Doom 3 & Bits

GameArena features an interview with Tim Willits and Todd Hollenshead on - who would have guessed it - Doom 3. They've answered a number of questions, also talking about the mod aspect of the anticipated FPS as well as the multiplayer mode.

Alone In The Dark Movie Video

Ze Gamestar crew points out that there is a promotion video of the 'Alone in the Dark' motion picture is available at The 11 MB download hints at a standard horror thriller inspired by 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

Etherlords II Demo

Most of you are probably trying out the Call of Duty demo right now. I, however, downloaded the Etherlords II trial, which was released about two days ago. The same day the game went gold. The title was developed by the Russian team Nival Interactive, also responsible for the WWII-tactics game Silent Storm and the RTS title Blitzkrieg.

Site Issues 2.0

Aside from Â"˜The Week AheadÂ' IÂ'm happy to report that my only other content this week will be to say that the site is experiencing some technical difficulties. So here goes. *Ahem*

World of WarCraft Updates

Blizzard posted some fresh content in the Tauren section of the World of WarCraft website. Some new screenshots, featuring a female Tauren among other things. The Tauren will be one of several playable factions. Blizzard recently also confirmed that Trolls, Gnomes and Undead will be part of the set of races to choose from.

And Add a Funny Caption, Hon!

What's to say, really? The last new game I bought for my Gamecube was Zelda, and I preordered that six months before it was even released. My poor purple box hasn't had much exercise as of late. This week, though, I actually had to choose between games. Soul Calibur II and F-Zero GX both tempted me with their seductive newness.
The Revolution Will Be TelevisedThe Soviet Union has collapsed, and the man who murdered your parents, Vasily Karasov, has risen from his position as head of the Secret Police to claim power in the tumultuous province of Novistrana.
Chronic Logic? Might not immediately ring a bell. However, I am pretty sure that I am not the only person around here addicted to a little game called Bridge Builder that was released about three years ago. Pontifex, the sequel, was released a year later, followed by Pontifex II in 2002.


CNN Technology took a closer look at Infinium Labs' mysterious console system and also got ahold of David Frederick, chief marketing officer at the company. Frederick commented on the key concept behind the system and certain rumours.Read more for the full article!

Daily Elysium: Fun Games Dead Ahead

Just a short note today:There are two important things you should do when you run a gaming website.  One is that you should keep that site updated regularly with fantabulous content that the world is dying to read.  The other is you should play games.  Lots of games.  Striking a delicate balance between those two is often a difficult procedure ...