An N-Gaging SunHerald Article

The SunHerald put up an article on Nokia's attempt to provide a portable gaming system. While the idea behind the system isn't that bad, its technical realization contains a number of flaws the author points out.Read on...

Rockin' 8 Bits

I wanted to take a second to point you to an article on about an 8-bit music event that took place in NYC. The artists featured at the event have taken the buzzy chirpy sound we remember so well and used it to create fresh new music. Thre's even a picture of one of the artists, Bitshifter, using a GBA basically as his turntables, selecting and mixing on the fly.

Phantom Beta News

Infinium Labs sent out a press release featuring some information on the mystery that is the Phantom. The beta test application phase has come to an end. About 40,000 people are said to be in the race for the 300 slots available. 'Winners' will be notified around November 15th.

Silent Storm Interview & Delay

With Elysium being busy and fighting diaper battles and Certis moving these days it's up to the Magnificent Three, Pyro, Sway and ze German, to entertain our readers. All five of you. Ahem, on with the show. Gamershell features an interview with Dmitry Zakharov of Nival Interactive. He answered some questions on their upcoming Silent Storm.

Elysium 2.0 Now Available!

After nine months of delays and excuses, Elysium and Elysia have finally shipped Elysium 2.0, no word yet on which console it will spit up on first. Big congratulations to the new parents and we all wish you plenty of sleep and worry free nights! We also plan to chuckle once in a while too, if that's ok.

PAL Realities: Playstation 2 = Computer

Yes, the PS2 indeed is a "computer" - not a breaking sensation at first sight. However, in Europe there's a certain difference between "electronic device that's not a computer" and "computer" since the latter type is duty free in terms of import.

Agents Under Fire

You've probably already read the Washington Times story on a 'game' the CIA plans to use to simulate and understand terrorist activities. The software is supposed to train analysts as they can play through and test scenarios on both sides.
And no, we're not talking about an X-Men based game here.

Get Thee Behind Me, Vile D&D

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, D&D: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of men, but those that be of nerds.And so it was that some twisted string of coincidences has led to my thinking that starting a pen and paper D&D campaign would be a really great idea.

AnandTech Reviews Athlon64

I thought a hardware article would be a nice change of pace today, so I found a review of the Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 FX over at AnandTech. The review goes into detail about AMD's latest processors and then provides benchmarks under 32-bit Windows so we can know what kind of performance to expect.