Stop Lying to Me!

Bless you forum folk for being such a great inspiration to me. Not that I've never experienced it myself. Heck, the hype was so thick around Neverwinter Nights that I ran all over town trying to find a copy of it. And I didn't even want the game. Why do we always assume there's a room with all of the games that haven't hit their street date are stashed?

Daily Elysium: Gamer TV

I want to be honest with you guys, because I think you deserve it.  I'm just waiting here for the phone to ring and the Gamestop employee on the other end to say that my copy of Knights of the Old Republic is in before I hit .5 over lightspeed down to my Gamestop.  Now I don't want to imply that I'm just doing some updating to kill time, which is why I'm just going to outright
A lot of people tell me, on a variety of issues, that I should just 'get over it' (aside wink to certain forum goers).  It's probably good advice that I ignore as if it had been told to me by a telephone solicitor.  So, when your first inclination at my mention of long dead television martyr Firefly is to suggest that I get over it, I happily retort that you should feel free to stic
Lo, tho I was negged by a villainous mine repperThen, nailed like the steed of an angry farrierI shall not cry my lowly station, nor act the pitiable leperNay, I shall deal my electric death as a stalwart terrier!Poetry, much like carpentry, baking, and math, is not for me a strength.  But I felt that something special was in order for today's topic, as the focus of this brief exposition is a

Grand Theft GTA by Xbox

Wow. Did you guys see this story? Rumor has it (well, has it) that Rockstar is bringing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the Xbox without the Grand Theft Auto so they can work around the little issue of PS2 exclusivity.
Burnout 2 a fast-paced, fun and easy to play racer where the more risks you take the faster you can go. Doing things like driving against traffic, power sliding turns, nearly smashing into cars and taking jumps all go towards filling your turbo meter. Once it fill up you can hit it and really take the lead (or catch up) in the race.

Social Ineptitude

When I was in junior high I always thought I was an outgoing guy. We did a test on personality types and I came out with a strong leaning towards the extroverted wild and crazy side of things. I hung out with the Â"coolÂ" kids and generally acted as the resident smart ass and sarcastic asshole of the bunch.
This week there are two very important titles being released. First we have Knights of the Old Republic which is Bioware's first console RPG. Check inside for links to gameplay footage and more! The other major release is EA's NCAA Football 2004 which has proven to be a very popular series for college football fans.I hope everyone has a good week!
If you thought Acclaim was strange for their marketing stunts, check this little tidbit out. The upcoming ESPN Football 2K4 has a different kind of fansite. It has plenty of info, pictures and even videos, but none of it is "official".

I Bent My Wookie

I don't really have much to introduce this comic with. Star Wars superfans have been waiting a long time to have a place to fulfill their deepest Star Wars desires. I know this because I witnessed a Live Action Role Playing Star Wars event at a Sci Fi convention I attended this year.