The last word of this introductory paragraph will prove very naughty. For some of you, it will conjure up images of your most despised English professors; for others, it will neatly summarize everything that went wrong in twentieth-century thought.
For the social conservatives who are the self-appointed watchdogs of American culture, video games have supplanted rock and roll music as the great corruptor of the youth. Bill Haley and Ozzy Osbourne, breathe easy; Tommy Vercetti and the Doom Marine, look out. The State of Illinois is about to enact a law that has the potential to turn the gaming industry on its head.

E3 Happy Fun Picture Show

May 30th to June 5th

What an eventful week we had! With any luck things will continue to remain interesting to all of our new visitors and even the old ones who think they've seen everything GWJ has to offer. What does that mean? Nothing really, I just like saying stuff. This week we have two games worth noting.

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

E3 is kind of like the food from Denny’s; it takes a long time to digest. It might be fair to say that I hadn’t fully digested the experience of last year’s E3 until just before this year’s show, though that may just have been the chili nachos I kept eating. I can imagine those things sitting lodged in my digestive track for decades. I digress.

Why I Love Derek Smart

I imagine that every year after E3, teams of men in hard hats must demolish the enormous LA convention center and distribute the raw materials among millions of zealous corporate devotees the world over, to be used as fuel in the ensuing flame wars.

F3: the Aftermath

**Now with 100% more working image links!** Nearly * hundreds of thousands of attendees crowded apartment 28-B this week, seeking news and previews of the latest, greatest, hottest and nottest in the gaming biz. The apartment is slowly returning to normal, but our lives will never be the same.

GWJ E3 2005 Compiled Coverage

May 23rd to 29th

Pardon the late update today, it's actually a holiday here in Canada and I was out celebrating my wedding anniversary. Oh, Karla was there too. We've got a few more E3 articles to write and images to upload this week so you can look forward to a bit more there.

E3 Day 3

Exhaustion has begun to set in, I'm sure as much for all of you inundated with E3 news as for us at the show. Actually, that's a lie. We're much more tired of it than you are. I offer that not as a possibility, but a fact.