Here is a nice word: free.  Here's another pretty good hyphenated word: stand-alone.  When I come across quality games that are both free, and stand-alone I'm pretty impressed, and while there isn't much I can do to thank the people who provide such entertainment, at least I can tell you guys about it.  Thus, the multiplayer component of what was meant to be a an expansion for Retur
I wish I had thought of this while I was in college in desperate need of a research topic. Bruce Woodcock has compiled the number of active subscribers for several major Massively Multiplayer Online Games into a colorful chart. The chart goes from the beginning of The Realm Online, in 1997 until today.

Introducing the PSX?

This Reuters article explains the details of Sony's announcement of their next console. No, this isn't the PS3. They are introducing the PSX. No, this isn't the PS1, either. Think of the PSX as PS2.5 and you're probably in the ballpark now.
I managed to get my paws on a copy of the Gamecube demo disk (for $10 bucks US) and I thought I'd share my impressions for those of you who don't have a local shop selling them. The disk contains playable demos for Viewtiful Joe, Soul Calibur 2, Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg and Splinter Cell. Let's take a look.
IÂ've been reading David KushnerÂ's Masters of Doom, and though IÂ'll save my larger comments on the book until IÂ've finished reading, a particular discussion in the text sent me wondering about a variety of things. The opening salvos in the battle over violence in video games raged to the backdrop of idÂ's masterpiece.

A Hell of a Lot

Plenty of games coming out this week with Brute Force (Xbox) and the The Hulk (all platforms) leading the way. Aside from that there are a few surprises like Chessmaster for the PS2 and Wing Commander Prophesy on the GBA. Strange days my friends, strange indeed!Read on for the game and DVD releases for the week ahead!
Extending the fantabulous Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is always a good thing.  Killing Werewolves is always a great thing.  Blended, they become two great tastes that taste great together! Obviously this means we just received word from Bethesda that the latest expansion, Bloodmoon, has gone gold and should be on store shelves in a matter of weeks.  Read on for the full press release...
You can just tell when a company is getting put out to pasture. They start rambling, talking about the good old days when the stockholders were generally happy and cheerful, not the bitter sarcastic office-furniture stealing bunch they have become. They tend to wander around their house, looking for thier dog that died two decades ago, and they swear Eisenhower is still president.
Our good pal Spunior over at EA has pointed out that the Breed single player demo has been released. Tagged as a Halo styled game this 141 meg demo should give you a good taste of the full version. You can grab the demo from 3DGamers, FileShack, Worthplaying, GamersHell or Fileplanet.I'll have some impressions up soon! For now, you can click on the above image for some shots of the game.
First off, I'd like to say hi, I'm going to be one of the new posters Elysium just mentioned. You can look forward to many more witty and enlightening posts from me, and I'll try to tone down the badass.(please don't click) Now that the awkward introductions are out of the way, lets get to my topic. Gator Software studied by Harvard But wait, theres more!