Over three years in the making, developer Sony Online Entertainment (formerly Verant) and publisher LucasArts are finally ready to release their Massively Multiplayer Game, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided.  A game developed under the impatient and watchful eye of both Star Wars fans and MMOG gamers, Galaxies has been the topic of conversation since its inception, and has been considered by m

Maybe Next Year

I thought I'd dabble in blasphemy with today's comic. I believe this quotes a verse in Ecclesiastes, but I guess my bible was just out of reach so I couldn't be positive. When I lived in Chicago, we had four distinct seasons. In Maryland, there may be four, but I hardly think the three days of spring and fall qualify as entire seasons.

Galaxies NDA Lifted

As of last night the NDA on Star Wars Galaxies has been lifted. You can expect an article on the game soon but for now I thought I'd share a series of screen shots I took in the beta. They are mostly shots of Elysium dancing around like a fruit cup for my amusement but I think it's an important aspect of the game to cover.

Everquest 2 Interview

Years after the initial launch the original Everquest still wears the MMORPG crown with the largest amount of subscribers in North America. That being the case it's no surprise that a sequel has been in the works for quite some time now. Following the coverage at this year's E3 we had some questions about the game and Everquest 2's Client Lead Ric
Good news comes in from Voodoo Extreme, with the announcement that Electronic Arts has officially announced the sequel to one of my favorite action games with Battlefield Vietnam.  Expected to hit stores in early 2004, there's little specific and thus interesting information right now, though the game will be developed by Digital Illusions, the same company that brought us Battlefield 1942. 
It's pretty unusual for me to be wrong, or at least for me to admit such a thing, but this is one of those times where I simply have to bow before Certis' superior ability to intuit the bull-headed nature of impatient publishers.  It looks as though the release date for Star Wars Galaxies is solid, and a scant eight days from release the veil of secrecy, though painfully threadbare and a
If Elysium wasn't away on a trip I'd be rubbing his nose in this like a bad dog after messing on the carpet. He was so sure there was NO WAY they would ship this end of June. Feel that burning sensation in your chest? That means I was right again, just like every other time. Booya!

Xbox Live Ramping Up

Thanks to Pureboy for letting me know that there have been three new maps released over Xbox Live for Mech Assault. Two for deathmatch and one for the ever-popular CTF game type. As an Xbox Live subscriber it seems like there hasn't been much I've really wanted to play after Mech Assault ran its course.
Ok, I was finishing up this bit of news when my browser crashed so let's pretend I just wrote a slew of witty and insightful things. The new Raven Shield patch is out and you can get it from Ubi Soft's FTP site here.
Sony has launched the official site for the Lost Dungeons of Norrath Everquest expansion pack today. Included is some info about the upcoming game along with concept art and a few in-game screens. Since the official site's screenshots aren't working at the moment you can hit the image below and check them out in our very own gallery.Read on for the full feature list.