Dec 13th to 19th

Your wallets are safe this week, there are absolutly no games worth mentioning. It's time to hunker down and play what you have or possibly threaten your loved ones if they refuse to give you that game you wanted for Christmas early. Since there aren't any games of note coming out I turn your attention to The Return of the King: Extended Edition which hits shelves tomorrow.

I Don't Want To Go On The Cart

So the year of the PC renaissance draws wearily to a close, and some of the best games ever to be released on the platform hold dominant, if quiet, sway over their tiny dominion.  I envy any man who can sit down and declare a PC game of the year in the coming weeks without addenduming every caveat in the book – yes, I did just create a present participle of the completely imaginary verb Â&qu

IGF '05 Previews

I didn't have much time for frontpage content in the past months, but things are slowly getting back on track and I should have some more time for gaming again in the near future. Nevertheless, I'd like to use this opportunity to point out a great feature DIY-Games and GameTunnel have partnered for.


RichyRambo sent along two images for me to consider, one was a normal head shot you might find in a high school year book or possibly a most wanted poster. The other (being the one you see here) is probably a much closer representation of who the man really is. Read on for the profile and don't worry too much about the gun, I don't think it's loaded.

Holiday Cheer

Hello. My name is Fletcher1138. You may recognize me from such posts as Asshats and H2, Apoplexy of the Week: H2 Ending, and Halo 2 Vs. My Soul.

Dec 6th - 12th

Before we get down to business here I want to thank everyone for offering to help out on the front page. The amount of responses and quality of the submissions mean that weÂ'll probably be a couple days figuring out who will fit best on the front page before we have an answer for you.

A Call for Writers

For a multitude of reasons the front page has been a little light on the content lately. WeÂ're hoping that will settle out come January but IÂ'd rather bring one or two new people on board and get moving sooner than later. Typically when we want new writers I put on a cape and stalk the prospective new employees until they fold under the pressure of my intense, creepy gaze.


Before you read this profile, I think it's important to point out that Mr.Green is from Quebec. That's like a beret away from being completely French. Don't hold that against him though, there are plenty of non-language related reasons to hate Mr.Green. Oh, I'm just kidding!

Nov 29th - Dec 5th

IÂ'm going to level with you people, itÂ's my birthday today and working during this momentous occasion is considered illegal in five provinces and thirteen US states. That being the case IÂ'm going to tell you that Prince of Persia 2 is getting good reviews, itÂ's coming out on all platforms at once (PC included) and itÂ's our Game of the Week.

Ain't No 'Me' In Team.

When I bought Halo 2 (H2), I wasn't interested in how well it played. I was interested in how well its multiplayer aspect worked. GWJ forum members had suggested it was excellent from a usability point of view. They were right. H2 is the easiest game to play online that I've found. When playing the single-player campaign, one can receive H2 LIVE game invitations.