Something With Pizazz

Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive have been in the news again defending their games. I only hope they aren't surprised each time someone files a lawsuit against them. If you're going to create a controversial game, you're going to have to face some consequences.

A Cold Day in Hell

Rainbow Six 3 (Xbox)

If you are a terror to many, then beware of many.The Rainbow Six franchise has had a long and distinguished run on the PC. It seems like just yesterday that I moved into the big city and picked up the original game along with Tom ClancyÂ's book.

Gaming in the Real World Part 2

Gaming in the Real World continues as we ask level designer Sam Bass (Medal of Honor: Rising Sun) how he deals with the social scene as a game developer. We are still short one tar and/or feathering but I'll cling to hope for a while longer yet. Maybe we need to send John Carmack into a PTA meeting or something.Anyways, read on for Sam's reply!

Railroad Tycoon 3

Thy piercing, madly-whistled laughter! Thy echoes, rumbling like an earthquake, rousing all!If we can assume there is a traditional video game, usually one filled with wild explosions of color, and probably robots of some kind, then Railroad Tycoon III can pretty well be called non-traditional.

Violence in Games

Hooray, it's that topic again. However, the following feature put up recently takes a closer look at the 'phenomenon' than your average CNN/Reuters/whatever story. The first part - the Early Medium - briefly covers the history of violence in videogames in the context of technological evolution.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Inside Every Living Person Is a Dead Person Waiting to Get OutBecause weÂ're Â"Gamers With JobsÂ" one might assume that a few of us are also Â"Gamers With ChildrenÂ" although imagining some of you raising kids really puts a strain on my sanity.

November 10th- 16th

I think I'm just going to curl up in a corner and whimper for a while, the release list this week is huge. There are a few must-haves in there too which makes things that much more difficult. Which do you buy? Which game gets left cold on the shelf, softly calling your name?

The World of Pirates Grows

More than six months ago I had the pleasure to chat with one of the guys behind World of Pirates. The MMOP! (Massively Multiplayer Online Pirates!), which also features city management aspects, is currently being beta-tested and it's interesting to see how things have developed since then. An update mentions some news on the latest build.

You Complete Me

So I'm not going to pepper you all with excuses. This has simply been one of those weeks. It hasn't been a bad week, necessarily, but it's been a busy one. I never used to let work or my personal affairs get in the way of my gaming. Perhaps that explains my vacuous love life in high school. Well, since you guys are funnier than I am anyway, you can have your chance to shine today.