Microsoft has sent along word that their excellent RTS Age of Mythology has sold over 1 million copies world wide. This of course means that once these buyers start playing online they will probably be joining the hordes of Norse rushers who have nothing better to with their lives. What, me bitter? Yes.Read more if you really feel a need to watch MS talk about how great they are. 
Seriously, what is up with my headlines today?Ok, there's apparently only seven of you out there reading the front page today, so let's sneak in a little Gamecube talk under the wire.  I noticed, via Voodoo Extreme, this 'exclusive Nintendo response' to recent troubles, in which Nintendo assures customers that all is well with the Gamecube, and a perception otherwise is likely
With steady pronouncements of 3rd parties taking their balls and leaving while retailers in the UK are halting Gamecube sales Nintendo is doing some damage control.
At GDC this year Gamespot sat down with Dean Lester, the top dog of Microsoft Windows Graphics and Gaming division. A few tidbits were collected during the interview, one being that Direct X 9 may be the last DX we see for a couple years.
If Reuters is to be believed, and I think it is, then the videogame market is continuing to outpace a flagging world economy by growing at double digit rates.  I don't know why this is good news, per se, as 1) I don't make money off the video game industry, and 2)  ...

Planetside Spotlight has posted a spotlight on Planetside along with some new screen shots of the game in action. I think they're hoping to wow and amaze us but I'm feeling pretty under whelmed at this point.

The Week Ahead

I'm a little low on time today so rather than fill up the front page with the usual nonsense we will dive right into the releases for this week. Shave your legs and strap on your speedo, here we go!
The sun sets fiercely over the parched dust of the Field of Bone, and from over a nearby hill something evil screams and dies. Lysion rustles his scaled tail, sniffs the air, and kicks absently at a scorpion that scampers past his bare foot.

Playstation 3 in 2003?

Well, you've probably already seen this rumor on a dozen sites by now, but I'd feel irresponsible if I didn't post it here. According to this Bloomberg story, Sony may introduce Playstation 3 this year, effectively getting a two year jump on the competition. This strategy certainly worked for them this last round. It makes sense that it would again. What does this mean for us?

Amped 2 Announced

Microsoft has sent word that Amped 2 will be released this winter for everybody's favorite black and green monster. Along with this comes news that like many games, it will have Xbox Live support but only for stat tracking, replay sharing and downloading new content.