You kick ass as a spy. - Sway to Certis on ICQWhen I was a kid, some of the most fun you could have was playing hide and seek in my neighborhood. You could see (or not) see me crouching in some bushes well past bedtime as a neighbor kid stalked by, looking for me.

Let There Be Not Light!

I never played Splinter Cell. I pretty much figured I wouldn't like it based on how quickly I quit Thief, Thief 2, and Deux Ex. I came to the conclusion that I'm just not patient enough for a stealth game. So I didn't even bother picking it up when it was free with the purchase of Prince of Persia.

Far Cry

It was startling how the month of March began with virtually no significant new shooters on the market, and ended with more action goodness than any one person has a right to.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Fang Blackbone

Fang Blackbone. The name alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the burliest men. Fang Blackbone. Ruler of isometric Action-RPG's and knower of way too many MMORPG facts and ideas. Fang Blackbone. Giver of advice in the ways of love through our very own forums.

March 28th - April 4th

Finally, we can relax and not worry so much about buying games this week. There are a couple notables on the PC and PS2 side of things but that's about all she wrote. With slim pickings to choose from, the game of the week will be.... BAMM BAMM BAMM! Breed.

The Force Is Strong With This One

Along with the good pain of attempting to master Colin McRae's punishing if rewarding version of rally racing, I've also been putting the time into some Ninja Gaiden. Some folks -- especially locally it seems -- feel that this would fall in the bad pain variety.

Damn Bots

I love playing games online. In fact, since getting the Xbox, I rarely play any single player games anymore. I enjoy the social aspect and it's more reassuring to me to compete against human beings with all their inherent flaws. I know that when I beat a computer at something it's only because the computer was basically programmed to let me win.

A Tale of Two Aircraft

The days are getting longer, the ice houses are off the lakes, and there isnÂ't a constant buzzing of snowmobile engines in the air like angry robot bees. Spring is near, the sun has begun to feel warm again, and if itÂ's possible to imagine such a thing, other elements of life have begun to overtake videogaming at the forefront of my mind.

The End Of The World Is Nigh

I am utterly convinced that the world -- this world -- as we know it will end roughly around April 27th, 2004. Asteroid, spontaneous combustion, overarching plague... something is going to happen to create the End Of Days. Why?