Daily Elysium: Gamers With Kids

It's a bit difficult to achieve the Gold Standard; causing thirty-five million dollars worth of damage from a high-speed, nitrous powered, head on collision at a busy intersection is not an easy goal, though it is certainly worthwhile.  I mean, sure the mini-vans are nice to use as a launching point, but it's critical to get one semi to jack-knife into another and roll the passing bus. 

Savage ships with Linux client

Well, before I was interested, now I'm down right intrigued. Savage from S2 Games is a game where you play a RTS from a first person perspective. One of the things that make this title unique in my mind is the inclusion of multiplayer mode, where all the units are actual human players, much like Natural Selection.

Are You Pro or Anti Aliasing?

Let's see. What can I say about today's comic? Not a whole lot, really. I originally wanted to use the term "hardcore gamer" in it, but I'm not even sure I know what that means anymore. When traditional media begins to use it, it quickly loses its luster.


Deep down in every man, woman and child is a desire to hoard as many toys as possible. Oh you can deny it and proclaim youself above such things but I challange you to refuse if someone offers you a line-up of Homestar Runner figurines!Yes, for the low low price of $30 US you too can have the Homestar gang on your desk in their two inch glory!

You Should Be Playing: Port Royale

You'd think with all the time I've been spending of late bathing in my bacta baths of Star Wars goodness (and adequateness), I'd have no time to play anything else.  More importantly I'd have no interest in playing anything else.  Well, I'd have thought the same thing, and yet, there's one game that keeps calling to me even through my aching desires to blast things wi
Listen, baby. You and me, we had some good times. It was a good run, and you showed me the world. Hell, you showed me several worlds, and baby, they were beautiful, but you know things change. IÂ've changed, and I donÂ't know maybe youÂ've changed a little.

Music Watch: Sam Roberts

When I poke through my music collection there's always a few albums I go to when I just can't pick something to listen to. In the past it's been Dave Matthews & Tim Reynold's excellent live accoustic album or the Canadian favorite The Tragically Hip among others.
Buried underneath an airport in East Berlin, terror awaits. Actually bombs await, lots of them. Fully armed, fueled and ready to go Nazi bomber planes are believed to be stored in the Nazi underground bunkers beneath an airport in East Berlin.
For those of you who don't know, the SEC is a Wall Street watchdog that investigates compaines on the stock market who may be breaking the law. In this case they have requested information from Acclaim, Activision and THQ as part of what looks to be an industry-wide investigation.

The Week Ahead

Monday already? The last thing I remember was getting Knights of the Old Republic on Thursday and playing until 3 AM. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I did the same thing Friday, Saturday and Sunday too. Not since Everquest has a game so utterly destroyed my inner-clock. The good news is that eventually it will end and I can get back to normal.