It's hard to believe we've been at this for three months now!  This month's state of the site update brings the same general good news we've packed previous ones with, namely that we're still here, we're still having a good time, and there's a good chance that more of you are reading this than did before.  On the downside, I'm still not famous.  That's

Regime Change at PlanetGameCube

Springtime, already known for stirring up certain instinctual emotions, apparently also causes acute itchiness to move on. Yesterday we heard about Feargus Urquhart stepping down from Black Isle Studios and Interplay. Today I read that Billy Berghammer will be leaving Planet Gamecube.

Fjords of EverQuest

Perhaps there were meetings upon meetings with full committee and an assortment of bagels, danishes, and juices. However, when I waited anxiously as those last few seconds ticked off on the teaser page, and then, five minutes later when they actually put up the site, I was sort of underwhelmed.
In a continuing effort to find a variety of things to prattle on about, I thought it might be fun (for me) to discuss some of the fine films, specials, documentaries, and assorted nonsense that have recently been projected from my DVD player onto the back of my retinas.  This is not a DVD review exactly, because that would be boring for you to read, and more importantly boring for me to write.  I&
You may have seen the rumors followed by official reports that Feargus Urquhart is leaving Interplay. He directed the Black Isle Studios division which has developed some of the epic games that still remain nearest and dearest to gamers' hearts.

Asheron Places Toll Free Call

GameSpyDaily was kind enough to mention that you can download a free trial client of the Microsoft/Turbine MMORPG Asheron's Call 2 from FilePlanet. I remember seeing a similar offer in the past for Anarchy Online. However, this differs in that you don't even need to input any credit card information to give AC2 a try.

Lords of Everquest

Well at least they didn't call it "Lords of the Everquest" although it was a near thing. The Everquest RTS site has been launched and judging by the 20+ screenshots, the descriptions of the units and features I'd say we're right on track for more of the same. Three playable factions? Check. Hero units? Check. A claim of 75 hours of single player gameplay?

Sony Clicks "Undo" On Shock and Awe

The mob has spoken! By "mob", of course, I mean Elysium! According to a Reuters article, Sony is responding by public outcry by withdrawing their application for a trademark on "Shock and Awe". I suppose the question is now who will pick it up?
Much like the Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers will see an extended release on DVD in November. According to Peter Jackson there will be an additional 43 minutes cut into the extended version.

Everquest RTS Teaser

Quite a while ago an Everquest RTS title was rumored to be in development. It looks like that is indeed the case according to the teaser on the official Everquest site. I don't know about you but when I was playing EQ I always thought that it would make a great generic fantasy RTS game!