Of T-Shirts, Mugs and Money

We've got some interesting new ideas in the works as we approach our o­ne year anniversary and I think it's time we shared a few of them. The concept of t-shirts and mugs featuring Stan (our mascot up there) has been bounced around for a number of months now but trying to find a way to keep the prices down while running a low number of shirts has been a barrier for us.


Fly High Well, instead of only pointing you at titles you probably haven't heard about before it's about time I finally put up a review of one of them. Consequently I'll start with TrackMania, a game seemingly build for a stunt game fan like your favourite German GWJ staffer. Yesss. On with the show.


The Neoya X2VGA AdapterBack in the day when the Dreamcast was an active console with a bright future ahead of it SEGA released a nice little VGA adapter that actually worked and didn't cost too much money. Those who wanted to could easily plug the system into their monitor and get excellent graphics quality o­ne step up from a regular TV.

Dec 1st - 7th

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving down in the States! Up here in Canada we continued to beaver away at building our igloos for the winter and insuring we have enough whale blubber to last us until spring. After a hype dampening demo, Deus Ex 2 is ready to slink into stores, ashamed of the first impression it made o­n thousands of gamers.

Gametunnel's G.o.t.Y. Nominees

A website putting up 'Game of the Year' nominations - mind-blowing, isn't it? However, while I usually find general G.o.t.Y.

A Worrying Trend

Female RPG characters are obviously becoming poorer and poorer. Already indicated by the majority of the genre representants in the past, the box cover of Ascaron's Diablo-alike Sacred provides another shiny example of this phenomenon. The archeress apparently could only afford a tanga, protectors, a helmet, some 'thing' attached to her back and a bra.

We Come in Peace

I am thankful to be sitting here in my home and uploading this comic today. It means I'm not out with the mass of teeming Americans gnashing their teeth and elbowing others out of their way as they fight to make retail purchases. I'm not saying that I wouldn't mind saving a few bucks and taking advantage of some tremendous deals.

Penny Arcade Needs Your Help

You may have already seen this story elsewhere, but it's important enough to repeat here. Those reprehensible foul-mouthed know-it-alls Tycho and Gabe have initiated a pretty admirable campaign to share some gaming love over the holidays. Penny Arcade is basically holding a toy drive for some kids who really deserve it at Seattle Children's Hospital.

GTA Under Siege

Haitian-Americans are the latest faction to line up in the 'Blame Grand Theft Auto' queue. Two groups recently organized a public protest in New York according to Le Spot. "Grand Theft Auto [Vice City] is a cultural attack on the millions of Haitians living in the United States," said Henry Frank, executive director of the Haitian Centers Council.

Gaming in the Real World Part 3

It's time for another edition of Gaming in the Real World. This is where we ask developers, web writers and regular gamers to talk about their experiences talking to people about what they do for a living or gaming in general. Today Gone Gold's Bill Harris chimes in with his experiences and our own Fangblackbone offers his own story.