The Real Tribes

Tribes was my first real internet game, it nearly consumed my life during my first semester at college. Adjusting to life at college was hard, nobody told you when to get up, when to go to bed, or even when to attend class.


Today we feature another military man who found us while stationed in Iraq. After posting an ungodly amount in a short period of time he quickly became as essential to this community as milk, bread and a stick of butter are to your kitchen.

Tribes Vengeance Ships failed me again, for some reason they didn't list Tribes: Vengeance so it didn't even get a mention in The Week Ahead. Sway, Pyro and I had a great time with the new demo a couple days ago and I found the beta to be both exciting and rife with jet packing.

Donation Drive Next Week, Register Now!

Next week we will be opening the doors for those of you who want to donate to the site. Same as last time, it will last for a week and we will accept donations through PayPal and snail mail. Donors will get a key under their forum name and those who will be donating for the second time will get something a little different, key 2.0 perhaps.

Oct 4th - 10th

Welcome to GWJÂ's new home! Hopefully everyone is getting here ok and we can carry on doing whatever it is we do. If wallets could breathe I expect yours would utter a sigh of relief, there really isnÂ't much anything coming out this week. Things are looking so sparse in fact that the game of the week was almost going to be pie.

GWJ Has Moved!

As I'm sure some of you may have noticed (if your ISP hasn't caught up with the change yet) GWJ has switched to a new host. has been kind enough to offer us some server space so we can continue to grow the site and re-enable GameCal.

Adventures in Advertising

Some people say we're living in a society that's a slave to consumerism. Every waking minute, we're either buying or consuming. We've always got some billboard, radio or assorted glowing box telling us what we need, when we need it and where we can get it. What if you don't need it?


A year and one day ago SwampYankee registered in the forums and GWJ is still in the process of recovering. Whether you've taken a trip (to the ground, nose first) in Swamp Air or lived under his vicious rule as commissioner of the GWJ football league you have to admit that Swampy is a pillar of the community.

The Second Renaissance

Every day that goes by where I donÂ't fly to work in an autopilot hoverbubble pisses me off.  IÂ've long since expected robots to pretty much tackle the mundane tasks of the day, including but not limited to cooking my dinner, washing my clothes, pre-warming the toilet seat, and tucking me in with a nice glass of juice at night.  The fact that I even have to type these words inst

Sept 27th - Oct 3rd

Before I get started on what we have coming out this week IÂ'd to thank Sway again for all his awesome contributions to the site. IÂ'm hoping heÂ'll still pop up with something new once in a while even though the Infinite Lives comics are done, we can only hope! Now, please collect some oranges, drop them in a burlap sack and prepare to beat me to death.