And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?Painkiller works on one fundamental principle: killing hell-demons is fun. This is known as the Doom Doctrine, and if it isn't then it should be.


With E3 coming up fast we will be running our executive employee profiles so you guys know a bit about the people in the E3 pictures humping John Carmack's leg. The first member to brave my hard hitting questions is a man who is no stranger to fear. Recently, Sway opened The Box and not only did he not pass out, there were no reports of him screaming like a little girl.

City of Heroes Beta Impressions

It's open, come in. My attorney will be in touch with you about the damage to the door. Otis, take the gentleman's cape, would you? - Lex LuthorOne of great things about the Gamers With Jobs community is that our forums are teeming with gamers who also happen to be excellent writers.

April 12th - 18th

How about that box opening! In case you weren't around for the weekend, Sway opened The Box and everyone in the forums was turned into a zombie for about 24 hours. Elysium claims he did some good deeds to reestablish the balance but I think he just slept with some bi-curious devils.

Fun for the Whole Family

I really don't have a whole lot to write about here. I've got a lot on my mind, what with The Box and all. Anyhow, I wanted to introduce a new game that I think might just take the grade school crowd by storm. I mean, surely they can't exist solely on sports games, right?

Gaming As Obsession

If I were truly fiscally conscious, I should by all rights only own a single game at any one time. Maybe this puts me in the minority of "gamers," but I find that when a game really hooks me it doesn't leave the tray of my Xbox or computer respectively. Look at me now, utterly transfixed by the glory that is Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer on the Xbox.

The Big Disconnect

You know what I absolutely hate? ItÂ's when people use the phrase, "if thereÂ's any one so-and-so it would beÂ"…" Talk about a cop-out nonsense thing to say! Yet, it permeates the liquor laced discussions of a thousand barrooms as the smell of pig excrement permeates a farmerÂ's overalls.

Truly Olympic - A Spartan Q&A

The UK indie developer Slitherine was founded about 4 years ago. The company has been focused on the development of turn-based strategy titles so far. Their latest product, Spartan, was among the IGF 2004 Competition nominees and even made it to score in the Visual Arts category. I've sent some questions to Iain McNeil, lead designer on the game.

Bundle of Joy

The day my family brought home its newest addition home was a bright, sunny, and otherwise pleasant day. We cradled it lovingly as we trundled up the stairs. Once safely inside and settled we promptly began the long arduous process of teaching it about the world and about its new parents.

April 5th - 11th

So we've entered the month of April, I hope everyone set their clocks ahead. For me, time seems to be moving ahead fast enough as it is. E3 is quickly approaching and six days after I get home from that I'll be standing at the altar, waiting for my woman to glide up the aisle and seal the deal.