Before I tell you about this book, I do need to make one small completely unrelated statement.  I have heard Elysia wandering about the house for the past few days muttering angry, often naughty, words to herself.  Despite my better judgement I asked her what was wrong.  It seems that 1) Quark XPress is already - heavy emphasis on the word already - releasing the new version six.  2) That one of h

Transgaming's WineX

Introduction“What's this cheery singing all about?”     Gaming under Linux used to have very few options.  Either someone compiled their game for Linux, most of the time rewriting the underlying code in the process, or you played one of the various free Linux games out there.  Think Solitare or Freecell with uglier graphics and you've got the idea.  A few companies did use the first opti

Happy Canada Day!

Just in case anyone got scared or confused (or both) today's Stan is all about celebrating Canada day in style. Toss in a log cabin, some drunk beavers and a keg of quality beer and you've got yourself one hell of a stereotypical Canadian house party!
I look at the games sitting on my desk, and I canÂ't help but notice that not a single one among the bunch hasnÂ't had some sort of patch released for it. While a few of these patches were mild tweaks that improved stability or even augmented gameplay, a far greater percentage were necessary patches that took a damaged product and attempted to paste it back to functionality.
Eason made a great post last Friday about the current issues he has faced as an early subscriber to Star Wars Galaxies. With his permission I've tossed up his post here along with some extra information and comments he sent in today.If you're interested in some of the trials and tribulations facing a new Galaxies player be sure to read on!


Welcome to the new Week Ahead special edition 2.0. To be perfectly honest I'm tired of slogging through EB's release list and retyping it here for your amusement. Back when we started Elysium and I promised ourselves that if something we were doing started to feel like work we'd drop it.
Over at GameBunker, an editorial asks the question, ROMS: Are they wrong? Or Misunderstood? The article consists of 6 different editors, each with their own viewpoint, discussing the issue in short little editorials.
It's kind of a spectator sport, the launching of a new MMORPG.  You could grab a big tub of popcorn, put your feet up, and watch from afar as servers, developers, and customers all stand briefly to be counted and then topple to the shifting ground flailing about in a desperate wriggle to stand tall again.  It's just not a good MMORPG launch unless a few thousand disillusioned gamers thre
Welcome to Friday, I'm heading out of town for the day but I couldn't resist posting the first Return of the King poster before I go. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has been a wild ride and I can't wait for the final part this winter! Let's just hope Peter Jackson doesn't decide to do some lame prequels in 20 years..

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Introducing designer potions for her. Let's face it, male magic users and female magic users are not the same, despite the similar stats they have in most games. That's why we have developed specially formulated potions that are not only mega powerful, but pH balanced for the fairer sex.I dunno.