Two Flies Walk Into A Bar

I'm in the decompression phase of my Christmas weekend. My house is a disaster area with boxes and candy wrappers strewn about. I've cleared the necessary path between my chair in front of my television and my kitchen. Other than that, I don't know that I can see the carpet. I found Links 2004 under my tree and have spent the past day realizing how little I know about golf.

Ahanix Dbox Case

I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say several of our readers here have jobs. To further display my psychic prowess, I'm going to speculate that several people who read our site are either married or living with someone of the fairer sex. I'm sure it's a great arrangement compared to the bachelor life.
Last week saw the inaugural Ely awards handed out to some people who have, thus far, not shown up to collect their awards. You know, I went through a lot of trouble in having these made, and frankly theyÂ're starting to stink.

Ye Adventurers

I saw over at the Adventure-Treff that the team behind the Adventure Game Studio released an early Christmas gift for the hobby developers and genre fans among you: AGS v2.6. The software happens to be a development environment for point'n click adventures in the tradition of the old Lucasfilm Games and Sierra classics.


Not much going this week with o­nly o­ne publisher brave enough to ship a game this close to Christmas. Arx Fatalis, an Xbox port from the original PC RPG should be o­n shelves by Christmas Eve. Slim pickings o­n the DVD front as well unless you were really looking forward to Alex and Emma....

Elementary, Dr. Watson

I barely even use my PC anymore. I mainly used it for o­nline gaming, but the Xbox has taken over that spot. But all it took was a post in the forums by Flux asking what kind of scores we were getting in 3DMark's tests and I started planning my next upgrade. Mind you I o­nly just finished upgrading it a couple months ago.

Consoles Ate My PC

Consoles are ruining PC gaming.  I say that with all the avid seriousness and helpless resentment of a Mac enthusiast watching their o­nce beloved overpriced touchy-feely plastic blue machine become a Windows system with a thin Apple veneer.
Every year gaming websites are required by law under the 1996 Cliché Column Act to gather a Â"˜Best ofÂ' list. Useful for those readers who might have been temporarily comatose, heavily medicated, or who are completely incapable of forming their own opinions, these lists serve o­nly to ensure that people in internet forums absolutely never run out of things to complain about.
The other night I was standing in my backyard staring at the sky, like I do every night. I like to stare at the stars flitting in and out from behind the clouds, the full moon hanging in the sky like some kid's prize marble, even the city lights encroaching on the horizon. Also, my dog happened to be taking her sweet time finding a place to piss. That's when it hit me.

Dec 15th - 21st

Happy Return of the King week everyone! In two days time we put to rest the Lord of the Rings trilogy and cling to the eventual extended edition as our final taste before everything is wrapped up. It's going to be a happy and sad day for me, these movies began not long after hoochie and I got together and I can safely say we'll be watching them years from now with fond memories.