There's a number of developers located in my hometown, and one of them happens to be SEK – the Spieleentwicklungskombinat. Which means something along the lines of 'Game Developing Company/Studio', but the charm of the name and its acronym - usually referring to a German special task force - goes lost in translation.

First Impressions: Doom III

I tend to avoid first impressions for several reasons, not the least of which is that I question whether any first impression can be either comprehensive or entirely objective.  Without the entire text as a whole to dissect, itÂ's difficult to create a cohesive series of thoughts.  And yet, occasionally I break my own rule when the moment seems fitting.  In the case here of Doom 3 I

Something old, something new

This week as some of us may know sees the release of arguably the most anticipated game of the millennium thus far, by one of the most respected developers in history. Can't say I'm not tempted. I drove obliquely near a retail establishment that caters to our breed but somehow found that one last shard of restraint that kept me out of further revolving consumer debt.
So you're digging your latest game and it's damn fine. You're all the way into your third level of the night and it's really starting to kick in. That certain feeling we all get every once in a while. That certain buzz, that warm little pool of anticipation that bubbles up in your chest when the game gets good. I mean really good. Forget to go to the bathroom good.

I'm In the Doom For Love, Simply Because It's Nearly

Doom 3 (D3) is about to launch. I've watched anticipation for the game grow on Gamers With Jobs and I've seen it eagerly talked about on other websites.

August 2nd - 8th

Despite the insane and obsessive searches some of us went through it looks like Doom III has still eluded most gamers. Best guess would be Tuesday for most people having a copy of the game in their sweaty paws. You'd never guess what our game of the week is.. On DVD this week we have 13 Going on 30, Hildalgo (Woo!), season one and two of Sliders and more.

Keeping up Appearances

This week is all about appearances; what appeals to you, how you look to other people, and what the hell is Nintendo thinking with a dual screen handheld? Ok, I admit it, IÂ'm stretching here to find a theme. I suppose I couldÂ've been falsely erudite and claimed this weekÂ's theme was the postmodern construction of identity in the technology counter-culture.

I've Got an Audible For You!

As is my custom lately I'm going out of town on Friday. This time, rather than relying upon hotel Internet, which I know doesn't even exist in this universe, I'm just going ahead and posting it tonight. I've been spending a lot of my free time losing on ESPN's NFL 2K5 HTML WYSIWYG FYI etc. In fact, my profile is free for the downloading now if you need a good laugh.

Soooo... Doom III Huh?

I apologize for the lack of content this week, the world has been conspiring against some of us getting any writing done. Karla is hard at work on the next Quest Log and after being out of town two days in a row I'm stuck catching up with a back log of work.

One Big Dial

This may sound strange if you didn't grow up in the rural South, but I love the occasional stroll through a junkyard. It's like time travel really, there's a 50's radio that somebody used to learn how to duck and cover, there's a car from the late 40's that was built like a tank, over there is a 70's lamp that was probably repurposed into a bong.