PAL Realities: Playstation 2 = Computer

Yes, the PS2 indeed is a "computer" - not a breaking sensation at first sight. However, in Europe there's a certain difference between "electronic device that's not a computer" and "computer" since the latter type is duty free in terms of import.

Agents Under Fire

You've probably already read the Washington Times story on a 'game' the CIA plans to use to simulate and understand terrorist activities. The software is supposed to train analysts as they can play through and test scenarios on both sides.
And no, we're not talking about an X-Men based game here.

Get Thee Behind Me, Vile D&D

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, D&D: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of men, but those that be of nerds.And so it was that some twisted string of coincidences has led to my thinking that starting a pen and paper D&D campaign would be a really great idea.

AnandTech Reviews Athlon64

I thought a hardware article would be a nice change of pace today, so I found a review of the Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 FX over at AnandTech. The review goes into detail about AMD's latest processors and then provides benchmarks under 32-bit Windows so we can know what kind of performance to expect.

D&D Heroes [Xbox]

I cast magic missile at the darkness! Fangblackbone was kind enough to do up a full review of D&D Heroes. Inside he tackles the game itself and refutes some complaints found in other reviews on the net. Let's get right to it!

Sept 29th - Oct 5th

Big week ahead for the Gamers With Jobs family! As you read this Elysium may very well be passed out on the floor while Elysia huffs and puffs her way to releasing the first ever little Elysium into the world. In less exciting news Hoochie and I will be moving to our new house on Wednesday (we got delayed this weekend) and getting all unpacked there.

A Crunk TGS Report

Some of you may remember Andrew Vestal, one of the guys who once ran the GIA. He's now living in Japan and recently attended the Tokyo Game Show. While there were also 'Western' games shown, he took a closer look at the 'local' productions and wrote a report for CrunkGames, which might as well be considered as editorial on the state of the Japanese gaming industry.

I Better Get Experience

I think the reward system for my life has been nerfed. I try to get enjoyment out of mowing the lawn or taking out the trash, but I get a little tired of having to do it all over the next week. It's a seriously tedious treadmill that only gets worse the longer I play. I look forward to the time when I hit 65 and can finally...wait a second...I'll bet it's just more of the same.

Tokyo Game Show News

It's Tokyo Game Show time again. A number of new games were announced and/or shown. The guys at Gamefront covered the event, here's a short summary of some major tidbits. Square Enix has unveiled the Front Mission title that was hinted at a while ago. Front Mission Online will be released next year. There apparently will be beta tests in Spring in Japan.