No Coop for Halo PC

I was just reading the latest interview with Gearbox's Michel Bastien over at Homelan when I caught a sad bit of news amongst the gushing.HomeLAN - Can you give us a status report on whether or not co-op play or mod tools will be include in the PC port? Michel Bastien - Unfortunately, cooperative multiplayer wonÂ't make it in.
The Pew Internet and American Life Project must have been at least mildly startled when upon studying the habits of college gamers did not find them hooked intravenously to communal pools of Dr.
It started, as perhaps many ignoble things do, innocently enough. I walked into my local Software Etc. - as it was widely known before becoming Gamestop, Babbages, NeoStar, or whatever the hell they call it - with every intention of getting back the money from my Star Wars Galaxies pre-reserve. I would say, "Hello.

The Week Ahead

I hope everyone had a good long weekend! It's back to business as usual around here which means Elysium will once again prove to be weak willed, Sway will draw a hilarious comic and Pyro will find new and exciting ways to make love to Linux.


For those of you visiting from outside the good ol' U S of A, today is our Independence Day. It is the day we celebrate our betterness than Canada by blowing way more stuff up than they did on the 1st. I'll be watching the fireworks in Washington D.C. this year in the forecasted 92 degree weather. The grand finale may be when I spontaneously combust.

Why I'm Not Addicted to Asheron's Call 2

I want to be playing Asheron's Call 2 right now. I want to slip back into that exciting landscape, find a crew of reckless adventurers, and set off to save the world. I'm longing to be hopelessly addicted to AC2, but I'm not. It's uninstalled and I'm unsubscribed. The game I practically begged to hook me, didn't.

I'm Tripping the Rift!

We all want to improve our existing gaming experiences one way or another. Buy a bigger monitor, a new video card or even a new mouse, anything to get in the game a little further than before. On a whim I requested a pair of 3D Glasses from i-ware for review to see how far we've come in terms of technology.


When you want a question answered, the best thing you can do is go to the man who knows that answer.  So when Planetside crossed our doorstep we decided pretty quickly that we had two choices: we could try and squeeze in some time to give it a cursory review, or we could go to someone with a better perspective and more valuable things to say.  In other words, we went to the man who knew the answer

Daily Elysium: The DaVinci Code

Before I tell you about this book, I do need to make one small completely unrelated statement.  I have heard Elysia wandering about the house for the past few days muttering angry, often naughty, words to herself.  Despite my better judgement I asked her what was wrong.  It seems that 1) Quark XPress is already - heavy emphasis on the word already - releasing the new version six.  2) That one of h

Transgaming's WineX

Introduction“What's this cheery singing all about?”     Gaming under Linux used to have very few options.  Either someone compiled their game for Linux, most of the time rewriting the underlying code in the process, or you played one of the various free Linux games out there.  Think Solitare or Freecell with uglier graphics and you've got the idea.  A few companies did use the first opti