Soooo... Doom III Huh?

I apologize for the lack of content this week, the world has been conspiring against some of us getting any writing done. Karla is hard at work on the next Quest Log and after being out of town two days in a row I'm stuck catching up with a back log of work.

One Big Dial

This may sound strange if you didn't grow up in the rural South, but I love the occasional stroll through a junkyard. It's like time travel really, there's a 50's radio that somebody used to learn how to duck and cover, there's a car from the late 40's that was built like a tank, over there is a 70's lamp that was probably repurposed into a bong.

July 26th - August 1st

There is nothing coming out this week unless Everquest with all the expansions really floats your boat. If you look at the release lists youÂ'll find that there isnÂ't anything coming out on the PC before, during or right after Doom III. It helps that weÂ're in the middle of the summer slump but itÂ's nice to see id is still feared by most publishers and developers.

Midway between Doom and Chapter 11

Well, IÂ'm back this week from my cross-continental peregrinations (to answer your question, Pyro, thatÂ's what people with a thesaurus call it).  And, yes I had to actually look up peregrinations before I posted it.  Speaking of Pyro, who took the helm of this feature last week, in the future when doing this you might avoid the cognitive narcissism of referencing your own post.Ã

The Sun'll Come Out...

As gamers, we're an obsessive lot. We usually know about an upcoming game from the day its development is announced. We analyze and critique screenshots. We participate in beta testing, both open and closed. Some of us have probably even spent more hours playing a game before its release than those purchasing it ever will.

The Loser Gene

You're a loser. That's right, I'm talking to you. Sometimes you lose when you really, really wanted to win. The law of averages state that the more games you play, the more chances you give yourself to experience the crushing despair of defeat.


Quest Log continues to follow Ronsy as she makes her way thorugh the ranks of the Rogue's Guild... You can find the rest of the series right here!

I Want To Be Alone.

When I was little I got the ninja/spy game 'Saboteur' on the ZX Spectrum as a birthday party present. (The Spectrum was a 1980s computer that needed a tape player to load games and had 48k of memory. As the games loaded the machine made a sound like train wreck arguing with a dial-up modem.) Saboteur was the hit of the evening.

July 19th - 25th

I donÂ't know about you but my blood is running hot with American Football fever! That may sound a bit odd coming from a resident of the (not currently) frosty north but there you have it. With ESPN NFL 2K5 shipping this Tuesday on the Xbox and PS2 for the sexy low price of $19.99 I think we have plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Hype Hype Baby!

While our very own Elysium is off gallivanting or frolicking or whatever people with Thesauruses do, I've been left to do the Weekly Review. Unlike last week, the forums were filled with all kinds of discussion about events and rumors in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, none of them turned out to be true. It did make for interesting discussion though.