Â"I play the hand that was dealt. And then I cheat.Â" -Riddick Reaper has sent in an awesome review of the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. As he mentioned in the article, keep in mind that the screenshots shown are from the official site, the actual game is way more jaggy than shown here. Big thanks to Reaper for sending in the piece, let's get to it!

June 7th to 13th

Happy Monday boys and girls. I hope your weekend was as restful and full of gaming as mine was. On Friday Sway and I put over fours hours into Full Spectrum Warrior and learned the true meaning of team work... and dying. On Saturday I picked up Riddick which turned out to be an excellent game with a good amount of variety.

Rated D For "Don't Let Mom Hear"

Warning: Today's comic features harsh language and adult situations that may be unsuitable for more refined gamers. If I had actually read the manual for Full Spectrum Warrior before I played it, I would have noticed that it had a glossary of terms in the back.

Rock and a Hard Place

I have just found a great discovery which I couldn't wait to tell you about. No, it's not hair from a spray can, though I did think of that first. I'll get you yet Popeil. After many months of toiling in the Pyro Cave, which is similar to but legally distinct from the Bat Cave, I have brought you the greatest discovery every wrought by the mind of man.

World of Warcraft Diary 2

Would it surprise you to know IÂ've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft?  No, I thought not.  Given twenty minutes of free time, you can pretty much bank on my having logged into Azeroth to complete some leg of a quest, work up a few points in a tradeskill, explore a new town, or even just kill some wandering baddies for the sheer joy of it.  What IÂ'll be curious to see i

XSN - "I coulda been a contender!"

As I mentioned in my recent faceoff between Rallisport Challenge 2 and Colin McRae Rally 04, Xbox Live seems to be really hitting its stride in admirable fashion with an increasing selection of highly engaging titles available with variable degrees of support.

May 31st - June 4

Here's something most of you don't know.  There's this big secret forum only for cool people that most of you can't even see!  We spend most of the time arguing over which of you we'd most like to hit with sticks, but occasionally we even get work done there.  I only mention this forum because it's where Certis called me useless to try and goad me into doing

World of Warcraft Diary 1

Like most of you, IÂ've read a lot about World of Warcraft since the beta began, and frankly itÂ's all kind of a blur.  While I appreciate the host of previews available, and that Blizzard isnÂ't holding testers under a NDA, I donÂ't think IÂ've ever gotten a good feel for what itÂ's like to actually play the game.  These previews are usually overflowing w

420 Points! w00t!

Seriously, guys, I do not need to know, nor do I care, that you are so wasted. I'm cool with whatever you want to ingest to enhance your gaming experience, but just keep me out of it. I don't know which of Microsoft's advertising campaigns seriously appealed to the herbal crowd, but I've been stunned at the sheer volume of stoners I've encountered on Xbox Live.

Conference Call - Gish

"Indescribable... Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop It!" When I saw the first screenshots and the trailer of Gish I knew I had to obtain some more information on the title. When I tested the demo I knew I had to get the full game. A platform game developed by the makers of my beloved Bridge Builder series?