CNN Technology took a closer look at Infinium Labs' mysterious console system and also got ahold of David Frederick, chief marketing officer at the company. Frederick commented on the key concept behind the system and certain rumours.Read more for the full article!

Daily Elysium: Fun Games Dead Ahead

Just a short note today:There are two important things you should do when you run a gaming website.  One is that you should keep that site updated regularly with fantabulous content that the world is dying to read.  The other is you should play games.  Lots of games.  Striking a delicate balance between those two is often a difficult procedure ...

The Getaway Fan Luv'

I recently stumbled over this tidbit at The Register, which points at The Real Getaway Tour. Armed with an umbrella, fans of Sony/Soho's Playstation 2 title The Getwaway visited various locations in London, 'replaying' the game missions. Competitors are expected to show up once True Crime: Streets of L.A. hits the store shelves.

Daily Elysium: Don't Feed the Cynic

People say to me all the time, "you must be some kind of joyless shell; a soulless form treading forever bitter the banality of this tired earthen firmament, doomed to languish in your own well cultivated scorn for the great multitude of people and ideas which you've placed far below your vaulted pedestal of pedantic musing."  Well, duh!Listen, there's no smooth way to put this
As promised, here is the second part of our Games Convention '03 feature. The first part covered games such as Deus Ex 2, Geist and Beyond Good & Evil. Now I'll take a look at titles like Mario Kart Double Dash, Spellforce, Söldner, Thief III and UFO: Aftermath among others. Read on if you want to know more about them, the official GC Award winners and some show stats.

Homeworld 2 Goes Gold

Vivendi announced that Homeworld 2 has finally gone gold according to Bluesnews. Release date: September 16th. The statement also contains some information on a pre-order deal the collectors among you might want to take advantage of:To guarantee a copy of Homeworld 2 on release day, gamers can reserve a copy through their local retail store or online site.

August 25th - 31st

What a huge week for games! With the long awaited release of Soul Calibur II and the even longer awaited Republic: The Revolution things are looking good. Aside from those two we have some football games, some action and even an adventure title mixed in for fun. We are now entering September which means the holiday stretch looms ahead.
The Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany is a relatively young event having launched for the first time in 2002. It is more consumer-oriented than E³ and ECTS, which are more or less business and press shows. While I hadn't attended the first GC due to difficult circumstances, I teamed up with some friends and headed off to Leipzig this year.

Surprise, surprise: Ultima X

It has been heavily rumored for quite a while now that Electronic Arts might remember that they own the licence to one of the oldest CRPG series ever made. Yesterday they officially announced the next game in the Ultima series, Ultima X: Odyssey. I noticed over at RPGDot that HomeLAN and GameSpyDaily posted some impressions and screenshots of the game.

Big Head Mode

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven's Shield is the first tactical shooter I've ever really played. As a matter of fact, it's pretty much the first game I've played that's even remotely attempted to be realistic. Most of the games I play are on the level of realism similar to, say, Diddy Kong Racing or Spyro the Dragon.