Sway once said to me Â"Everquest scratches a lot of itches, Certis, and also youÂ're the greatest.Â" I have to agree on both counts. Where else could you play an online game as comfortable as an old shoe that offers socializing, combat, and a tried and true level system?

Thinking Outside the Box

If you haven't already, check out Ridlin's forum post about seducing your little lady with video games. While his suggestions are all solid and based on the latest scientific advances, I have been a little hesitant on testing it on my wife, since I really only have one shot at this.
Saw this over on EvilAvatar, GameStop is settling a class action lawsuit against them alleging they were selling used games repackaged as new. Hooray right, didn't we win? If you've bought a game from them since 1998 you are entitled to a part of the settlement. Your part? A 5% discount! That's not all folks!
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!It is the year of our Lord 1588 and you are a slave in a Spain that only barely resembles the history books.  Europe is still reeling from the disjunction, a cataclysm that unleashed magic and demons on the world five centuries earlier during the Third Crusade, whereupon vengeful foes Richard the Lionheart and Saladin were forced to join forces to turn back t
After a long and drawn out quarrel between Nvidia and Microsoft ATI has stepped in to make the graphics chip for the next Xbox system. With back slapping all around, both companies agree that ATI is the greatest video card company ever.Â"Microsoft shares our passion for cutting-edge innovation,Â" said K. Y. Ho, chairman and chief executive officer, ATI Technologies Inc.
With NCAA Football 2004, EA Sports returns to its accomplished franchise and puts players back onto the gridiron of over 160 college football teams.  Including the usual set of game tweaks and subtle additions, NCAA 2004 is an improvement built off a solid foundation rather than a significant departure.  Similar in many ways to last year's solid effort, NCAA 2004 is both helped and handicappe
Unburdened by such malignities as inimical viruses or even an itchy rash, I'd like to talk for a moment about one of the most common reasons people read game sites: the review.  Of course every reviewer across the pallid landscape of the ever smartly written internet has to undergo extensive training before carefully penning his own gaming critique.  And certainly every review is objectively

The Real Homework

Saying I spent more time playing games than studying in college is like saying I spent more time breathing than performing in the circus. Just for the record I've never actually been in the circus that I know of, though I did wake up in clown makeup once. Dr. James Gee realizes this, the part about the games anyway. He'd better not know anything about the Night of Clown Terror. Dr.
Considering the four client calls I got last night and the three I've gotten this morning I think it's highly possible that every client I have is infected with the sexy new Blaster Worm that's floating around.

August 11 - 17th

Test one two, test. Is this thing on? Good. Hello everyone, we've moved over to the new server last night and hopefully everything is resolving properly for you. If you can see the main page at work but not at home (or vice versa) don't worry about it too much, give it a day and everything should be back to normal!