Half-Life 2 Scans

As expected people are receiving their PC Gamer magazines and the scans are rolling in! If you want a look at Valve's first new game since Half-Life be sure to check these scans out. A few stand out tidbits of info are presented as well.
In a move that can best be characterized as "about time", Patrick Stewart told the web site Cinema Confidential that he won't be playing Captain Jean Luc Picard again.  This should come as a terrible and crushing shock to the few dozen people left whose exposure to recent Star Trek enterprises [sic] hasn't left them disenchanted and possibly despondent.  To everyone else, possi

Rise of Nations Gold

GameSpyDaily mentioned today that Rise of Nations has gone gold. Certis and Elysium had some stability issues with the last build they played with, but a few months have gone by so hopefully that's been cleaned up. We'll find out when it hits the shelves on May 20.

Getaway to the Movie Theater

While wading through my morning news I noticed that Sony Computer Entertainment America is currently in negotiations with Sony Pictures for a film adaptation of The Getaway. Do they really need to negotiate when they're part of the same company? Anyhow the film is expected to be released under Screen Gems which was responsible for the Resident Evil movie.


ROOWWWARRGH! Sorry, the new Hulk trailer kind of got me worked up there. It looks far better than earlier footage would lead you to believe and Hulk himself looks great. Don't take my word for it (since the latest tests would indicate that my words can cause cancer) check out the trailer and see for yourself.Coming to theatres June 20th!
Do you trust Shacknews?  If you do, and you've any interest in the continuing adventures of gun-toting nerdy scientitsts then you'll be interested to know that Steve Gibson over at Shack is reporting the following very short and very specific statement from Valve.Half-Life 2 will be shown at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.[edit: several other major gaming sites are report


Ok, there are a few games coming out this week but none worth lighting yourself on fire for. Things are a bit more interesting on the DVD front with the Batman Animated Series hitting shelves along with Chow Yun-Fat's Once a Thief. Follow me children, I have something to show you..
So, by now you've probably heard that Sony Online Entertainment, formerly Verant of Everquest fame, is making a Massively Multiplayer Online Star Wars game.  If you haven't then remember: You heard it here first!  Well, if you just found out, then you'll also be happy to find out that the game looks to be closing in on release, which is a pretty good deal for you as we've all b

Activision Announces X-Men: Legends

Voodoo Extreme was kind enough to point me to this press release by Activision announcing X-Men: Legends. The press release, as most press releases are, is a little light on the details. However, it does come with an excellent pedigree, having been developed by Raven Software. It's coming 2004 for Xbox, PS2, and GameCube.
Says Florida attorney Jack Thompson in this CNN/Money article of the Washington State Senate 47 to 7 decision to support a bill that bans the sale of violent video games to minors, "Today the good guys won one."  Putting video games up yet again as a defacto cause of violence in society, the State of Washington is expected to institute a $500 fine per offence for the sale to minors of vi