Comedy of Errors

Look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?

June 27th to July 3rd

There's a real odd assortment of PC games coming out this week, in some ways it's a perfect snapshot of where the PC scene is at these days. We've got a couple console ports, two puzzle games, an adventure game and some crazy looking low-tech RTS game from a Dutch developer. Is this a bad thing? I'll leave that answer up to you, mainly because I'm not sure yet.

The Horrible Awful Unpleasant Truth

Well, my friends, the time has come for me to admit a terrible secret. It's a dark and shocking thing that I've kept locked up in a closet with the bones of Jimmy Hoffa and the Lindbergh baby. It is a secret source of shame for me, and I suspect shame also for those who hold my confidence and sully their own good name by keeping that secret for me.

URB3k Exclusive!

Continuing our efforts to bring you the hottest, freshest - no, I'm not going to say croissants. Thought I was though, didn't you?

June 20th to 26th

It feels like it's been a long time since we've had a PC game to crow about. Of all places it has to come from Electronic Arts, a company some have boycotted thanks to their big business moves. Really, if you want to stick it to them and not miss out on the fun I suggest you buy the game used.

Signs of Strength and Frailty

During our senior year of high school, GWJ member DrunkenSleipnir and I took it upon ourselves to determine just how long we could remain awake. We set our respective alarms for 6:00 AM on Wednesday morning, and when we awoke we held a chat over ICQ prior to departing for school.
When I'm feeling ill like I have the past few days I usually turn to renting PS2 games to take my mind off things. As a platform, the PS2 is teeming with games I'm interested in but not enough to buy. This time I've found myself playing Samurai Western and Shadow of Rome, both PS2 exclusive 3rd person action games that probably haven't gotten much notice from gamers.

June 13th to 19th

Your faithful Certis is ill and tired; I am only the latter. In his hour of need, Certis called upon Lobo and said unto him, "Get in that room and don't come out until The Week Ahead is all done and stuff." I told Certis he could depend on me like a crutch.

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

I fall in love at the drop of a hat. I haven’t lived long enough yet to recognize this as a failing, as some do. I like to think it’s a charming quirk at worst. I don’t remember how I first stumbled across the Supreme Ruler 2010 website, but when I did, I fell immediately head-over-heels for the game.

Equal Parts Whimsy And Folly

I maintain a list of tentative article ideas in a notepad file on my desktop. When Tuesday evening rolls around, I am obligated -- apparently under penalty of death -- to choose a topic from this list and expound upon it for anywhere from ~1000 to ~2000 words.