Daily Elysium: The Love of an Angry Man

There are, we're told by many an afterschool special, several different kinds of love.  From the days of toga wearing acients who used different words to define different kinds of love, we've bandied about the concept of love with delicate trepidation.  There was Eros, which is the love one feels reading the Victoria Secret catalog.  Philos, which is the love one feels for a friend who g

Silent Hill Goes Big Screen

Another game franchise is going to make its way into the movie theatres. GamesMarkt notes that Konami has officially announced that a movie based on Silent Hill will be made. While the series is known for its scary and gory atmosphere, the license was not handed over to the infamous Boll KG (Alone in the Dark & House of the Dead movies) this time surprisingly enough.

Download Temple of Elemental Evil (Full Version)

Legally no less. Atari is offering the full version of Temple of Elemental Evil over Kazaa which includes six hours of play. If you decide to keep it you can pay $50 bucks to unlock the sucker. This is a great way to get the game for those of you outside of North America with fast connections or too lazy to hit the store.

Worms 3D Demo

Well, you've been waiting for it. I've been waiting for it. A Worms 3D demo. Infogrames Germany apparently had a headstart on this one, so right now it's only available in German. We'll update once the English demo arrives. A hotseat session is said to be featured. Playtime and the weapon arsenal are limited though. Grab ze German demo (57 MB) here.

BF 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

Join the army, meet interesting people, kill them.In the first of what we hope to be many Alien13z has sent in a review of the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. Is it worth the $29.99 asking price? Alien13z has got you covered with the Good, Bad and the Ugly of EA's latest.

Youth of America NOT Corrupted

According to this article, over 70% of teenage boys have played Grand Theft Auto 3. The article also states that the likelyhood of that boy being in a fight is twice that of a boy who hasn't played GTA3. What's amazing is that the article doesn't conclude that GTA3 is the devil and says the data can't prove any correlation between the two.

Breed Delayed

... once again. CDV posted an update on the development status of Brat Designs' Breed. The release of the FPS was delayed again due to final optimization of the multiplayer mode. The game is now expected to ship some time in November. A new singleplayer as well as a multiplayer demo are expected to show up as well.Breed happens to be a prime example of bad time and resource management.

Riftrunner Q&A

I noticed over at RPGDot that there's an RPGRadar interview with Swen Vincke of the Larian Studios as he talks about Riftrunner. As previously mentioned already, the game is not the direct sequel to their little RPG gem Divine Divinity, but he explains how it actually fits in the setting.What Riftrunner does is fill in the gap between Divinity 1 and Divinity 2.

This Baldur's Gate 2 Game is Pretty Good

So ever since I started reading gaming forums regularly, Baldur's Gate 2 has been one of those games against which all other similar games are judged. It constantly shows up in gamers' top 5 lists and every review I've read about it has been absolutely glowing. So well over a year ago I began to keep an eye on it in the stores.

Galactic Civilizations Grows

As noted at several places already, Stardock is going to release the free add-on to their Galactic Civilizations today. A nice move, isn't it? GalCiv was one of the titles I skipped due to time constraints when it came out.