UT2K4 Mod Week: Carball

Beckham Meets The Indy 500! IÂ'm a sucker for inanimate objects doing inappropriate things.  I recall a television commercial some years back for some fruit flavored candy, or perhaps drink where a strawberry with legs went bounding into the surf, stumbled upon the uneven waters, and fell helplessly into the tumult.  IÂ'm not sure what it is about awkwardly animate fruit frolick

UT2K4 Mod Week: Troopers & Fraghouse Invasion

Make something Unreal! Unreal Tournament 2004 is a fine enough game all on its own, but the recent glut of mods and conversions can leave even the most dedicated gamer a little overwhelmed. DonÂ't get me wrong, being overwhelmed by the copious availability of games is not a bad thing, itÂ's just that one can quickly get lost in the diverse options and wide range of varying quality.

June 21st to 27th

Are there any Mondays better than summer Mondays? I donÂ't think so! I finished Riddick on the Xbox last night and IÂ'm still enjoying the afterglow. ItÂ's not quite up there with the sort of post-sex bliss one can experience but it gets pretty close. I guess you could liken it to how you feel after a really satisfying and long-awaited pee.

It Ain't The Size Of The Boat...

I never finished Super Mario Brothers. I should get that out of the way right now. I could blame it on the fact that I never owned a Nintendo system of any type, but that's a cheap copout. I spent more of my time back in college in my friends' dorm rooms on their Nintendos whacking away at this game than I did on my own Sega Genesis system sitting neglected in my own room.

Speed. Bump.

Thanks for covering for me last week, guys. I knew I could count on you to make with the levity when the dark clouds of conference calls were pressed upon my shoulders. As a token of my appreciation I revisited last week's drawing and affixed a modest punchline which I'll post here with my regularly scheduled comic.

You Say You Want A Revolution

I hear a lot of people say that they want a change, a new direction, a revolution.  They want it not only in video games, but in the very media that covers gaming.  They say all the good sources have sold out, that the major outlets are bought and paid for by game publishers, and that the prêt-a-porte media is rife with corporate tit for tat.  To hear the average gamer speak, most of t

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

I don't know about you but one thing that always annoys me in games is numbers. Any kind of numbers. Maybe early in my life I was attacked by a rabid pack of 8s, or possibly it's just a pet peeve. Still, they annoy me to no end.
Despite being stationed in Baghdad, Iraq SpyNavy has still managed to find time to write in a review of the Zinio Reader and digital magazine subscriptions in general. Obviously getting content otherwise not available in Iraq is a big plus for SpyNavy but what about the rest of us?

June 14th - 20th

This is going to be a quick update. I was working on this post at the reasonable hour of 1AM and then Pink, the dirty west coaster that he is, invited me to a game of Alien Swarm. Now itÂ's 3AM, we finally beat the damn research level and I have to finish this stupid article for jerks. TodayÂ's Game of the Week is Psi-Ops for the PS2 and Xbox.

GWRAARR! Hahahahaha!

Sometimes I draw my comics based on an idea. Other times I start drawing first and see what ideas surface from the sketches. Last night I was stuck on a series of conference calls for work and was having to sketch in the spaces between them. As a result I could think of nothing amusing about my situation. Conference calls are dreadful to me.