Far Cry Demo Impressions

Ever since participating in the Far Cry multiplayer beta I've been desperate to see if the single player portion of the game could match the multiplayer's potential. I'm pleased to report that the single player demo has been released today and it locks Far Cry in as a must have for me. It's worth the time and effort to download the huge 496 meg demo.

Nintendo Fears Gamers Won't Get It: Probably Right

IGN is reporting that Nintendo's big unveiling at this year's E3 will be a freak of nature judging by the description offered o­n the site.The company's mystery machine is in fact a dual-screened portable game device that is entirely separate from both the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance. It will be marketed completely free of its sister hardware.

Jan 19th - 25th

There isn't a ton happening o­n the games front this week with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II out of the gate and a few other console titles worth noting. The big story is the release of Silent Storm, a turn-based World War II strategy game along the lines of Jagged Alliance and X-com but in 3D.

A Eulogy for Black Isle's Tragic End

If there's a cautionary tale of late, the kind of story parents tell their children so they won't grow up to be game designers, it's the saga of Black Isle Studios. With no shortage of blame to be turned on Interplay's legendary mismanagement, the lamentations of BIS have been lavishly wept across the gaming spectrum and mostly deserved.

Make a Stupid Comment? Take it Back!

Okay Boys and Girls, it's time for another round of site updates. You should all notice some shiny new buttons to click on in the comments. That's right, you can all stop cursing my name behind my back, you can now edit comments.

Now I'll Try Without Losing Any Guys

If I wrote down, end to end, all the games I've never finished...you'd probably remark at my terribly inefficient use of paper. You might also notice that nearly every game I've owned is o­n that list. I'm just not a finisher.

Haiku Contest Winners!

After some serious voting by the judges and then re-voting to figure out who got third place we finally nailed down our contest winners! Our judges were Hoochie, Sway, Elysium, Pyro and Spunior while I compiled all of the entries and took care of vote counts. The haiku's were all listed in their groups of two but unlabeled so the judges did not know who wrote what exactly.

On This Date in 2003... (A Farce)

A surprisingly auspicious day has come, specifically the o­ne year anniversary of Gamers With Jobs. GWJ officially launched January 15, 2003 with as equally little fanfare as content.

Console Predictions 2004!

Picking the winner of the Super bowl? Easy. Guessing when Elysium will break down and buy a game he'll never play? Child's play. Predicting the shape of future consoles before this year's E3? Maybe a little tougher if you ask me, but that's all part of the fun.

Child Labour in the Gaming Industry?

It may sound more like a conspiracy theory than any concrete accusation, but I believe the gaming industry must be running a camp filled with US children (10-14 years old) somewhere in the South-American jungle, and sourcing them for new input.  It's the o­nly explanation for what often passes as content these days.