Special Guest Edition

Proving that I shouldn't have explained the concept of delegating authority, Certis has put me in charge of enlightening you on this week's upcoming releases.  Having been instructed not to take this as an opportunity to spout polysyllabic words, and just, as they say in the vernacular, 'get down to business', I'm taking a put up and shut up approach.  So, read on for this
I'm not sure we've ever mentioned the expansion pack to Neverwinter Nights around here but I'm pleased to say that it has gone gold and should be out in a few weeks! I know many of you had issues with it but hoochie and I had a ton of fun playing together over the LAN and I'm sure this will be a welcome addition.
Good narration is vastly under appreciated in today's games. With a good voiceover any plot can seem more exciting and interesting as you play the game. On the other hand, bad narration can kill a story if it's hammed up too much by an actor who doesn't care.
I check Ain't it Cool News almost everyday.  You could ask me why, and I don't know that I'd have a good answer for you.  Honestly, most of it is just nonsense, a mish-mash of blaring headlines and awkward rants that makes me slightly embarrassed to have read it.  I guess I always felt like there was an undercurrent of insight there, a hidden spring of intelligence that occasionally

The Wavebear

Howdy folks! The comic today may or may not speak for itself. See, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, said recently that "we will do it our way". I believe he was talking about their approach to online gaming at the time, but hasn't Nintendo been doing it their way right into third place in the console market?
Speaking of companies almost irrelevant to gamers everywhere, 3DO has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy and allegedly let go of most of their staff. After pissing on the Heroes of Might series and chasing it down with way too many Army Men games it looks like reality has finally snuck up on Trip Hawkins and bit him in the ass.
For those of you as interested in the process of game development as you are the end result, post mortems have probably become required reading.  A fascinating way for developers to share their thoughts on projects they've spent years on, a forum for sharing game design dos and donts, and very often a well deserved opportunity for a designer to refute or accept criticism, most post mortems ar

The News Jumble

There are a few things I want to report today so rather than make a seperate post for each I'll just put them all here in one easy to swallow format. Over at EA Pureboy has written a Wario Ware Review (GBA) and he's also done a nice little write-up on "Opening the Xbox", a book about the conception of the console.
Here is a nice word: free.  Here's another pretty good hyphenated word: stand-alone.  When I come across quality games that are both free, and stand-alone I'm pretty impressed, and while there isn't much I can do to thank the people who provide such entertainment, at least I can tell you guys about it.  Thus, the multiplayer component of what was meant to be a an expansion for Retur
I wish I had thought of this while I was in college in desperate need of a research topic. Bruce Woodcock has compiled the number of active subscribers for several major Massively Multiplayer Online Games into a colorful chart. The chart goes from the beginning of The Realm Online, in 1997 until today.