Microsoft Dandles ATI on Lap

After a long and drawn out quarrel between Nvidia and Microsoft ATI has stepped in to make the graphics chip for the next Xbox system. With back slapping all around, both companies agree that ATI is the greatest video card company ever.Â"Microsoft shares our passion for cutting-edge innovation,Â" said K. Y. Ho, chairman and chief executive officer, ATI Technologies Inc.

NCAA Football 2004 (Xbox)

With NCAA Football 2004, EA Sports returns to its accomplished franchise and puts players back onto the gridiron of over 160 college football teams.  Including the usual set of game tweaks and subtle additions, NCAA 2004 is an improvement built off a solid foundation rather than a significant departure.  Similar in many ways to last year's solid effort, NCAA 2004 is both helped and handicappe

Daily Elysium: The Score

Unburdened by such malignities as inimical viruses or even an itchy rash, I'd like to talk for a moment about one of the most common reasons people read game sites: the review.  Of course every reviewer across the pallid landscape of the ever smartly written internet has to undergo extensive training before carefully penning his own gaming critique.  And certainly every review is objectively

The Real Homework

Saying I spent more time playing games than studying in college is like saying I spent more time breathing than performing in the circus. Just for the record I've never actually been in the circus that I know of, though I did wake up in clown makeup once. Dr. James Gee realizes this, the part about the games anyway. He'd better not know anything about the Night of Clown Terror. Dr.
Considering the four client calls I got last night and the three I've gotten this morning I think it's highly possible that every client I have is infected with the sexy new Blaster Worm that's floating around.

August 11 - 17th

Test one two, test. Is this thing on? Good. Hello everyone, we've moved over to the new server last night and hopefully everything is resolving properly for you. If you can see the main page at work but not at home (or vice versa) don't worry about it too much, give it a day and everything should be back to normal!

In a Mall Far Far Away

Are Star Wars fans really so rabid that they need a game based on the license every month or two? I can no longer keep track of all the releases. We saw the swell of gaming media attention over Star Wars Galaxies diminish just in time for Knights of the Old Republic to be released.
A few of you probably noticed that the monthly State of the Site comments I'd done up through about May, quite suddenly, and without any degree of fanfare, disappeared.  You were all obviously very disturbed by this development as absolutely no one had the wherewithal to mention it.  Some might suggest that this lack of response could be tied to a direct lack of enthusiasm, but I know the tru
Nintendo held a press conference today to announce that they're "working on a game that will be totally awesome but that's all we can say" and that they're "totally going to compete with Sony's hand-held and stuff" again without offering any details.

Server Issues and Moves

Some of you may have noticed some slow down and the occasional server outage over the past week or so. We're outgrowing our current server so we will be moving to a new one on Sunday night. Until then all I ask is that you remain calm and stay in your seats, everything is going to be ok.