E3 Happenings

As we get within a few weeks of E3 news is starting to pick up! Vivendi has released a big list of games we can expect to see from them at this year's E3. Among them are a new Buffy: The vampire Slayer title, Battlestar Galactica, The Hobbit, Futurerama and many more.

Crystal Swords Are Adorable

So we're playing Diablo...again. I've lost count of how many times I've gotten hooked on this game. The gameplay has almost become a parody of itself at this point. It's like Whack-A-Mole with power ups. Storyline? Maybe there was a storyline the first time I played. Now I click on and click off the NPCs just to advance to the next quest. The cutscenes just slow me down.

Tribes With A Vengeance Announced

Not to be outdone by the PlanetSide announcement, Sierra has announced the development of Tribes With a Vengeance. Some of you may have played a little game called System Shock 2. Well, according to the press release, this latest installment of the Tribes franchise will be developed by the same company, Irrational Games.
Looks like you'll be able to get your first The Two Towers fix on August 26 followed by your extended The Two Towers fix on November 18. I've culled this valuable information from a Slashdot post with a typo and some astute readers's corrections.

Go PlanetSide on May 19

The e-mail I just received from The Station warns me that PlanetSide is shipping May 19. Yes, this is the Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter Where You Can Even Fly Around In Ships Planetside we have seen screenshots of since time began. I have faith that The Station folks know how to do the MMO part.
In the beta Eve Online seemed to break the new mold of giving players a quick pay off to level up and get to the Â"good stuffÂ" sooner. Instead, you mine asteroids as you read a book, watch TV or maybe raise your children in the background.
I noticed over at EA that Gamefront.de has some nice new shots of Mario Kart Double Dash for the Nintendo Gamecube. It would appear that each Kart holds not one but two characters who I assume you can swap on the fly. It's certainly an interesting twist on the genre.Mario Kart makes me very happy, I can't begin to count the hours spent on the previous two versions.

Half-Life 2 Scans

As expected people are receiving their PC Gamer magazines and the scans are rolling in! If you want a look at Valve's first new game since Half-Life be sure to check these scans out. A few stand out tidbits of info are presented as well.
In a move that can best be characterized as "about time", Patrick Stewart told the web site Cinema Confidential that he won't be playing Captain Jean Luc Picard again.  This should come as a terrible and crushing shock to the few dozen people left whose exposure to recent Star Trek enterprises [sic] hasn't left them disenchanted and possibly despondent.  To everyone else, possi

Rise of Nations Gold

GameSpyDaily mentioned today that Rise of Nations has gone gold. Certis and Elysium had some stability issues with the last build they played with, but a few months have gone by so hopefully that's been cleaned up. We'll find out when it hits the shelves on May 20.