Keeping track of every news bit that comes down the pipe from E3 has been crazy go nuts this year! You can be sure that a lot of the better bits will end up in today's E3 odds and ends list.Updated: What the hell is that?As usual, it will be updated throughout the day! If you spot any great stories we missed feel free to email us.
Despite my raging jealousy at anyone who is enjoying E3 in person this year, I've decided to post this link to an excellent write up from forum regular Veloxi from his website Macular Degeneration.  Veloxi spent some time perusing some of the less well travelled, but equally exciting PC games on the show floor.  If you're looking for the voice of a wargamer, a flight sim enthusiast, or t
When Sid Meier shows up and says he's remaking an absolute classic, it at least earns its own mention on the front page. now lists the PS2 and the Xbox at $179.99 US ($249 in Canada) which I'm pretty sure isn't the $50 buck drop we were promised by our retailer buddies. Nintendo has no current plans to drop the price of the Gamecube and it looks like the console bundles are still in full effect.

E3 News and Views

Like many of you I have been exposed to a ton of E3 media coverage. Rather than make a seperate story for each cool item that comes up I'll just put it all in one post and add stories that catch my eye throughout the day.2nd Update added!Read on for all the big news!
We're here at E3 to bring you all the news fit to print.  Of course, by 'we' I mean me, and by 'here at E3' I mean at home in front of my computer.  Here from the show floor I can report that the cat has gotten sick on a sock someone left lying around, and the dishes really need to be done, but soon!  Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, in a magical land with poor air qualit
Nintendo was the last through the gate getting their E3 conference done this afternoon. Gamersfeed (registration required, don't worry, it's quick) updated during the conference giving a running update of the event. Read on for some highlights and Nintendo's plans to take back the night."Mario will never start shooting hookers" - Nintendo Rep on stage.

Sony Announcements

There's an onslaught of information from Sony about a variety of gaming topics.  From exclusives, to bundles, to price drop issues, to handheld devices, Sony's E3 positioning and posturing has begun.  Some of it isn't very surprising, but other bits are ... well, I guess you'll just have to read on to find out.
Along with the news that the Raven Shield patch has been released VE reports that a new expansion pack for the game has been announced.
I really wanted to go to E3 this year. I feel like a small part of me is dying inside for being left on the outside in this, of all, great E3 years. You see, there is a cycle to the trade show, a recursive bell curve that gamers ride like a particularly bland and mildly disturbing roller coaster.