No, I'm not talking about the abysmal movie with Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins.  I'm talking about the real deal.It's strange the things I find myself emotionally attached to.  I think as gamers, technophiles, geeks, and non-geeks with latent nerd tendencies, we probably all hide a secret connection to something inanimate or fictional that we don't generally talk about in public.
I've spent the past couple of weeks meandering through David Kushner's exploration of the rise of id software and fall of John Romero (among others) titled Masters of Doom: How Two guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture.  A book primarily of interest only to gamers, and somewhat devout ones at that, Kushner's book is a clean and steady piece of reportage that paints a co


Welcome to release filler week. All we have are some low budget PC games and Tetris Online for the Xbox to keep us company. Next week however, will be another story! Hooo wee! On the DVD front Tears of the Sun will be released along with the complete fourth season of Buffy.

Video Game Museum

As I just saw over on Evil Avatar, there's a site out there that archives all kinds of information about video games for almost every system. The Video Game Museum has system specs for almost any console, scans of cartridges, screenshots from games and even screenshots for endings of every game.
Micheal Lasky, writer for just got back from a stay in the Hotel Room of the Future.

Online Comics

Back in the day when I worked for a call centre finding new online comics became a bit of an obsession for me. Anything to drive back the despair brought on by knuckle-dragging "internet users" from Baton Rouge. Even today, well free of that oppressive and soul draining job I'm always on the look-out for new comics to add to my morning routine.

Gone Fishin'

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I'm preparing this post on Wednesday evening since I'm leaving for a brief vacation tomorrow morning. The wife and I are visiting some friends in tropical Boston and I'm running into space issues before I pack my first pair of socks. Said friends have a cube, but only two controllers.
Gamespot reports that Sony will continue their "Playstation Experience" event in London this year after the success of last year's show. Running along side ECTS it will begin August 28th and go until the 31st.
There's good and bad to be said about Planetside in its current state, and you'll get plenty of comments on both in our upcoming Planetside review, but it's always encouraging to see sizable additions in the works.  SOE has unveiled two new vehicles that will eventually find their way into the world of Planetside following the immediate concerns of squashing lingering crash bugs and
Since I know we're all Pixar whores around here I thought you might be interested to check out the next Pixar film's teaser trailer. You can check it out here in various quicktime format sizes.