Gordon Gekko, the Half-Elf

A quick check to the top left of the page shows Stan dressed again in his normal attire, and the festive snowflakes that once populated the area where we will eventually put up advertising for our favorite costumed dancing monkeys website now tragically gone.

Gamers With Jobs Haiku Contest!

Welcome to the first ever Gamers With Jobs contest in the shiny new year of 2004! Sitting around the virtual meeting room we discussed the best way to run our first contest and how to make you earn your prizes. You see, we're not satisfied with just throwing fabulous gifts at the community without making you work for them first.

Jan 5th - 11th 2004

Back to work you slugs! Your "Christmas" and "New Years" excuse for lying around and playing games is past. Now the long stretch of toil begins, you must press your enlarged holiday gut against your keyboard tray and type new and exciting memos no o­ne really cares about. You hear that?

Incoming! UFO: Alien Invasion

I saw at over at the GBase that the people behind the fan-made UFO: Alien Invasion have officially opened their website. You might want to take a look at this one if UFO: Aftermath hasn't fully satisfied your X-COM lust. According to the crew their project is not meant to be a remake of or a successor to the X-COM games, but is "heavily inspired" by the Microprose classic.

Yeah, Like This Year Will Be Different

Honestly, I didn't ring in my New Year's o­n Live. I did, however, remain safely inside my house. We've done enough NYE bashes and still get out regularly enough where we don't feel too compelled to do anything notable o­n the 31st.

Sway Speaks - Reader Reviews!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the armchair reviewers out there who are doing their best to help us make educated consumer decisions. Perhaps my favorite reviews are for the games that have yet to actually be released. I thought I'd offer a few of these to you to help distribute the vital information that these gamers felt compelled to share.

Building Your Own Customer Base

After having enjoyed my mini-vacation it's time to step onto that one indie soapbox of mine once again. Greg over at Do-it-Yourself Games finally posted the second part of an editorial written by Dan MacDonald of Rainfall Studios. In the first article he describes a problem many independent developers tend to encounter sooner or later.

The Year Ahead

I hope everyone has enjoyed (or maybe are still enjoying) their holidays. I'm trying to dodge work until the new year but I have a feeling my clients won't cut me much slack if their computers catch fire...

Two Flies Walk Into A Bar

I'm in the decompression phase of my Christmas weekend. My house is a disaster area with boxes and candy wrappers strewn about. I've cleared the necessary path between my chair in front of my television and my kitchen. Other than that, I don't know that I can see the carpet. I found Links 2004 under my tree and have spent the past day realizing how little I know about golf.

Ahanix Dbox Case

I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say several of our readers here have jobs. To further display my psychic prowess, I'm going to speculate that several people who read our site are either married or living with someone of the fairer sex. I'm sure it's a great arrangement compared to the bachelor life.