Unreal Tournament 2004 Pricing

This Atari press release (via Bluesnews) features some concrete information on their pricing plans for Unreal Tournament 2004. The suggested retail price is $39.99. There also will be a Special Edition available, which will feature 2 DVDs (instead of CDs like the standard version). The second DVD caontains roughly 150 hours of tutorial videos for mod makers and the like.

Old School Games Put to the Test

Over at EGM they decided to put thier nostalgia for the Golden Age of gaming to the test and put 9 kids ages 10-13 up against the best of the old school games. The results are pretty entertaining. Here's an excerpt.Playing Donkey Kong Andrew: Someone take over before I lose my dignity.

DOSBox 0.60 Available

While I was busy downloading that UFO: Aftermath demo (170 MB), I noticed over at RPGDot that a new version of DOSBox was released. DOSBox happens to be one of the essential tools for people like me, who never got rid of their old DOS games. Upgraded VESA VBE 2.0 and Soundblaster Pro 2.0 support are two of several improvements and fixes featured in v0.60.

CTFRTSed: A WebWars Arena Interview

And again we take a look at games you might have yet to read about. 'Capture the Flag' modes were already featured in a number of strategy games. WebWars Arena, however, was designed with that task in mind. The title is being made by the German developer exDream Entertainment. Read on as Boje Holtz explains how their 'CTF-RTS' works.

Freedom Forced Once Again

HomeLAN's JCal apparently took a look at the latest issue PC Gamer and noticed that the magazine has word that Irrational Games is in fact working on a sequel to their critically acclaimed Freedom Force. I would add a 'fortunately' since the prequel definitely deserved to sell better than it actually did. The title, Freedom Force vs.

Hold Me Back!

I canÂ't take it anymore. If I have to hunt down one more item so that I can open a door, get a key from a lazy NPC, kick-start a generator or crank a wheel IÂ'm going to lose it. Disguising a treasure hunt as gameplay is slowly killing my taste for console games.

Vivendi Bidding Game Still Going

Yahoo/AFP has some news on the situation of Vivendi Universal Games based on a report of Les Echos. Vivendi apparently recently received an offer of about $600-800 million made by a "partnership of a video games group and an investment fund."Les Echos said the company did not intend to accept this new offer at present because it still hopes to attract a one-billion-dollar approach.

Indie Games Conference '03 Report

DoItYourselfGames have put up an interesting report on the recent Indie Games Con '03. The articles feature some general impressions of the event which was organized by GarageGames.

Epic to Release Free Unreal Engine

I saw over at Slashdot Games who saw over at Fragging for Fun Clan that Epic is slated to release a free version of the Unreal engine with no content or source code for non-commercial and educational use. Epic is doing this mainly so that people can begin to use the Unreal engine for non-gaming purposes, though it's unclear whether or not gamers can still use it.

Oct 13th - 19th

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada today although I've already had enough turkey over the last couple days to last me until Christmas. Since we're not actually doing any Thanksgiving stuff today I plan to zone out and play games until Volume Two of the Family Guy DVD calls me once again.Good week for games coming up! Max Payne 2, UFO, Jak II and more to look for later this week.