From the Trenches, EB Changes Employee Policy

The average Electronic Boutique employee takes a lot of crap from the gaming public these days. With return policies down the tubes, pre-order demands on the rise and the constant pressure to sell sell sell it's getting harder for real gamers to stomach working at specialty shops.

Daily Elysium: AFK

I am a man with my hands placed stoicly upon my hips, chest thrust proudly forward, chin held high, and an expression of casual confidence upon my face.  Also I'm standing on a railroad track in front of a charging freight train, that's on fire, with giant metal spikes that will impale my confident form as easily as driving a nail through a stick of hot butter on a warm day.  Or so I som

Half-Life 2 Delayed or Golden?

I bet you haven't read that anywhere else yet. Ahem. Anyway. Shacknews points out that Valve is only as reliable as about 95 percent of the other companies in the software industry. Which means that Half-Life 2 won't be available later this month.

Gamecube Price Drops to $99 Bucks reports that tomorrow Nintendo will officially announce that the Gamecube will be selling for $99 dollars US with one controller and no game. This isn't earth shattering when you consider that until now the console has been going for $150 with a game of your choice.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Port Royale 2 Announced

Ascaron dropped a little note that they today officially announced Port Royale 2. No real surprise since the title was already known to be in the development. However, they also launched a German teaser site, which lists some of the improvements. If the title doesn't ring any bell for you, check out Elysium's impressions of the first part.Read on for a short summary...

Games OK, Rap Baaad

The latest entry in the scapegoat-department happens to be this Australian study. Video games aren't as 'bad' as television thanks to being more "cathartic." People actually can vent frustration when playing a game. Well, that really was an unknown aspect until now.

Sept 22nd - 28th

Loads of games coming out this week as we speed toward the end of the month. It looks like Freedom Fighters may be the surprise hit of the month if Gamespot's latest 9.3 review is anything to go by.

Stuck in a Loop

Today I am going to get Homeworld 2 in the mail, which makes me more excited than it probably has right to - the demo left me downright frothing in anticipation. Along with Homeworld 2 I am also getting Dark Forces 4: Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Outcast 2: Jedi Boogaloo which will hopefully be the new Thursday night favorite around here.

Daily Elysium: The Retail Wars

I'm pretty tired of retailers treating their customers as a burden instead of an asset.  You see it in just about every industry, a general sense that unless the customer conforms precisely to the EZ-Salez script, they should be treated with the exasperated disdain with which one would deal with a colicky child.  We're not just talking about customer service here, a phrase that's be