ESRB Asks, "OK to Play?"

I saw over at Voodoo Extreme that the ESRB is going to start an awareness campaign this holiday season asking parents if it's "OK to Play?". The new campaign is targeted at parents and seeks to educate them about which games are appropriate for thier families by placing adverts at cash registers in retailers soon.

World of Warcraft Class News

According to rumours there actually are a few people here looking forward to World of Warcraft. These lunatics might want to head over to the recently updated class page at the WoW website. Blizzard posted some new screenshots of and information on the Paladin, Rogue and Priest classes.

Half-Life 2 In Q2/2004?

The French newspaper Les Echos contains an interview with Christophe Ramboz of Vivendi Universal according to MCV-Online. He states that about one third of the source code was stolen.

Enraged: An Anito Interview

Once again we feature an interview on a game you may not have read about yet. Are you an adventure and/or RPG fan searching for something new? Look no further because the following title could prove to be very interesting to you. 'Anito: Defend A Land Enraged', created by a young indie developer from the Phillipines, mixes elements of both genres in a promising setting.

Homeworld 2

Â"Rolling back the days with my friend I love to playÂ" Homeworld 2 is the sequel to the original Homeworld. There, that's the review and you can stop reading now. Somehow I think I'll get a good old fashioned Certis Â"bull whips and leather masksÂ" beating if I don't keep writing however, so I'll write some more.

New 1C:Maddox Projects Unveiled

The official IL-2 Sturmovik website features exciting news for the flight-simmers among us (which would be Brian Rubin and me): first of all, an expansion for IL-2: Forgotten Battles is in the development. Unfortunately there's no information yet on what exactly we're going to get to see and play in the add-on.The second announcement is more significant though.
Experienced demo trouble lately? Patch required? You're probably not the only one. Read on for a brief look at quick publishers, the concept of second-class consumers, local releases and why they are a disservice to both sides.
An article at the Guardian debates the depth games have to offer these days. The article states that they should be treated as cultural rather than commercial products. The author also brings up some points on the role of the press as well as messages that could be communicated.

Relic Developer Network

Mod tools are a pretty common thing, especially with popular genres such as Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooter. When you're competing in an already crowded genre for people's wallets the lure of tools to make your own game may win over a lot of players. The possibility of downloading and playing user created mods is another draw for your dollar.

Meesa Blue Screen

To be honest, I debated trying to out-traffic Pyro's post by starting a chimerical rumor that Microsoft was planning to ship free Xboxes to all U.S. citizens on their 18th birthday. I was going to elaborate on how they were using driver's licenses and voter registration records to determine when the big day was, and then, presto, free Xbox in the mail.