About 8 months after the launch of Gothic II here in Germany, Piranha Bytes released an add-on to the action-RPG, providing new fodder for the fans. Which means, this happens to be one of those cases where I can get my hands on a game ahead of you guys, penning what might be one of the first English reviews.
It's September and that means one thing: yellowjackets are trying to kill me.  I don't know what it is with those venomous little darts of angry death, but when you've got a yellowjacket allergy even going to the grocery store for floor cleaner and feta cheese is the civilian equivalent to infiltrating a mafia hideout wearing a t-shirt that says 'I'm a stoole pigeon, shoot
Certis spread the "Silent Storm-'luv" by pointing us to the demo that released a few weeks ago. Catapulting the turn-based game onto the 'want'-lists of quite a number of players. GameSpy features a preview of Nival's game.
While people all around the world are still busy debating the ever-amusing "2nd place"-topic, Sony simply keeps on selling their system without worrying too much. MCV is reporting that the company shipped no less than 60 million PS2 units so far.
Steam will come out of beta Wednesday, just in time for the launch of Half-Life 2. It's also rather timely for the original Half-Life, as a patch in the near future will require use of Steam to play Half-Life online, replacing the WonID system the game has used since it's release.

Sept 8 - 14

I feel like my week started on Saturday with much of my time spent squatted over my computer trying to fix it after replacing the motherboard, CPU and RAM with some new stuff. As usual, I can't do an upgrade without spending days trying to sort it out and eventually fixing it with a solution unknown to even myself. Good times, good times.

Gothic II

My review of the German version of Gothic II was originally published in January over at EA. Meanwhile it is not available anymore due to the switch to a new database. Seeing that you'll get to read my thoughts on recently released expansion to the game soon, we decided it would make more sense if it was reposted here now.

Desert Combat Q&A

Los HomeLANitos feature an interview with Frank DeLise, who initiated Desert Combat. He's talking about the success of the Battlefield 1942 mod (700,000 downloads of the latest version) and what we're going to see in the upcoming version. Well in .4, there will be 3 new maps and 2 new gameplay mods. This is going to be very exciting. One map is called, DC_Weapon_Bunkers.
Elysium's awesome Lionheart and Republic first impressions brought a lot of traffic to the site and indicated that we need an even better server to handle the load. To that end, we're moving to a brand new server with more RAM and a better handling of the back-end systems we use for the site.
I like cliches.  They make good fodder when making fun of stuff.  And, if there's one thing I never tire of it's making fun of stuff.  If there are two things I never tire of, then the second one is driving the wrong way in racing games, but trendily, I digress.  For a good generation or two I've been hearing all about how PC gaming was on the way out.  I'm not sure whether the