Everquest 2 Beta First Look

Like many I view any product SOE produces with trepidation at the best of times. I donÂ't hold any burning hatred close to my heart like some however, if a game is good I can usually see past whoever may be publishing and developing it.

Don't Be A Careful Carl!

There are three times in my life that have left me feeling both completely sated and yet wishing I could pull out my soul and toss it in the wash with a good bleach load.  The first was the time I went to Tijuana with some Navy buddies stationed in Miramar.  Let's just say for the record that nothing screams alcoholic trouble like walking into a bar with wood chips spread across the flo

Donation Drive Update

Wow. You guys rock! 90+ donations later the drive has been overwhelming for us so far! Big congradulations to DrJones for winning the WoW beta account, sounds like he's having a good time with it. We will continue to accept Paypal/mailed donations until the 31st of this month and then we'll be drawing for all those awesome games and the grand prize computer system.

Oct 18th - 24th

Welcome to a freshly grown Monday, ripe with possibilities yet dripping with despair. We have a fairly quiet week for releases with only a couple noteworthy titles hitting stores. Next week will be much busier so save your pennies if youÂ're on a budget! TodayÂ's Game of the Week is Otogi 2 for the Xbox.

The Professional

This week, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Working on the staff here at Gamers With Jobs is a pretty satisfying job. Sure, it's not an actual job where you get paid or do any real work, but there's a great community to hang out with.

This Article Has Been Delayed

I recently thought that someone should write an article critically examining the gaming industry and its habitual issues with delayed products and false expectations. It should, I thought, be an article that takes an unflinching and unbiased perspective, measuring carefully a gentle balance between the starry-eyed desires of consumers with the realistic constraints placed upon developers.


Dr.Ghastly is a gentleman and a scholar. Don't let his rough and tumble ways or strange choice of life partners lead you to believe otherwise! I mean, we all go through that period in our lives when you want to experiment right? Who can honestly say they haven't gone out drinking only to wake up next to a Wookie in the morning? That soft fur... the smell of the forest...

If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On

There's been some gnashing of teeth on the GWJ forums recently. It happened when a post about Halo 2's music was put up. Apparently Halo 2 was forgoing a score in favour of using songs from alt-rock bands like Incubus. ( "Incubus?" the GWJ members said incredulously, "but they're even worse than Hoobastank.

Donation Drive Starts Now, Big Prizes!

Throughout the year we get a lot of requests from people asking how they can donate some money to the site. While we always appreciate the offers we never want to be seen passing out the hat too often. Besides that, opening donations up for a set amount of time allows us to offer some cool raffle prizes so we can give a little something back!

Oct 11th - 15th

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! While the Americans slave away at their jobs we'll be eating turkey (for the second time maybe) and passing out on the couch. Why, in my stupor I might even watch the Packers game to see how much more abuse Favre and McNair can take before they fall apart.