A few of you probably noticed that the monthly State of the Site comments I'd done up through about May, quite suddenly, and without any degree of fanfare, disappeared.  You were all obviously very disturbed by this development as absolutely no one had the wherewithal to mention it.  Some might suggest that this lack of response could be tied to a direct lack of enthusiasm, but I know the tru

Our Plan is We Have No Plan, It's Brilliant!

Nintendo held a press conference today to announce that they're "working on a game that will be totally awesome but that's all we can say" and that they're "totally going to compete with Sony's hand-held and stuff" again without offering any details.

Server Issues and Moves

Some of you may have noticed some slow down and the occasional server outage over the past week or so. We're outgrowing our current server so we will be moving to a new one on Sunday night. Until then all I ask is that you remain calm and stay in your seats, everything is going to be ok.

Star Wars Galaxies

It doesnÂ't seem so long ago that Star Wars Galaxies sat solidly on my short list of the five games I could not wait to play. Despite the somewhat muted enthusiasm leaked from beta, and the scorn of many a jaded gamer, I fostered a palpable hope that Galaxies would not only redefine the MMORPG genre, but more selfishly bring me hours of enjoyment.

Nintendo Reports Earnings, Gamers Yawn

Yahoo has word that Nintendo posted a 95 million dollar earnings for Q1 of this year thanks to the strong sales of the GBA SP. Rather than ponder the sales of the Gamecube let's take a moment and look at what you can actually play on the system right now since I'm pretty sure there's a strong connection between the two.

Daily Elysium: The Frozen Tundra of ...

One of the notable things about living in a climate that will, during the winter months, make serious efforts to kill you is that you spend an irregular amount of time actually thinking about the weather and the changing seasons.  Every day of summer is a prized possession, and it's pretty much required on really hot days that someone say to you, "well, it's better than thirty below

August 4th - 10th

Happy Week Ahead day everyone! Everything looks vanilla for the immediate future while next week should be a double dip chocolate swirl affair. Mmmmm... ice cream analogies. Let's see here, we have Hot Shots Golf 2, Silent Hill 3, Ghost Recon Island Thunder and unmentioned in the list but still notable; Chaos Legions for the PS2.Next week, just you wait for next week.

Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of Pain

Last night was a life changing experience.  I didn't go to see Tomb Raider 2 expecting to be changed, but I was.  I have a new perspective on life now.  Before I was a lazy, unkempt dork who just sat around surfing the Internet all day, but now I am an unkempt dork with a purpose.  It is my destiny, no my privilege, to harness the hatred and bitter rage within my mind into a beam of energy wh

Translation: Please Kill Me Now

There are a few "famous last words" phrases that have surfaced in the age of games. Whenever I hear them, I cringe because I know that we are about to be jinxed like nobody's business.

Even Valve isn't perfect

Security researcher Auriemma Luigi (no plumber jokes, please) discovered several security vulnerabilities in Half-Life's server and contacted Valve hoping to get a fix. He waited three months without any fix from Valve. Fortunately for us, Mr. Luigi then decided enough was enough and released an unofficial patch to resolve the security problems.