Firefly Film?

Fanciful speculation, pipe dream, or a wish answered?  According to Nathan Fillon (Serenity Captain, Mal Reynolds), care of Sci-Fi Wire, there are forces churning behind the veil of Hollywood to try and bring Fox's defunct series to the big screen.  One might ask why a series that fared poorly on television would even be considered for a trip to the silver screen, and, I think, that's pr
Caught this tidbit over at VE3D, and, knowing as I do, that some of our readers are big Diablo 2 fans, I thought I'd pass it on.  According to Blizzard's Bill Roper the Diablo v1.10 patch might be in the immediate future.  In a lengthy and informative interview with Roper said the following:We were trying to get everything done by E3, but we had a couple of bug things, a cou

The Week Ahead

We only have two notable games shipping this week, Rise of Nations and Planetside. Both shipped out yesterday so call your local geek shop if either tickles your fancy. If you're a Strategy First fan there are a slew of new releases from them as well.The DVD front offers us a few new TV seasons and some good movies so be sure to have a good look at that!

Rise of Nations

[Note: Considering the complexity and depth of Rise of NationsÂ' gameplay, this review will avoid discussing the extensive multiplayer options, which we will address in a second and separate upcoming Rise of Nations review. We choose to do this because the single-player experience this review addresses can be dramatically different than the multiplayer which is worthy of its own assessment.

Halo2 Q&A

Quickie update here...GameSpy has a nice interview with Hamilton Chu (Bungie) about one of those sequels everyone is talking about. It's a short but interesting read. Thanks to VE3D for the link.
Ok, this isn't really much of a news post but I want to show you guys what we're cooking up for some content-based stuff on the site. Rather than offer a bunch of largish thumb-nails were going to move to a new gallery system for images. To test it out I figured I'd nab a few shots from Midtown Madness 3. Check it out and let us know what you think.
Nothing huge from the E3 floor so far today, so I thought I'd throw the Nintendo junkies a bone.  The original Game God, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke to Gamespy about the gaming industry, Nintendo, and the popularity of games like Grand Theft Auto.  Following Nintendo's recent stunning announcement that Mario will not be shooting hookers, this proves a timely interview.  Say what you want abou
In some strange twist of fate, both Elysium and Sway are celebrating their respective birthdays today! Since I have no idea what either of them look like I figured I would just go with what I do know and run with it. Sway sounds much like the smooth and sexy Barry White on Gamevoice so that's a natural. As for Elysium, I know he has a beard and well.. I think you get the rest.
Once again our good friend Veloxi has hit the E3 show floor, this time tracking down some of our requested games and scraping for any interesting pieces of information.  Returning to his hotel room to post at 4:00 AM (I didn't even know there was a 4:00 AM) while most of us were soundly asleep, our intrepid hero plans to suffer the hardships of being a hard core gamer.  So when your enjoying

You Have the Receipt, Right?

Happy Friday. Today's comic features the return of the Party Hat.I frustrate people whenever my birthday rolls around. For weeks before, anytime anyone asks, "What do you want for your birthday?" I answer "I dunno. Nothin' really." I'm just not very good at figuring out what I want. Yes, I want a PowerBook. Yes, I could really use a tropical cruise vacation.