Gaming And The Military

It's fair to say that the sum total of knowledge I possess regarding the life of the enlisted man is born directly from Full Spectrum Warrior and those Army of One ads, which means I think military life is equal parts cursing, being told where to go by the unseen and poorly informed, and interminable waiting.  I suppose maybe that's not far from the truth, but what has never


So I'm driving to the mall to buy a game the other day, and it strikes me just how often that happens. Which is to say: never. I'm more of a shop-at-home type. It's quick, easy, requires absolutely zero conversation and best of all I can do it in my underpants, making the transition from shopping to viewing pr0n that much easier. The only drawback is shipping.

Saitek GamerÂ’s Keyboard

Goes for $49.99 US The keyboard is the one item we interact with most on our computers yet it's usually such an afterthought that we purchase a cheap $10 part for systems worth thousands of dollars. Today Brian Â"VeloxiÂ" Rubin chimes in with his review of Saitek's back-lit keyboard and pad system.

Jan 10th to 16th

When it comes to major releases for the Gamecube I never quite trust the exuberance found in most of the reviews. A major site calling Resident Evil 4 the greatest survival horror game ever made is akin to a man dying of thirst raving about the quality of water being poured down his throat.

Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay (PC)

I'll kill you with my teacup - Riddick Deep in our underground secret lair we've been screening people to form a sort of GWJ review squad. We wanted to cover more games on the page and it turns out the forums are rich with talent and deep veins of opinions. We chipped away at the poor sods until they could do nothing but write for us or risk a thong visit from Elysium.
So, you say your man is addicted to games.

What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?

and by "Klondike Bar," I mean: Getting Your SO to Leave You the Hell Alone So You Can Experience Some Freaking Total Immersion in Peace Immersion: (n) complete attention; intense mental effort. Total: (adj) involving a complete and unified effort especially to achieve a desired effect. The first time I experienced anything close to total immersion in a video game was 1994.


I was trying to dig up a few missing Employee Profiles (in fact, re-send your answers if I haven't posted yours yet!) and stumbled upon Sanjuro's which was sent in this past September. Why was it never posted? Was I harboring some secret resentment over his good looks and winning personailty? We'll never know for sure. He even plays the guitar and sings for god's sake!

January 3rd - 9th

Welcome to the year 2005 and the opening week that never was. The only game worth mentioning is Hearts of Iron 2 ($34.99) for the PC. This complex strategy game might be just what the doctor ordered if you feel saturated with mindless Christmas console releases.

Better Sex, and Why You Won't Be Having It