Welcome Back Perverts!

I've got to be honest. I've been looking forward to writing this article for nearly a year, ever since a casual conversation with Sway last November sent me swimming into the maleficent database of search terms that have brought some peculiar people to our humble site, which culminated in the article Welcome Perverts.

GamerDad Long Shot

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting, GamerDad is a site right up our personal alley; lots of insightful editorials, clever writers, and original points of view. Not precisely a site just about parentage, any more than we are a site about employment, their monicker is, like ours, a statement of perspective.

Punches, 'Puters and Purpose.

Watching the Olympics, I'm reminded of one of my own brief forays into exercise: two years spent learning Tai Chi Chuan, a Chinese martial art I bought into physically, mentally and financially. During my study I ended up buying soft-soled martial arts shoes, kickboxing trousers, metal and wooden sabres and books on the art's applications and concepts.
Games Convention 2004 in Leipzig/Germany – after attending the GC for the first time in 2003 (as reported here and here) I was really looking forward to participating on the exhibitor side of things. And unlike last year I was there for the whole 4 days.

Rome: Total War Demo

I have a vewy good fwiend in Wome named "Biggus Dickus." A very good friend indeed do gamers have in Creative Assembly and Wome.. I mean Rome: Total War. Checking the game out at E3 and talking to one of the developers about it had me so involved I briefly stopped feeling the waves of despair roiling off the booth babe lying on the couch behind me.

The Week Ahead August 23rd - 29th

After spending some time with the Rome: Total War demo I almost want to name it game of the week but I suppose that would be cheating. Instead the honor goes to Viewtiful Joe for the PS2, now with more Dante!

Back in the Saddle

The reports of this featureÂ's demise have been mildly overstated.  IÂ'd like to say that Weekly Wrapup is back by popular demand, but that would be dodging the fact that I just didnÂ't put it up the past couple of weeks.  IÂ'm tempted to blame you all for talking about nothing but Doom III – and my genuine concern that another article about Doom III would bring the

Can't I Just Have a Nice Long Game of Pokemon?

So you might as well go look at the comic first, otherwise it'll just seem more like an illustration for this paragraph. I love my GBA. I love that it fits in my shirt pocket. I love that I can play RPGs, and racing games, and puzzle games in the car (usually when I'm not driving), or at the train station, or, as I did at E3, while waiting in line to see a preview of another game.

The Political Machine

Sanjuro wrote a great Political Machine review in the forums and I'd hate for you front pagers to miss out on it. A timely election strategy game for only $19.99 should give any gamer pause but you might be missing out on some fun if you pass this by! Enjoy the full review. Sanjuro, your silk GWJ loin cloth is on the way!

Admissions of the Manly Man

"Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought." We men are a manly, intimidating bunch. We're tough, no-nonsense types, relatively shallow and usually rather fashion-less.