Newsforge has this bit on the new Phantom console made by Infinium Labs. The whole thing in a nutshell is best described by NewsForge Let's start by saying the console is real, not vaporware. I've seen a working prototype in action.
Hoochie and I managed to catch Pirates of the Caribbean on opening night yesterday and IÂ'm really glad we did. The movie was without a doubt my favorite of the summer so far. Great acting, fun story, fantastic action, swords and pirates – what more could you possibly want?
Certis and I have been trading ICQ messages back and forth for a good percentage of the day.  To paraphrase in a very general and embellished way he says, "Boy I (thinly veiled excuse).  So I can't post right now.  Why don't you get off your lazy posterior and contribute for once in your miserable excuse for a life."To wit, I respond, "I would but I have a nasty hangnail! 
After some long hours spent throwing ourselves into Midtown Madness 3 Elysium and I have seen fit to finally review it. Is it worth adding to your Xbox collection?Maybe you should keep reading.... if you dare!Certis: Let me make one thing clear, itÂ's way too damn early in the morning to be writing this.
I know, the first thing you asked yourself after reading the headline was Â"so what's up with this Â"Mini-ReviewÂ" stuff?Â" Even if you didn't ask, I bet you're wondering. If you weren't wondering, well you're gonna hear it anyway.

No Coop for Halo PC

I was just reading the latest interview with Gearbox's Michel Bastien over at Homelan when I caught a sad bit of news amongst the gushing.HomeLAN - Can you give us a status report on whether or not co-op play or mod tools will be include in the PC port? Michel Bastien - Unfortunately, cooperative multiplayer wonÂ't make it in.
The Pew Internet and American Life Project must have been at least mildly startled when upon studying the habits of college gamers did not find them hooked intravenously to communal pools of Dr.
It started, as perhaps many ignoble things do, innocently enough. I walked into my local Software Etc. - as it was widely known before becoming Gamestop, Babbages, NeoStar, or whatever the hell they call it - with every intention of getting back the money from my Star Wars Galaxies pre-reserve. I would say, "Hello.

The Week Ahead

I hope everyone had a good long weekend! It's back to business as usual around here which means Elysium will once again prove to be weak willed, Sway will draw a hilarious comic and Pyro will find new and exciting ways to make love to Linux.


For those of you visiting from outside the good ol' U S of A, today is our Independence Day. It is the day we celebrate our betterness than Canada by blowing way more stuff up than they did on the 1st. I'll be watching the fireworks in Washington D.C. this year in the forecasted 92 degree weather. The grand finale may be when I spontaneously combust.