Gaming As Obsession

If I were truly fiscally conscious, I should by all rights only own a single game at any one time. Maybe this puts me in the minority of "gamers," but I find that when a game really hooks me it doesn't leave the tray of my Xbox or computer respectively. Look at me now, utterly transfixed by the glory that is Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer on the Xbox.

The Big Disconnect

You know what I absolutely hate? ItÂ's when people use the phrase, "if thereÂ's any one so-and-so it would beÂ"…" Talk about a cop-out nonsense thing to say! Yet, it permeates the liquor laced discussions of a thousand barrooms as the smell of pig excrement permeates a farmerÂ's overalls.

Truly Olympic - A Spartan Q&A

The UK indie developer Slitherine was founded about 4 years ago. The company has been focused on the development of turn-based strategy titles so far. Their latest product, Spartan, was among the IGF 2004 Competition nominees and even made it to score in the Visual Arts category. I've sent some questions to Iain McNeil, lead designer on the game.

Bundle of Joy

The day my family brought home its newest addition home was a bright, sunny, and otherwise pleasant day. We cradled it lovingly as we trundled up the stairs. Once safely inside and settled we promptly began the long arduous process of teaching it about the world and about its new parents.

April 5th - 11th

So we've entered the month of April, I hope everyone set their clocks ahead. For me, time seems to be moving ahead fast enough as it is. E3 is quickly approaching and six days after I get home from that I'll be standing at the altar, waiting for my woman to glide up the aisle and seal the deal.
You kick ass as a spy. - Sway to Certis on ICQWhen I was a kid, some of the most fun you could have was playing hide and seek in my neighborhood. You could see (or not) see me crouching in some bushes well past bedtime as a neighbor kid stalked by, looking for me.

Let There Be Not Light!

I never played Splinter Cell. I pretty much figured I wouldn't like it based on how quickly I quit Thief, Thief 2, and Deux Ex. I came to the conclusion that I'm just not patient enough for a stealth game. So I didn't even bother picking it up when it was free with the purchase of Prince of Persia.

Far Cry

It was startling how the month of March began with virtually no significant new shooters on the market, and ended with more action goodness than any one person has a right to.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Fang Blackbone

Fang Blackbone. The name alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the burliest men. Fang Blackbone. Ruler of isometric Action-RPG's and knower of way too many MMORPG facts and ideas. Fang Blackbone. Giver of advice in the ways of love through our very own forums.