Join The Elite

Elysium and I have been enjoying Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield coop so much I figured we needed some arm patches. When the time comes to play on some real servers, we'll be representing with the coolest arm wear on the field. Will you?

Games and War

Reuters has a little article up about the glut of war games released and soon to be released during the war on Iraq. They also cover a little bit on games used to train soldiers.Will war bring more war game sales?
Our good buddy Brian Rubin (Veloxi) has written a review of Europa 1400: The Guild on his personal site. We don't normally post links to reviews but this game's unique premise and solid reviews across the board scream for more attention than it has been getting so far.

The Week Ahead

After a weekend of games and relaxation I feel refreshed and ready to take life by the horns and turn it into a Happy Meal. It's also Monday, that means I don't have to make any sense since most of you are in a post-weekend daze. Wuzzle wozzle. Quite a bit of my gaming time has been spent with my new GBA SP and Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Have a Good Weekend

I was planning a fun and thoughtful post about my plans to buy a GBA SP today but IÂ'm afraid turning on the news has sucked the fun right out of me. ItÂ's all very real now isnÂ't it? It isnÂ't just an intellectual debate anymore, this is happening right now and people on both sides have taken casualties.
Gamers can be an isolated lot, sitting as they often do in front of their monitor controlling a series of loosely connected pixels, engaging wave after wave of hyper-violent enemy pixels for control of Pixel Planet.  Naturally, a certain number of people, which could probably be best defined as most people, think of gamers as damaged goods and feel that we should either 'get out of the house

Ground Based Assault

It's a pretty impressive event that keeps me from watching the NCAA tournament. However, this war, and its news coverage has had me absolutely riveted. I'm always nervous about going to bed each night for fear that I'm going to miss some important announcement.
Another month has passed here at GWJ and we resolutely stand fast against fading into obscurity.  This is possibly because we are already obscure, and any additional fading could rend significant portions of the time/space fabric of reality and send us all hurtling across any number of unpleasant dimensions.  With that in mind we press on because we bathe our egos in delusions of grandeur, and bec
Nothing makes me regret having traded in my PS2 more than this.  Not Dark Cloud 2.  Not Final Fantasy XXX Yuni's Dance Studio.  Not Grand Theft Auto: Blow Up This City.  This, is the game that makes me long to have my PS2 back, and with that I welcome any armchair pop-psychology analysis you can muster.
If there's one thing I don't like it's being wrong, which is unfortunate considering how often I am.  As a rule, I'm usually most surprised by any prediction I make which I don't have to retract at a later date.  Some might argue that this hampers my ability to be an analyst of any kind, even an amateur one with his very own website, but I disagree.  If television is any i