Dec 15th - 21st

Happy Return of the King week everyone! In two days time we put to rest the Lord of the Rings trilogy and cling to the eventual extended edition as our final taste before everything is wrapped up. It's going to be a happy and sad day for me, these movies began not long after hoochie and I got together and I can safely say we'll be watching them years from now with fond memories.

The Dark Side of Sims Online

And we're not referring to the gameplay here. The Salon put up a nice article ('ad-powered' for non-subscribers) on Professor Peter Ludlow, who has been playing The Sims Online until recently.

Flapping in the Wind

Sometimes you've just got to let it all hang out.Like a fat man in a shirt three sizes too small for him, I publicly offer myself up for ridicule so that you can feel better about yourselves and your place in society. No, I haven't joined the Shriners. I tried to but apparently you have to be an old man with no shame to join so I forwarded them o­n to Elysium.

See That's Interplay Up There And...

Check your facts people! And by "people" I mean "Sway". Due to a total factual inaccuracy, and the fact that I don't have Photoshop here at work, my completed comic will o­nce again have to be postponed.

Deus Ex 2 (PC)

I mean, don't get me wrong. I still got the implants in my head. The C.I.A. is still listening in. It just doesn't bother me anymore.I want to apologize for having this review up so late. Rat Boy was kind enough to write o­ne up for us and I've just been too busy to post it sooner.

Bang the Machine

Well, what could that headline be about? A friendly soul dropped a link to something that might be interesting to those among you who live in or near San Francisco. The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is hosting a "multimedia exhibition" called Bang the Machine: Computer Gaming Art and Artifacts from January 17th through April 4th next year.

The Warm Glowing Warming Glow

I guess first I have to address the new name of this column: Maximum Verbosity. Many thanks, and a copy of Galactic Civilizations, go to forum member One_of_47 for coming up with a name I wish I'd come up with myself. Apparently I spent all my creativity coming up with witty overworded soliloquies. What appealed to me about Maximum Verbosity is how it matches my personality.

A Merry Christmas from Interplay

You've probably already heard it by now: Interplay was worried that some of their employees might not have enough time to spend with their families over the holidays and spontaneously decided to lay off a number of developers. Basically closing down Black Isle Studios and putting an end to the development of the game known under the working title 'Van Buren'.

Dec 8th - 14th

Certis is MIA again saving some orphans in a burning orphanarium so I've been tasked to do The Week Ahead. I personally think he's just being a slacker, I mean it's not like you couldn't type while saving orphans. They're pretty small and malnourished, I bet you could pick em up with one hand.
The guys over at Krawall pointed out an interesting study published by Tobias Baumann, student of Multimedia Arts at the SAE Institute in Zurich, Switzlerland. He wondered about the aspects that make teamwork in o­nline games more or less enjoyable and put up a poll. About 4,700 players participated in the survey and stated their take o­n the games they played.