Xbox Bundles

The bundle freaks among you who plan to buy an Xbox, might want to take a closer look at this Microsoft press release.The specially priced promotion, available at some retailers as early as Sept.
The Gamestar crew has done some research on the next Unreal engine generation. The "hear-say"-department hints at an official announcement and demonstration in early 2004. Major focus: better textures and improved shadow casting.
Along with a new video Gamespy features an extensive interview on EA's recently announced Ultima X: Odyssey. Rick Hall and Jon Hanna try to explain their approach on the MMO genre and how it is supposed to appeal to the Diablo fanbase among other things. You'll also get to read more information on the battle system and the implementation of quests and instanced dungeons.
We've just received official word that The Temple of Elemental Evil will be shipping one week earlier than expected! Rather than the 23rd of this month we will see the game on shelves and ready for your greedy paws on the 16th!

Right About Now

The doorknob to the room in which my computer is located has a Do Not Disturb type sign hanging on it that I got free from I hung it on there just as a laugh when I was unpacking my order. However, I haven't taken it off yet. My wife teases me every time I strap my headphones and mic on for a game. I laugh with her, but I don't take them off.

Gabe Drops the Bomb

Over at Tech Report they have an article up describing the latest Half-Life 2 debacle. It seems NVidia's newest graphics cards don't cut the mustard when it comes to Half-Life 2. Specifically 30fps on a Geforce 5900Ultra when a Radeon 9800Pro gets 60fps.

Xbox Bugs Found

We always knew it. A sensational report at California Online points at a new kind of threat to everybody's (more or less) favourite living room equipment. No, not the couch. Someone recently checked no less than two Xbox units that had stopped working and found the reason for the malfunction: cockroaches.
About 8 months after the launch of Gothic II here in Germany, Piranha Bytes released an add-on to the action-RPG, providing new fodder for the fans. Which means, this happens to be one of those cases where I can get my hands on a game ahead of you guys, penning what might be one of the first English reviews.
It's September and that means one thing: yellowjackets are trying to kill me.  I don't know what it is with those venomous little darts of angry death, but when you've got a yellowjacket allergy even going to the grocery store for floor cleaner and feta cheese is the civilian equivalent to infiltrating a mafia hideout wearing a t-shirt that says 'I'm a stoole pigeon, shoot
Certis spread the "Silent Storm-'luv" by pointing us to the demo that released a few weeks ago. Catapulting the turn-based game onto the 'want'-lists of quite a number of players. GameSpy features a preview of Nival's game.