee Grinds today as half of the article is written by `Brennil and the other half by Certis. It grew out of conversations we've been having recently about WoW, gaming in our lives, and how it affects our relationship.