Feb 28th - March 6th

A sneeze away from March and still no sign of winter letting up in my neck of the woods. Where's the justice I ask you? God help me, I want to start jogging again! Well, if nothing else it's a good excuse to keep playing some games without too much guilt.

Coach *Legion* Begins

We have a little something different for you this Sunday. For one, we're actually posting on a Sunday, that right there would be enough for other articles to give this one a wedgie in the school yard. Sunday aside, this feature is different because it talks strategy, football strategy to be precise. Let's join Coach *Legion* on the field and see what he has to say.

Musings From The Guest Room Closet

I find I have a lot of time on my hands lately to mull over otherwise boring topics while scrubbing obscure corners of my house so strangers can come in, judge my furniture, and do a whole lot of not buying my place. Let me tell you, there are a lot of people out there perfectly happy, and really quite skilled at not buying my house. ItÂ's like a profession, or maybe an intramural sport.

Special Edition: Slambie

A long, long time ago I interviewed Slambie for an article I was planning to do about women gamers. The article itself went nowhere and for the longest time our chat log has collected dust on my hard-drive.

Water Ballet

Until this very day my experience with synchronized swimming was limited to a scene in a Mel Brooks movie and a cruise ship commercial or two. Now, thanks to a little SO peer pressure, I can finally say that I have first-hand knowledge of it. Or second-hand rather. Or whatever hand you use to describe sitting on your butt while other people do the hard work.

Feb 21st - 27th

I got an email from Jeremiah over at Gametab.com tonight, possibly the greatest missive I've ever recieved. He sent me a list of every game coming out this week for every platform, all formatted and ready to go. It covers every base and allows me to be lazier than ever before! Unfortunatly he won't write these front page parts and I still have the Game of the Week decision to make.


Buzzvang Pardon the slow content this week, Elysium is on the brink of moving into a new house so turmoil and chaos is the name of the game in those parts. Instead, I bring you the answer to the age old question, who is Buzzvang? What is he drinking? Where can I get some?

KY-100 Headphone Review

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet For most of us, the luxery of playing games with the volume shaking the walls and lossening fillings is a pipe dream. Children and wives need to sleep and your apartment neighbors may be homcidal maniacs, you don't know.

Challenge Everything

I used to work with this stoner named Jack who, aside from his many other quirks, always wore his t-shirts backwards. You could still read what was written on the front, so when he'd show up to work, he'd have SADDIDA, or IRATA written across his chest, looking to all the world as if he were some wacked-out member of a secret sect.

Feb 14th to 20th

Happy Valentines Day everyone! If you havenÂ't figured out what youÂ're going to do for that special someone in your life yet itÂ's time to hit the gas station and get shopping! If youÂ're too fancy for that, maybe Winnie the Pooh: Rumbly Tumbly Adventures will be the key to your lovers heart.