The Great Xbox Rally Faceoff

"Well," he said, "as your attorney I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can you cover a thing like this righteously?"   If there's one genre that seems exceedingly well represented on the Xbox it's the driving game.

Something Borrowed

Stan's got his rented tux, his clip on bow tie, and with auburn hair slicked back has even set aside his iconic hat to dream of the happy bride and groom.  After months of planning, or more particularly of Hoochie planning and Certis dutifully not getting in her way, the happy couple will be tying the knot over the weekend.  Having just spent several days in close proximity to

E3 Awards, Certis Edition!

Intellivision, still better than watching UT2K4 flicker on the Phantom. I think we can all agree that IÂ'm both uncreative and lazy. That being the case, IÂ'm stealing ElysiumÂ's E3 awards article format and in a couple weeks IÂ'll talk about it like it was all my idea.

Ely Awards - Best of E3 Edition

IÂ'll assume that we all have the presence of mind to realize that every Â"˜best of E3Â' is an absolute example of subjectivity run amok.  And yet, you canÂ't come back from the show without being bombarded with questions about what looked good, what looked bad, and what surprised you.  So, I offer up these Â"˜best ofÂ' positions in the spirit of blatant f

More E3 Pics

You've asked for them, and now you've got them: more pics of our adventures in Los Angeles.  I'll have a final recap in the next day or two, but for now you'll just have to live with looking at our handsome mugs.  Also, there may be a barely interested sleepy looking babe booth or two pretending to like Sway.

Half-Life 2 Code Thief Found?

Last week the German police arrested the creator of the Sasser worm.

E3 Day 3: Impressions

Day three of E3 is upon us and the drive to catch a glimpse of the games that have eluded us thus far is in full swing. It's already 1PM here and Sway and I still haven't hit the West hall for another pass at Nintendo's display. We did get some pretty intensive looks at Microsoft's games so let's start with that!

Halo 2 - Hands On

Yeah, you read it right. If you're wondering how GWJ got behind the scenes for a closed door look at Bungie's big sequel, you can rest assured that we're just as mystified.  What can I say, sometimes you get lucky.  But lucky or not, Halo 2 was at E3, and we got to sit down and play some of its upcoming Live supported multiplayer.  Yeah, it was a high point.

Sway is at E3, Too

Elysium wonÂ't stop reminding me I Â"workÂ" for a gaming Â"websiteÂ" and I have a Â"responsibilityÂ" to my Â"readersÂ". I suppose thatÂ's his subtle way of telling me I need to post. So here I am in the media center (which IÂ've never actually seen Elysium leave) to tell you what IÂ've seen.

Images from E3 Day one

If a picture says a thousand words, then for once I don't need a big long overblown intro: Surprisingly, they let us in.