Certis (CEO)

Pulling "The Man" out from behind his cloak of shadows and mystery should promise for some epic reading, at least if you've got nothing better to do, and as we head into E3 week I've had a chance to do just that.  Certis, who wears the title of CEO like a freshly earned Boy Scout Badge - right alongside his Medal of Sarcasm and Delegating Authority Patch - is most visible on th


After some extensive research I've found that not many publishers are stupid enough to release a game during the week of E3. True Crime for the PC will be out but that's really all we've got coming. Instead, I've decided to make a bold prediction about what the hottest game of the show will be.

Now Where Have I Seen This Before?

Look, I know itÂ's hard to be creative.  I try to make some effort on that front every week through these articles, and sometimes even I just give up and write an article about how the internet is both good and bad.  This kind of surrender to lack of imagination is like the local news doing a piece on the value of exercise, or rap songs about shooting people, theyÂ're just the sp

LucasArts, TechTV and Overtime

The wrap up this week has some interesting bits. LucasArts gets a new President, TechTV gets the axe and we find out being a game developer really, really sucks. As usual you'll get to hear our witty commentary and insightful analysis. Though after we type that sentence we keep talking anyway.

Can I Hang My Screenshot on the Fridge?

I finished the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos single player game last weekend. I had restarted it countless times. I've had to restart it because every few months I uninstall the game after a particularly frustrating string of defeats during multiplayer games. But I always come back and reinstall.

Hitman: Contracts

Â"What do you want me to do? Whack a guy, off a guy, whack off a guy? Â"˜Cause IÂ'm married!Â" -Peter Griffin, Â"˜The Family GuyÂ' There are some things that I would rather Reaper didn't do because it just encourages him. High on that list is anything that involves blood, guns (which cause blood) or "offing people" for money.
Despite what I consider some overwhelming evidence to the contrary, my family seems to think IÂ'm technologically adept.  I think to the average man of the street, a group to which IÂ'd ascribe much of my family, anyone possessed of technical knowledge enough to program a universal remote is a kind of god.  Not a god of the capital G variety, but the flawed and campy ancient Gree

Elysium (CEO)

Elysium is a whore. You're going to find in the following interview that I mention that fact over and over again and he will confirm it almost every time he opens his mouth. I hope you enjoy the journey as we delve into Elysium's frightening and twisted mind and figure out exactly what makes him tick.

May 3rd - 7th

I'm doing stand in for Certis, it seems he is getting his legs waxed and can't be bothered to do anything for the website. I secretly think he did it because this week sucks.

Gothic II, Interplay and Sony

Friday already and here we are on the very cusp of May. This week in the news we discuss Gothic II's non-existent expansion pack, Interplay's jackassery and Sony's trials and tribulations as demands for a PS2 price cut continue to escalate. Honestly, with E3 a couple weeks away there's next to nothing happening in the news worth deiscussing. Bah!