Sacred Demo Impressions

It's not often that we do demo impressions here at Gamers With Jobs since everyone tends to download these games on their own and they can see for themselves how good they may be. Take the Unreal Tournement 2004 demo for example, it would be redudant since anyone remotely interested in the game has already played it.

Feb 16th - 22nd

Happy Presidents Day to all of the Americans who read the site. For those of you lucky enough to have a day off from work I might as well call this "UT2K4 Demo Day" since that what may of you will probably be playing.

One Dark Night in College

It was a year ago that I asked Certis if I could post a special Valentine's Day comic for the site. He reluctantly agreed and I took that as an invitation to post them every Friday since. I've usually tried to avoid going for the easy laugh. I know "boogers" is a funny word. Trust me. In fact I just laughed typing it now.


Some people have been asking me what the criteria for choosing who to profile is. Right now having a custom tag, being a donor, a girl or simply an interesting person helps. When it comes to actually posting the profiles, the ones who send pictures in will always go up ahead of the others.

The Gaming Parent

There is, if theatrical cartoons are to be taken as a pillar of modern philosophical thought, a circle of life. The more I think about it, the more fatalistically hopeless this revelation seems to me.

Horizons Seven Day Free Trial

In what is fast becoming the standard way for MMORPG's to gain some new users, Artifact is now offering a 946 meg seven day free trial of Horizons through Fileplanet. The catch is that you must be registered at Fileplanet although I don't see anything that says it is for "subscribers" only. As you download the game you will receive a CD-Key by email that will let you sign in.


We're very pleased to be launching a new community feature here at GWJ. The Employee Profile will showcase various members of our forums and give everyone an idea of who they're talking to all day when they're supposed to be working. For the first few rounds of questions we'll be doing posters with over 1000 posts and then we'll expand from there.

Donation Contest Winners!

We compiled the list of donors to the site and randomly drew the three winners! Once again, the three games up for grabs are Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Xbox), Mark of Kri (PS2) and NHL Rivals (Xbox). The winners were chosen completely randomly and the first name pulled gets first pick on the games, second get the next one and last gets what's left.

Feb 9th - 15th

When I told you to save your pennies I wasn't kidding! This week will see the release of Champions of Norrath, Spell Force, Wrath Unleashed and more. It was a tough to choose a title to be game of the week but in the end I decided that a Final Fantasy game on the Gamecube was worth crowing about. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will ship today for $49.99 exclusively on the Gamecube.

PS2 Charity Tournament

Here's one from the "video game-induced charity"-department, recently dominated by Penny Arcade's Child Play: The PJStar has an article on a recent Playstation 2 tournament in Washington which was organized to raise some money for the American Cancer society.