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Introducing designer potions for her. Let's face it, male magic users and female magic users are not the same, despite the similar stats they have in most games. That's why we have developed specially formulated potions that are not only mega powerful, but pH balanced for the fairer sex.I dunno.
When you've got a community of intelligent and thoughtful gamers like we've got, you've no choice but to try and exploit them for your own gratification.  Which is the inspiration for Second Opinion, where we'll invite our more active, willing, and verbose forum members to take center stage and let us know what they think about some of gaming's many topics.  We open today,
With Morrowind out of the way IÂ've finally had a chance to dive into my copy of Gothic II. The North American release isnÂ't until October but you can get the UK version from GoGamer right here for the low low price of $37.90 US. After about eight hours of play Gothic II reminds me a lot of Divine Divinity in some ways.
Gamers With Jobs went online the afternoon of January 8th, and I'll tell you this: before anyone else visited it looked significantly different.  Staring at a blankly formatted page with a few sentences tossed randomly about, Certis and I wondered what we could possibly add to the gaming community.  As we fiddled about in our newly created virtual playground struggling for a coherent format,

So, Like, What's Up With Sway?

Okay, guys, I have something to admit. I don't know if I'm saying this in an attempt to receive some sort of support, or ridicule, or just to get this off my conscience. See, I don't play games anymore. I know that statement probably doesn't even compute for you.
MMOs are all the rage lately, with several new games announced every month.  All kinds of developers have jumped on the bandwagon, from titan Verant to tiny 5 person teams like Gravity Corporation, developers of Ragnarok Online.  With the rush of all these unknown players to the market, there were bound to be some bugs here and there.

GWJ Sells Out

That's right, the first group to offer us sacks of money has received some ad space along left hand side of the page. Ok well actually, we've been looking for ads to off-set the cost of running the site a bit without having to resort to pop-ups or seizure inducing banner ads.

Morrowind: Bloodmoon

Bloodmoon is the second and possibly last official expansion for Morrowind so I'd say it's about time we gave it a review!Does it continue the fine Morrowind tradition or will Bloodmoon fall flat?
Water flows downhill, nature abhors a vacuum, an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and Harry Potter is selling like hot cakes made from opium.  Having never read the series, though it is slowly creeping up the long ladder of my summer reading list, I don't dare comment on the value of the novels, but I'm pretty sure that any interest in reading has got to be a pretty good thing.  How
Do you hear that sound that's the sound of Monday. So are you in or are you out? Buckle up baby! This is the sound Mondaaaaay! Yeah! Galaxies is shipping this week much to the surprise of people who were totally wrong about the ship date. In fact, many stores already have their copies in but they can't sell until this Thursday.