Xbox Live Price List

MS has sent out the final price list for the Xbox Live service. Here's how things will work:Xbox Live one year renewal/subscription $49.99 Xbox Live monthly rate $5.99 Xbox Live Voice Communicator $29.99Xbox Live Starter Kit $69.99You will be able to renew your Xbox Live subscription online or by purchasing a subscription card at your local geek shop.
According to this Gamespy Daily article, French publisher Infogrames has taken the name of a defunct corporation to reconstruct its own image.  Realizing that pretty much everyone misspelled their former name which has a pointless 'r' thrown in as if at random, the decision was made to rename Inrfrogrramrersrr to Atari, a name some analysts suggest they may have actually purchsed with be

EA's E3

Electronic Arts has issued a press release [Word .doc] detailing it's lineup for this year's E3. Big news is that between EA Sports and EA Big, there will be ten games that feature online play for the PS2. Click on in to see the list of games being shown.
The headline read 'Microsoft, Best Buy Accused of Net Scam', but it might as well have read 'Lazy Cashier Pisses Off Litigious Man'.  In what seems be a good example of cashing in, Los Angeles resident Samuel Kim is suing Best Buy and Microsoft for charging his credit card without his authorization for an MSN promotional service.  Now, in a different context I'm all for br
Bethesda was kind enough to send along some screenshots of their upcoming Call of Cthulu.  The first 2 are from the PC version, the last from the Xbox.:Read more for the rest!

Call of Cthulu Finds a Publisher

Penny Arcade and HomeLan Fed both mentioned that Call of Cthulu - Dark Corners of the Earth has found itself a publisher. Bethesda Softworks will be bringing this to your PC. Don't be surprised if you don't remember much about this game. It was originally announced in April of 2001 for a Q1 2002 release. H.P.
Sorry, the title wasn't quite long enough yet. The last in the series of free Animatrix movies, this is the second part of the previously released Second Ranaissance. It comes in three flavors of the Quicktime format. Head over here to check it out.The Animatrix DVD should be out June 3rd!
Nintendo has added five more games to their Player's Choice discount series, according to PGC. Now you can pick up the following games for $29.99.Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue LeaderAgent Under FireSpider-ManSonic Adventure 2 BattleResident EvilNot a whole lot there that appeals to me that I don't already have, but I'm a huge fan of discounting older titles.
I'm always on the lookout for games people can play while they toil under the harsh fluorescents of reality. Popcap has a great web-based title called "Bookworm" and it's kind of like a one man scrabble. I gave the link to hoochie and lost her for at over an hour while she stared at the screen and mumbled to herself. Obviously I need to think these things through a bit more.

Infogrames Changing Name?

One of the world's most misspelled and mispronounced publishers appears to be changing their name. VE3D is reporting Infogrames (not Infogames) may be moving over completely to the Atari name. They have already been using the Atari name for business here in America. It was pretty cool to see the Atari splash screen in Neverwinter Nights (the first time).