On my Plate

A big helping of too much is what I have on my plate right now. Damn publishers and their Thanksgiving releases I say, damn them all for not spacing these games out over the spring and summer months when we have room for some excellent games. Mind you, things are pretty good when youÂ're complaining about too many good games coming out all at once.

PlanetSide: Core Combat

Which side? Planetside!One of our resident Planetside junkies and all around good guy Kegboy was kind enough to share his thoughts on the newest (and first) Planetside: Core Combat expansion. Do the new weapons, vehicles, locations and other features spice up the established game? Read on and find out!

More Indy-Mania

Today taking a look at the fan adventure department: a few weeks ago I stumbled over the freeware adventure project Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth.

Zodiac Now Shipping

In order to move that Oprah abomination off the page I thought I'd throw up a little post about the Tapwave Zodiac which is shipping today. The Tapwave Zodiac is a PDA/Gaming device based on the Palm OS. It's a PDA designed for gaming, not the other way around. It can do email, web, SMS, addresses, music, videos, photos and gaming all on the same device.

Oprah Wants YOU

Yes, you read that correctly. If you're lusting for some TV fame you might want to take a look at this offer which I've spotted at Dungeons&Dreamers. Oprah plans a talk show on the topic of videogame addiction. Has an addiction to video games complicated your life or your child's life? How many hours do you or your child spend each day playing video games?

The Wrong Kind of Difficulty

The alternate title of this article was Â"Japan Enjoys Your PainÂ". That's really what I'm feelin on this side of the pond. After giving up on Viewtiful Joe because of frustration with the save point system and occasionally ridiculous bosses I jumped head first into Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.

Nov 3rd - 9th

We've got a ton of games coming down the pipe this week and considering it's 2AM now I think it's safe to say it took me a while to compile the list. I've added a few screenshots and some extra info you may not know about the upcoming versions of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time so be sure to check inside for those details.

Put Some Pants On At Least

Happy Halloween all of you little heathens! I hope you've all invested some time and, perhaps, money into some sort of scheme to make yourself look like someone / something else. Halloween gives us a chance to live out those cosplay urges without having to forfeit a certain level of social acceptance. I myself have thrown together a serviceable costume at the last minute.

Stunted: A TrackMania Interview

The stunt racing genre has been 'asleep' for quite a while. Twelve years after games such as Stunt Driver, 4D Sports Driving and Stunt Car Racer the niche is slowly becoming popular again. Infogrames released Stuntman not too long ago and Moon Byte and Bugbear are working on Crashday and Flat-Out respectively.

Daily Elysium: That Other Guy Returns

Well, itÂ's been an eventful month as I've tackled the Herculean task of daily changing a metric ton of diapers, but now itÂ's time to get back down to the business of tossing about my unsolicited opinion across the ever prestigious internet.  Inspired by my son's innate ability to deliver mustardy crap like some scatological savant, I've decided to do practically the sa