E3 may go on without the Fletch this year, but I've decided that L.A. is overrated anyway. That's why this year I'm holding my own Expo, the F3 right here in my apartment. Pre-registration is still open, but table space is limited, so you'd better sign up fast if you want to catch the hots at this shebang! (oh dear lord, this is depressing even to me )

May 16th - 27th

What a crazy week this has been! Sorry to have yanked the site away and forced you to actually work but GWJ 2.0 had to launch before E3 with time to spare for bug squashing and adding needed features we may have missed in beta. There's still more to do but all in all we're very pleased with how everything turned out.

Welcome to Gamers With Jobs 2.0!

After months (and months) of toil Gamers With Jobs 2.0 is complete. We'll still be tweaking it as time marches on but the brunt of the work is done. Wait, let me rephrase that because I don't want anyone getting the crazy idea that "we" had much to do with it. The brunt of the work has been done... by Pyro.

Don't Panic! GWJ 2.0 On the Way

The site will be going down this evening while we make the transition over to GWJ 2.0. Normally we would wait until the weekend to do this but weÂ've been such a burden on our awesome and very patient hostÂ's server lately (Tactical Gamer) that weÂ've wanted to get this sorted out as soon as we could.

Fake Blood On My Hands

Perhaps the most common -- and certainly the most annoying -- criticism leveled by non-gamers against games and the people who play them is that games are steeped in violence, and gamers are blood-obsessed barbarians. I have just claimed that any such criticism is "most annoying", but I wish to state clearly that I am not annoyed for the same reason as most gamers.

May 9th to 15th

The lead up to E3 always leaves us pretty short on new and exciting games since all the hype and overblown expectations tend to drown out any game that actually exists on shelves. That being the case, our Game of the Week is the best game of all. Hype.

The Power of the Dark Side

I have just opened iTunes on my computer as I sit down to write the coming words. I create a new playlist and title it SW, because, although it is composed entirely of music from the Star Wars films, I don't want my wife to be reminded what an unmitigated dork she's hitched her wagon to should she casually glance at the screen.

Area 51

That's it man, game over man, game over! The Fly, formally known as atomsmasher, has sent us a delightful review of Area 51, the FPS playable on the Xbox and PS2. Like any good cake I find his reviews both consistent and delicious. Thanks The Fly!

Poetic License

I'm a strong proponent of the idea that an author's writing -- or an artist's work, etc. -- should be allowed to stand on its own, without the aid of commentary or explanation from the creative mind that birthed it. In the poems that follow, you may therefore expect little in the way of exegesis or apology from me.

Late Edition

Well folks, over the past half-year I've shared seedy tales of my checkered past with you, let you in on more than a few of my dirty secrets and bored you with tales of sexual intrigue, moral deviancy and downright shameful behavior – all starring me. Last week, I even let slip that I'm either a total loser or an underground hero (depending on what kinds of comics you read).