Better Sex, and Why You Won't Be Having It

Mech Assault 2 First Impressions

Sanjuro was kind enough to send us some early impressions of Day 1's just released Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf for the Xbox. He gives us a look at both the single and multiplayer modes which will hopefully help you make a purchase decision.

Some Token Content

You may have noticed that for the past week or so the front page has been a bit ... static. This is not because of some massive coup within GWJ headquarters where Fletcher and his Brady-Bots have risen in violent, albeit naked, revolt. It is, as you probably have already suspected, because it's the holidays and dammit we're just going to put our feet up and relax for a couple of days.

Naked Wayne Brady

A while back, in the intro to my first article, I casually dropped the name Wayne Brady, attached to a sentence about seeing him naked. This was no accident. It was a calculated attempt to impress the living bejeebus out of you all, and render you powerless against the onslaught of my amazing awesomeness.

To Win At War, One Must Wage War

By Erik Sean Sands So, Electronic Arts stands as the undeniable topic of commentary in the gaming industry as 2004 wanes to a close. The recent moves of the publishing giant have stormed the company into an extraordinarily dominant position for the coming year.

Dec 20th - 26th

Happy holidays everyone! We're on the home stretch towards Christmas and if you haven't finished *insert shopping cliché here* Ha! Ha! Yes. The only game showing to ship this week is NFL Street for all three consoles, not that we should buy EA's stupid game for jerks.

The Holiday Home Game: A Player's Guide

Hello, my name is DuckiDeva. I know that you may be questioning how a relative newcomer like myself has managed to sneak her way into the prestigious, highly paid and deeply coveted position of content fluffer. Well, it was talent, dedication, and hard work - the replay footage of which is banned in eleven countries and one southern state. (Sorry, Tennessee.)

Sign the Petition and Save Football Gaming

As some of you may have heard by now EA sports spent over 300 million dollars to buy exclusive rights to the NFL players, teams and stadiums for the next five years of gaming. This essentially kills ESPN Football and any other brand looking to make a competing product.

Multiple Players

Now with fewer admonishments! I have a friend who enjoys sex. A lot. So much so that one may be tempted to label this person a nymphomaniac, as indeed I have on a number of occasions. One could easily say that sex is this person's hobby, just as one could say the same about gaming and me.

Dec 13th to 19th

Your wallets are safe this week, there are absolutly no games worth mentioning. It's time to hunker down and play what you have or possibly threaten your loved ones if they refuse to give you that game you wanted for Christmas early. Since there aren't any games of note coming out I turn your attention to The Return of the King: Extended Edition which hits shelves tomorrow.