Gothic II

My review of the German version of Gothic II was originally published in January over at EA. Meanwhile it is not available anymore due to the switch to a new database. Seeing that you'll get to read my thoughts on recently released expansion to the game soon, we decided it would make more sense if it was reposted here now.

Desert Combat Q&A

Los HomeLANitos feature an interview with Frank DeLise, who initiated Desert Combat. He's talking about the success of the Battlefield 1942 mod (700,000 downloads of the latest version) and what we're going to see in the upcoming version. Well in .4, there will be 3 new maps and 2 new gameplay mods. This is going to be very exciting. One map is called, DC_Weapon_Bunkers.
Elysium's awesome Lionheart and Republic first impressions brought a lot of traffic to the site and indicated that we need an even better server to handle the load. To that end, we're moving to a brand new server with more RAM and a better handling of the back-end systems we use for the site.
I like cliches.  They make good fodder when making fun of stuff.  And, if there's one thing I never tire of it's making fun of stuff.  If there are two things I never tire of, then the second one is driving the wrong way in racing games, but trendily, I digress.  For a good generation or two I've been hearing all about how PC gaming was on the way out.  I'm not sure whether the

Only $3.99 a Minute

I just wanted to pay a little homage to the die-hards of the gaming industry. I'm not talking about people, though. I'm talking about the little reminders we see of days long gone. I remember my friend's Nintendo pen. It was always by the NES so he would be able to grab it and jot down whatever string of digits the game would use as a "save spot".
Joss Whedon's Firefly TV series was a hot topic back when we first launched GWJ and it looks like the cancelled series isn't done with us yet. The Hollywood Reporter has word that Firefly has been confirmed for a feature film and will start shooting Q1 2004. Joss Whedon himself will be directing the flick (his first time doing a movie) and Mutant Enemy will be producing it.
Dallas Dickinson, producer of the upcoming Planetside expansion spared a few moments to answer some questions sent in by our resident Planetside expert, Fangblackbone. The interview contains some info about the new vehicles in the game, the new underground areas and much more. If you have any interest in the upcoming Core Combat expansion be sure to read on!
Microsoft miscreants mull more malfeasance.  And in other, less alliterative news, Rockstar games has announced that it's bringing its crime training simulation Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the Xbox in either an effort to expand their best-selling franchise, or to compliment their already successful experiments toward creating a generation of ruthless super criminal
Lionheart had everything in place to become one of the best crpgs of, at least, this year.  Produced in conjunction with Black Isle Studios by Reflexive Entertainment, using Fallout's SPECIAL combat system, and attached to an intriguing narrative it seemed inevitable that Lionheart would be both an intellectually compelling and eminently playable game.  Set in the years following the disjunct
PlanetHalfLife has what appears to be a (confirmed) response of Gabe Newell to a question about how much Half-Life 2 is going to cost via Valve's Steam service. He mentions some details on the versions and payment schemes available. Those who prefer purchasing the 'boxed' Half-Life 2 might want to know that there will be several editions available.