May 2nd - May 8th

Our good pal at GameTab hasnÂ't contacted me with a release list at the time of this posting so IÂ've gone ahead and done it myself. Poorly. There are a few interesting games coming out this week, two of which are expansions to World War II Online and AsheronÂ's Call 2. Amazing. Our Game of the Week is Pariah which will see ship for the PC and the Xbox this Tuesday for $49.99.

Ninten-do or Ninten-don't?

Not long ago I penned some thoughts on the state of innovation in the industry that devolved into a cognitive exercise on the applicability of strict, literal definitions. Scintillating, I know! It resolved as an unsatisfying thought-experiment that meandered through abstract concepts and really had no material bearing on anything relevant.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Trying to write a cogent review of the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a lot like trying to catch one's footing during a pebbly landslide. Being unsure where to begin, I grab for a thesaurus and look up confused. "Disorderly, muddled, jumbled," it tells me. Yes, yes, those are all quite fine.

Losing Oneself

When I began typing this article, I intended to title it "Forum Faux Pas". It was to be an examination of the more common errors of logic, argumentation, and good sense that can be found on the GWJ boards and elsewhere.

The Monkey Chased the Weasel

So I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror the other day and I realized a couple of things. First, I look a lot like Paul Giamatti. Younger. Less facial hair, but the resemblance is there. "Hi Paul," I said. "Loved you in Truman Show. Glad you're getting more work." Second, aside from looking like Paul Giamatti, I also looked like crap. Seriously.

April 25th to May 1st

Once next Sunday rolls around we'll be entering the month of May and ever closer to E3. Can you smell the hype? Can you see the PC faithful shuffling back into their caves until the storm blows over?

Grand Re-Opening

Pardon our mess. Building for Your Future. Your tax Dollars at – wait, that one doesn't fit. But you get the idea. Since there have been times over the last half year or so that I have felt decidedly un-comic and/or mischievous (and since I'm sick of hearing Pyro bitch about that lime green Jester) I've decided to rename this space. Welcome to the unveiling. I hope you like it.

E3 2004 Revisited

With a less than a month to go before we pack our bags for the bright lights and big debauchery of E3 2005, now seems like a good time to close the door on last yearÂ's show.

An NPC For The Rest Of Us

Some people think that most other people on this world are wholly uninteresting, and insofar as they think this, they are probably correct. Good personality traits are hard to cultivate, yet nothing else can cause a person to remain interesting to another over a long time scale.

April 18th to 24th

After owning Jade Empire for a mere four days I finished it Sunday night with around 24 hours of play under my belt. Finishing a game that quickly is almost unheard of for me, Jade Empire was really quite good. ItÂ's like Bioware distilled everything they do well into a tightly focused RPG and cut out anything that would take time away from the combat, quests or the plot.