August 25th - 31st

What a huge week for games! With the long awaited release of Soul Calibur II and the even longer awaited Republic: The Revolution things are looking good. Aside from those two we have some football games, some action and even an adventure title mixed in for fun. We are now entering September which means the holiday stretch looms ahead.
The Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany is a relatively young event having launched for the first time in 2002. It is more consumer-oriented than E³ and ECTS, which are more or less business and press shows. While I hadn't attended the first GC due to difficult circumstances, I teamed up with some friends and headed off to Leipzig this year.
It has been heavily rumored for quite a while now that Electronic Arts might remember that they own the licence to one of the oldest CRPG series ever made. Yesterday they officially announced the next game in the Ultima series, Ultima X: Odyssey. I noticed over at RPGDot that HomeLAN and GameSpyDaily posted some impressions and screenshots of the game.

Big Head Mode

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven's Shield is the first tactical shooter I've ever really played. As a matter of fact, it's pretty much the first game I've played that's even remotely attempted to be realistic. Most of the games I play are on the level of realism similar to, say, Diddy Kong Racing or Spyro the Dragon.
There are two types of people who play with Legos. One type will buy the intricate kits, build a huge fantastic landscape of pirates, castles and/or spaceships and then sit it on the shelf to be admired as a work of beauty.
I fired up Bluesnews this morning, as I am often compelled to do, and for a strange moment I thought I must have mistakenly wandered into IGN.  Where I usually find a long list of the latest breaking gaming news, there was instead flash animation.  Eventually, because I can be very slow sometimes, I realized I was looking at an advertisement.  I thought, quite literally, "zug?"  I'v

Sway Speaks - A Gaming Moment

You guys started a thread in the forums about gaming nostalgia. It is a wonderful collection of those little moments that keep us at this hobby. I haven't posted in it yet, because I couldn't choose one to tell. My earliest gaming memories were probably from the Atari 2600. My first arcade game was Pac Man.
If you're feeling like a bit of an adventure and you enjoy games in the vein of X-Com and Jagged Alliance I highly recommend you download the Russian demo of Silent Storm 2.

August 18th - 24th

There are only three games worth mentioning this week and one of them happens to be fishing so let's just pretend it's next week already and Soul Calibur 2 is out. Pretty much the same story for DVDs although Futurama Volume Two is coming out so you can look forward to that. Oh, and Pyro told me he can't wait for the  Lizzie McGuire Movie to hit shelves this week.
In an article over at Curmudgeon Gamer they take a look at the current library of GBA games. They analyze things like sequels, licensed games and remakes to determine how many GBA games are actually original titles. The answer? 9.1%! Only 9 percent of games on the GBA are original and of that list I could only recognize Golden Sun and Advance Wars.