Mini Me, stop humping the laser!If you're as short o­n time as I have been recently, you probably prefer playing the type of game that can be fired up just to take a break for five minutes. Of course, I usually find myself spending more time o­n these titles than originally planned. While browsing through the latest IndieGamer issue I stumbled over o­ne such game: Lightspeed.
Today, we are pleased to post a reader review sent in from our own Reaper81 who is away o­n assignment in Bosnia, or Serbia, or Sweden, or o­ne of those war torn European countries.  Being the fine and edgy military man that he is, we like to imagine he has a reasonable and unique perspective o­n war games.  Now, that perspective might seem a little indelicate for those of you out there made of po

Gaming Haiku Contest Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone to finish up their gaming haikus this weekend. We've had a good response already, but we're still waiting to hear from a few of you. I haven't read any of the entries yet. Certis is guarding them with Hadafang and Anduril so I can't even get close. Please go and re-read the original contest announcement and rules for directions and deadlines.

Is That Pre-Tax?

After spending the whole day yesterday pondering aloud o­n my habitual consumerism, I couldn't very well just turn it off when it came time to draw a comic. January is a time to start fresh and do things right. For instance, since the new year I refuse to turn o­n my console until my homework is done.

Armed and Dangerous (PC)

Wait, I can do better! ItÂ's been a long time since I kissed a man!Armed and Dangerous is a tale of two nearly opposite halves. O­ne half is a delight of comic vision, full of memorable moments that make you happy to have played, and the other an uninspired series of repetitive events.
When the XBox first hit shelves many people worried that the built in ethernet would lead to the "patchware" syndrome that plauges PC gaming right now. Thankfully we've been spared this so far. However for all the worrying over patches we forgot cover the most important angle, our wallets. Microsoft will begin charging users for downloading the latest Links level over XBox Live.
As already noted a few days ago, a team of (currently) five people is working on a game called UFO: Alien Invasion. The project was inspired by the X-COM series and promises to deliver a turn-based experience similar to the original titles, driven by a modified version of the Quake 2 engine. Want to know more?

The D&D Sessions

It's been a good three weeks since I last talked about starting our pen and paper D&D campaign and I figured it's about time for a status report. Our first two sessions were played over a couple Sundays with an experienced DM by the name of Eric and his wife Sigrid who was new to the game.

Gordon Gekko, the Half-Elf

A quick check to the top left of the page shows Stan dressed again in his normal attire, and the festive snowflakes that once populated the area where we will eventually put up advertising for our favorite costumed dancing monkeys website now tragically gone.

Gamers With Jobs Haiku Contest!

Welcome to the first ever Gamers With Jobs contest in the shiny new year of 2004! Sitting around the virtual meeting room we discussed the best way to run our first contest and how to make you earn your prizes. You see, we're not satisfied with just throwing fabulous gifts at the community without making you work for them first.