Sept 13th - 19th

Put down your pitch forks and douse your torches, The Sims 2 is the Game of the Week and youÂ're just going to have to deal with it. Thanks to positive views at E3 and very encouraging early reviews Maxis managed to edge Fable out of the top spot.

Back By Personal Demand

Due to the overwhelming number of requests I made to myself, I have brought back two beloved characters for another performance. My Game Cube (aka GCN) hasn't seen much use lately. I poured about 40 or 50 hours into Tales of Symphonia before the siren song of NFL 2K5 lured me back to my X. It's not even like I have to unhook one console to play the other, either.


Roxanne, you don't have to wear that dress tonight.. The above ad (taken from Femme Fatales) wraps up the Sudeki experience so well I'm tempted to just leave it at that. Unfortunately that's not going to be good enough for you people. Oh no, you've come to expect "reasons" and "explanations" before you're satisfied.

Ones and Zeroes -- A Milestone

This is a notable entry in the growing GWJ canon, particularly for those of you who, like myself, enjoy pointless milestones.  This marks both the one thousandth front page post at GWJ, and also the hundredth Maximum Verbosity/Daily Elysium.  GWJ opened its game loving arms to the world on January 15th 2003 with the triumphant Maximum Verbosity article Welcome to Gamers With Jobs.  Loo

Sept 6th - 12th

ThereÂ's been a lot of good buzz following Burnout 3: Takedown to the shelves. Published by EA after running away from the now defunct Acclaim, itÂ's looking to be an excellent jump for the series.

C'mon, Baby, I Need to Breed

I'm not sure whether I'm teasing gamers, mutants, or the designers of console controllers in this comic. I don't harbor any ill feelings toward any of them. Perhaps it's more of a celebration of all three. Yeah, that's it. It's a Labor Day (Labour Day for our Canadian friends) celebration of interactive entertainment, Darwinian genetics, and industrial design!

The Missing Diplomat

Once again my addic - *cough* hobby has spawned a work of fiction.   Ronsy's a bit older now, a bit wiser, and a lot more dangerous.  This is based on, but not intended to accurately represent, my questing experiences in the World of Warcraft Beta. Enjoy!

Gamer With Job

I have nothing to say about video games here.  Today is a hard day for me.  It is my last day as a stay-at-home dad.  When IÂ've talked on this topic in the past IÂ've tried to have something clever to say, or some anecdote to make, or at least tied my thoughts awkwardly into the illusion of a general point.  IÂ'm not so sure IÂ've got that this time.  In th

August 30th - September 5th

Pardon the late start this week, I was wrapped up in the Tribes: Vengeance beta until about 10PM and then Reaper demanded I join them for a little Joint Ops action which ended up going until after 1AM. We had a great time with some of the Tactical Gamers folks and totally dominated the maps we played.

They Had that Horny Squirrel, Right?

I'm posting my special Back-to-School edition of Infinite Lives so you can check it out, now that the server's back up. I'll comment on it a bit later.