First off, I'd like to say hi, I'm going to be one of the new posters Elysium just mentioned. You can look forward to many more witty and enlightening posts from me, and I'll try to tone down the badass.(please don't click) Now that the awkward introductions are out of the way, lets get to my topic. Gator Software studied by Harvard But wait, theres more!
Normally IÂ'd have worked up my monthly comments last week, but IÂ'm pretty sure that if it didnÂ't have to do with E3, then no one wanted to read it. IÂ'm making the dangerous assumption that you actually want to read this now, but when necessary I can quickly replace reality with fantasy.

Why Are They Riding The Subway?

I don't normally like making comics that are too specific, but of all the sights and sounds we were beamed from E3, one screenshot stood out for me. You know the one I'm talking about. It was a little gem from Doom III. I'm what could be described in classical terms as a wuss. Screenshots are, perhaps, as close as I'll ever get to Doom III.
Originally planned to hit all three platforms, D&D Heroes is now an Xbox exclusive according to Atari. With the look and feel of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance it may be a game to watch for when it's released this October. Check out Gamespot for details.In other news, Nintendo is stupid.
With all the media released at E3 I was afraid the trailer for the spiritual successor for Xcom would be lost in the mix. The official UFO Aftermath site has a 34 meg trailer right here.

Dragon Empires Interview

There's a nice little Q&A over at Action 4 Life with Peter Tyson, the "Community Liaison" for the upcoming MMORPG Dragon Empires. A4L certainly opened with the question on everybody's mind:A4L: With the seeming wide open play that you are incorporating into Dragon Empires, is there a fear that it will all boil down to a "hack and slash" failure?

Enter the Matrix

With E3 behind us now would be a good time to see what's under our noses rather than squinting off into the distance. I've been playing Enter the Matrix for the PC over the past few days and while it's been underwhelming for the most part it has had its bright spots.For example, slow motion kicks to the head are kind of nifty.

Under Construction

Just a quick heads up to you.  We're doing some heavy work behind the scenes, integrating the forums and comments system.  The good news is that it's going well and we have the entire database connected instead of the double registration system where you had to register seperately with the front page and the forums.  The bad news is that we're using the forum database to link it all

Firefly Film?

Fanciful speculation, pipe dream, or a wish answered?  According to Nathan Fillon (Serenity Captain, Mal Reynolds), care of Sci-Fi Wire, there are forces churning behind the veil of Hollywood to try and bring Fox's defunct series to the big screen.  One might ask why a series that fared poorly on television would even be considered for a trip to the silver screen, and, I think, that's pr
Caught this tidbit over at VE3D, and, knowing as I do, that some of our readers are big Diablo 2 fans, I thought I'd pass it on.  According to Blizzard's Bill Roper the Diablo v1.10 patch might be in the immediate future.  In a lengthy and informative interview with Roper said the following:We were trying to get everything done by E3, but we had a couple of bug things, a cou