Oct 20th - 26th

Certis is out helping clients or beating up orphans or something, so I am here to help him out by doing the Week Ahead.  It seems to be a pretty hoppin week this week, with the new Castlevania, the new Rogue Squadron, the new Warlords game and the XBox premiere of Rare.  You remember Rare right?  They did, umm, you know, the game with guns several decades ago.  But it was on the N64!  This week th
It seems that the GTA-fication of franchises goes on. Leisure Suit Larry is probably going to be the next candidate, following the sequel to Jak & Dexter. I noticed at Adventure-Treff that the December issue of CGM apparently will unveil the next game starring Larry Laffer.
Pirates! meets The Patrician. That's the most efficent way to describe Port Royale. The English version of the game 'shipped' a few months ago. About one year after the game's original release in Germany. There hasn't been an official (English) announcement of it yet, but a sequel to the business/trading sim is already in the development at Ascaron.

No Leather Couches

Now before you get all up in my grill about what a freak I am, I just want to say that this is not a drawing of me. While some of my comics are autobiographical in nature, this one is completely inaccurate. I have a Gamecube, not an Xbox.
In their struggle to reach financially healthy regions again CDV announces the cancellation of two more projects. After having put the promising Galaxy Andromeda (previously known as Imperium Galactica III) on ice a while ago, the publisher now also dropped the development of the two sci-fi FPS titles Psychotoxic and Sabotain.
This Atari press release (via Bluesnews) features some concrete information on their pricing plans for Unreal Tournament 2004. The suggested retail price is $39.99. There also will be a Special Edition available, which will feature 2 DVDs (instead of CDs like the standard version). The second DVD caontains roughly 150 hours of tutorial videos for mod makers and the like.
Over at EGM they decided to put thier nostalgia for the Golden Age of gaming to the test and put 9 kids ages 10-13 up against the best of the old school games. The results are pretty entertaining. Here's an excerpt.Playing Donkey Kong Andrew: Someone take over before I lose my dignity.
While I was busy downloading that UFO: Aftermath demo (170 MB), I noticed over at RPGDot that a new version of DOSBox was released. DOSBox happens to be one of the essential tools for people like me, who never got rid of their old DOS games. Upgraded VESA VBE 2.0 and Soundblaster Pro 2.0 support are two of several improvements and fixes featured in v0.60.
And again we take a look at games you might have yet to read about. 'Capture the Flag' modes were already featured in a number of strategy games. WebWars Arena, however, was designed with that task in mind. The title is being made by the German developer exDream Entertainment. Read on as Boje Holtz explains how their 'CTF-RTS' works.
HomeLAN's JCal apparently took a look at the latest issue PC Gamer and noticed that the magazine has word that Irrational Games is in fact working on a sequel to their critically acclaimed Freedom Force. I would add a 'fortunately' since the prequel definitely deserved to sell better than it actually did. The title, Freedom Force vs.