Underground Adventures of 2003

Quite alive for a dead genre: the AdventureGamers posted their Underground Awards, taking a closer look at and awarding the best amateur adventures released in the past 12 months in categories such as story, writing and graphics among others. While they may not look as polished as Broken Sword 3, they definitely provide enough entertainment for puzzle fans.

War Revisited

Smart money suggests that the next cycle of console systems are just around the corner, and that impending unveilings are mere months away. With the most recent battles of the console wars still fresh in gamer minds, and no clear successor to SonyÂ's loftily perched throne decided, the reinvigorated war is destined to be every bit as bloody as before.

Rat Boy

The first user to reach 1000 posts was our very own Lord of the Rats and it's quite possible he still holds the lead for most posts in the forums. Just who is this Rat with all the spare time?Look out ladies, he's single! Ok, so that's not an actual picture of Rat Boy but I had to take a stab at it.

Feb 23 - 29th

It looks like Elysium went ahead and posted his precious article before I could get The Week Ahead up to kick off the week. Once you're done checking out the (sparse) list for this week make sure you scroll down and read Elysium's latest. I think he talks about how gaming affects his relationship with his cat or something.

The Good, The Bad, and The Pointless

Occasionally I like to write meaningful articles that look at some aspect of gaming or its culture, and make a cogent point from a hopefully unique perspective. This is not one of those articles. This is a pointless excuse to talk about something so passé, blasé, and cliché that one must use words of French derivation to simply state how annoying a piece it is.
Yesterday news broke of Infinium Labs, the company behind the Phantom console, seeking legal action against HardOCP for defamation. To quote Infinium PR, HardOCP was "one of the original sites to have spread misinformation" about the Phantom console.

I Should Probably Leave for Work Soon

I wanted to take a moment to thank Mex and Gaald for absolutely abusing me in Dramatic Marlin's server last night. I saw a lot of familiar names wander in and out, but it was the unfortunate timing of Mex and Gaald's appearance with the rotation of maps to team deathmatch that left the biggest impression. What country do you guys live in again? Was it South Killswayica?

Preview: The Fall - The Last Days of Gaia

It was a rainy Friday afternoon in Germany, the perfect time to take a look at some upcoming games. I decided to visit Silver Style Entertainment since they are located at a nice, calm spot in the northern part of my beloved home town of Berlin. Actually, I guess I got on their nerves long enough to get an invitation to check out a development snapshot.


Gameguru is one of the more interesting members of the GWJ community with his shady and mysterious "insider knowledge" and dire predictions of the downfall of gaming. When not stirring discussion in the forums and saving us all he seems to be on the prowl for the "next big thing" in technology and gaming.

Sacred Demo Impressions

It's not often that we do demo impressions here at Gamers With Jobs since everyone tends to download these games on their own and they can see for themselves how good they may be. Take the Unreal Tournement 2004 demo for example, it would be redudant since anyone remotely interested in the game has already played it.