Day of Defeat Mod v1.0

I hope you've got some bandwith cleared for downloading today, because there's some good data streams coming down the pipe.  To start it off, the popular Half-Life mod Day of Defeat, which will soon see the retail treatment, has released their 1.0 version.  You can find all the tasty details along with a host of mirroring download sites

Operation Rationalize

This is my second comic in my eye-rolling series. I get this reaction a lot at home, because I say stupid stuff. For some reason I feel like I can pretty much say anything about computers and it will be too technical for her. This is an incorrect assumption, because my wife is not dumb.
Games Domain got to look at a few games at a THQ Developer Day. The one that would seem to generate the most interest in this group would have to be Evil Dead: A Fist Full of Boomstick. The game is being developed by VIS and uses a repurposed State of Emergency engine.
Several news sources, including Blues and Homelan, are noting an interesting change to LucasArts' product page for their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.  While once listing the PS2 and the Xbox as platforms for the game, these two platforms have been quietly removed and only the stalwart PC remains.  There are a variety of conclusions to leap to, not the least of which is that development
How long ago was 1998? Well, the obvious answer is about five years - and thanks very much, Captain Math, for calculating that out for me - but I'm going for some kind of context here. So, letÂ's put it this way: 1998 was the year that the original Half-Life was released to a rather startled and pleased public.

World of Warcraft Night Elves

For those of you that didn't catch the latest World of Warcraft screenshots over at EvilAvatar, I suggest you do it now. We are treated to a batch of images that feature the Night Elves as playable races. Can you say "style"? Blizzard's art direction continues to be top-notch. These screenshots ooze atmosphere. Look at the way their eyes glow, even in the distance.

Nostromo Speedpad

The keyboard has been a staple of PC gaming since the dawn of time. When you think about it, itÂ's also fairly inefficient for gaming purposes since we only use about half of it for any given game. That being the case, it was only a matter of time before game-specific replacements came out to take the place our trusty keyboards. Enter the Speedpad.

G-Spy Makes My Life Easier

The aforementioned has directed my attention to this meta news site about games. G-SPY scans a bucketful of gaming sites (sadly GWJ is not among the probed...yet) and gathers up all of the headlines and stories. Then it compiles a list of the stories that were posted on the most sites, and posts them to its own front page.
I like action flicks. Gimme some sex, some violence and a few gaping plot holes and I am a happy camper. Which also explains why I like the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton, a series which follows the adventures of an intrepid and sarcastic Vampire Executioner through the streets of St. Louis and beyond.

Finally, A Gaming Website Newer Than Us

I can only assume they're jumping on the bandwagon after the resounding success of our first few months, but Slashdot has opened their own gaming site. Introducing While not really known for their design skills, they already have a huge audience to help them out by submitting stories.