Elysium (CEO)

Elysium is a whore. You're going to find in the following interview that I mention that fact over and over again and he will confirm it almost every time he opens his mouth. I hope you enjoy the journey as we delve into Elysium's frightening and twisted mind and figure out exactly what makes him tick.

May 3rd - 7th

I'm doing stand in for Certis, it seems he is getting his legs waxed and can't be bothered to do anything for the website. I secretly think he did it because this week sucks.

Gothic II, Interplay and Sony

Friday already and here we are on the very cusp of May. This week in the news we discuss Gothic II's non-existent expansion pack, Interplay's jackassery and Sony's trials and tribulations as demands for a PS2 price cut continue to escalate. Honestly, with E3 a couple weeks away there's next to nothing happening in the news worth deiscussing. Bah!

Acid Washed Will Be Fine

First an article about World of Warcraft, now a comic? Can you tell it's on my mind? The only game I'm actually playing right now is our Thursday night terrorist hunts in Raven Shield. I picked up Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mostly to use up a EB gift voucher, but also because I just want to see more Blizzard.

That Vision Thing

No matter what you do in life, there is one constant to any human endeavor. From Â"this shirt is marketed toward young metrosexual life-spendersÂ" to Â"Crazy Hakba'hs House of Falafel is flapneh hutzpah!Â" there's always something you can count on. Buzzwords. The second some poser shows up nodding and smiling, it's inevitable.

Tarifying - A Gish Q&A

Games involving tar balls have gained an immense popularity in the recent past and meanwhile no publisher could afford not having at least one such a title in their portfolio. The latest developer to jump on this bandwagon happens to be Chronic Logic, the crew behind the acclaimed Bridge Builder/Pontifex series.

The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

Multiplayer gaming is simply the way things were meant to be. Sure, the finely crafted single-player experience offered by some true gems should be cherished, but nothing will equal the experience of interacting with your fellow humans toward some common goal -- even if that common goal is to annihilate each other in creative and entertaining ways.

The Promise of a Brand New Game

Certis sent me a screenshot from the World of Warcraft beta he's been...well...beta testing. He told me he was using it as his desktop wallpaper, and the minute I saw it, I understood why. In one simple image is captured the promise of extraordinary adventure. He who said a picture is worth a thousand words must have been bidding low. In this picture I see a thousand stories.


Pyroman[FO] is a real mystery to the GWJ crew. He's single, he knows programming, he's an excellent writer and he keeps his gotee well trimmed. He doesn't belong here, he should be off hosting Tech TV with that freak who wears a kilt all the time. Pyro would fit right in!  Just who is Pyroman[FO] and what is he doing here?
Don't get confused, today indeed is Monday. Really. As you may have noticed, we're also covering people who develop games in their spare time.BestGameEver.com happens to be one of these projects. Under the motto "Free Game.