Rumor Mill: Ultima X?

While I was over at Blue's stealing his newspaper I noticed that the Ultima Stratics forums contain a supposed image from a development demo of Ultima X. There have been rumors for a while now that say EA is working on the next Ultima game without Richard Garriot at the helm for obvious reasons. Will fans come slinking back for a new game in the venerable Ultima series?
There has been a surprising amount of bumbling going on over the patch process at Big Huge Games. Late last week the long awaited 1.02 patch was finally released over RON's terrible Gamespy interface. A ton of people had issues pulling the patch down (just like the last one) and a few had to completely re-install the game.
The week we have a few games that may or may not be worth buying, namely RTX Redrock and Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter. Based on the preview coverage I've seen so far I'd hold off on spending your cash and waiting for some reviews to hit the stands.I've got a question for you people.
One of my favorite pastimes is ridiculing things, in fact it's by far my favorite pastime.  Nothing beats an afternoon of watching TV and yelling at people in Law and Order who try to mess with Jack McCoy.  My roommates and I usually treat it like a sporting event, "You can't win, don't bring that all up in McCoy's face! BOOYAH!

Unintentionally Decaffeinated

Today's comic isn't so much about games as it is about my process of drawing comics. Artists, writers, and probably any creative types have muses who inspire them to...well...create. The Muses were the nine greek goddesses in charge of the arts - Zeus's daughters to be specific. The Shrike was the muse of the poet in Hyperion. My coffee maker is my muse.

Pay Attention! Savage

Reading any of the major game sites on a daily basis means you're exposed to hundreds of games over the course of a year. On these news dumps a title has mere seconds to grab your attention before you flit away to the next story on the list.
Today's Daily Elysium will be the shortest one ever.  Or, at least that was the idea when I conceived the article, but of course, that will probably prove to be different from the reality of the final product.  So, at the end, when the article has yawned itself into a complexity I couldn't realize from the start, will I have to explain myself, explain why I couldn't fulfill the prom

With this MAG I thee wed

I saw this over on Slashdot Games and am struggling for words (no, not really, read on). Apparently Phantasy Star Online users, not content with cohabitation and fighting bosses together, will now be able to marry each other in a specially designed lobby. The new lobby will be decorated as a wedding chapel complete with Wedding March theme music.
Boomtown has posted proof that the recently released "free" Wolfenstein map downloaded from Xbox Live was in fact nothing more than a tiny file to unlock a map already on the disc. Not only that, there are also two more map files on the game waiting to unlocked as Xbox Live subscriber content.

Riftrunner Announced

Larian Studios, makers of the excellent Divine Divinity RPG, has sent word that they have a new project in the works. Due to be released in Q4 of this year, Riftrunner will take place in the established world of Divinty and feature an interesting twist.You are a servant of the Divine - scourge of necromancers and sorcerers alike.